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  1. Yes, you are right in the fact that ArmA is an infantry simulator and I do not expect from this game the same thing from the DCS World. Arma defeats the DCS World, because in the Arma player: a pilot, an infantryman, a tanker, a diver, a special forces fighter, almost anyone from the army in one battlefield. And the battlefield reaches an impressive size. On the topic: I just wanted to say that at the exit of the DLC, Shikra was more like a fifth-generation fighter than there is now. In the rest, I apologize again for comparing two different games. At the moment, in my opinion, Shikra still lacks the maneuverability. Developers great respect from me, for a huge step forward since the days of ArmA 2 - all what was missing in the second part of the game is realized in the third - super. P.S. - DLC touched on all subjects, besides the theme of water combat transport. It's strange. And of course the subject of the civilian population passed by!) I mean the module as in the good old days. A wish: takistan 2035, module civil, modult warfare. ;)
  2. Wait for next update, will be couple of Gs better ;) Today is better, thank you. But in my opinion, the angles of the attack are not large enough, especially at high speeds - in some cases, the air brake helps, but mostly ... maneuverability is not similar to the SU-27 from DCS World. I apologize for the comparison ... such figures as "Barrel" and "Nesterov Loop", this plane (Shikra) should perform much ... faster, despite the high speed.
  3. Tweaked: The flight model and overall performance of the Shikra jet were overhauled - now it's not a fifth - generation plane like "T-50" or "Су-35", now he is like "AN-2" from Arma 2. Cute. Sorry :)
  4. Hello BI. A lot of interesting proposals, ideas and suggestions, but I still wish to see in the game, something like "Warfare" mode. It was a very interesting mode that was fun to play as well as network and solo. Now as you can create something like it using the modules "Endgame" and "Support for ground forces" (Google translator :)), but it is a little not that that was a "Warfare". And of course, the module civilians - it was cool module which is always present in the missions that I have done. In Arma 3 beautiful islands you implemented for the game ... they're just super ... but they look empty and not live without the civilian population. Civilians have to be some kind of gameplay realism and atmosphere may have made some situational changes in it. So, please: Implement something like "Warfare". Implement something like "module civilian." Island Tanoa populated civilian people, boats, airplanes and helicopters, cars, military patrols, ground foot, motorized, air, sea, and all in one module with flexible settings - that would be cool. Thank you and sorry for the bad english (thanks to Google translator :)).
  5. It would be great if these things would come back to the game in a new light. This is what is missing in the third part of the arma. The ACM + Warfare + Civilian - it was cool and atmospheric. Please return them to the game. :rolleyes: