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  1. I run Arma 3 servers casually for my friends and I to play on. For the longest time I have been using an old Command Prompt Batch script to download and install Workshop content. Though the batch script works, it's tedious to use and modify.


    I have created a Powershell script to provide the same functionality, but be a lot easier to add / remove MOD's from it.




    • Simple list of mods containing MOD Name, Workshop ID, and a true/false option for downloading
    • Can add/remove/modify the list without updating any other parts of the script
    • Creates a Symlink for the MOD's from the Workshop download location to the Server's folder (requires Powershell to be run as administrator)
    • Automatically finds and copies the .bikey file from the MOD's folder to the server's "keys" folder
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  2. I have the same experience. I cannot get Combat Patrol to work on my Linux host machines, but on my Windows host machines they work fine. Using the exact same server.cfg file. Server seems to startup fine, but when it gets to the map where you select the CP location, no locations show up and it just says Respawn Disabled on the bottom of the screen.




    Here's my server.cfg: https://pastebin.com/3apgf9e1

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, but neither of those will work for me.


    I'm using a game server control panel called Open Game Panel. It uses XML files to configure how to handle the games and where certain things are. One of the parameters of the XML is the location of the log file. It has to point at a single file.


    When Arma's RPT file name changes on every restart because it date/time stamps it in the filename it makes it really hard to do something like this.

  4. Hello,


    Right now when launching my Windows Arma 3 server it creates the RPT file with a date/time stamp as part of the file name. Eg: "arma3server_x64_2017-05-04_08-53-48.rpt".


    Is there a way to not have the date/time in the file name, or to specify the name of the file so I know what it is every time the server starts?


    I'm trying to use a web script to read the file in live console type window, but with the file name changing constantly this is impossible as I don't know what file name to point it at.


    Thanks in advance!

  5. Fixed issue not being able to see menu in top left hand corner. 


    description.ext in your mission folder, change:


    false,  // Commanding menu




    true,  // Commanding menu


    Must have gotten changed on update  :P

    Thank you! Was scratching my head trying to find out why this suddenly stopped working on my Exile servers. I was thinking it was infiSTAR.

  6. v20 Crash.


    Screenshot of error message, and RPT file.


    This was on my headless client connected to a server running v20 also. Haven't had my servers crash with v20 yet and it's been about 48h, but my HC has crashed twice in that time. Running Exile.



    I made a change to my restart script. I had it kill the headless client before the server restarts so both server and headless client are only ever up for 3 hours at most. This seems to have fixed all crashes from my headless client and servers. Still running v20. I'll update to v21 and let you know if I get any more crashes.