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  1. "Я живу в России и тут все сложно" - не позорься ты. Ты думаешь у них ситуация не сложная?) Везде есть бедные и богатые и те кто между ними. Дружище не вали все на страну))) Я живу в России и у меня ПК за 95000 руб (~1500$) специально для Армы (фанат с 2004 года). И заработал я его себе сам и в России и с 3 детьми + жена))).
  2. What kind of ammunition is this? Where to get them? :)
  3. To BI and B01, can we get NAVY skin to helicopters? Please. And something like that https://www.google.ru/search?q=Awaks&oq=Awaks&aqs=chrome..69i57.5096j0j7&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=Pip26XOpxLb-3M:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_Grumman_E-2_Hawkeye O... and can we get AI Radar turned around! Please.
  4. https://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-jets-dlc-bonus-content Thank you guys - you're the best! :) I install the game again. Maybe you'll make a Warfare mode?!! :)
  5. New roadmap. Very nice. I hope in 2018 we will get Arma 3 warfare mode and module.)
  6. Vanilla ArmA - forever
  7. D_Donskoy

    Keyframe animation system in DEV.

    Hello. Can anyone help - how to delete a loop?
  8. ))) Yes, it is there! Thank you.
  9. Hello everybody. I can not find "Land_cargo_house_slum_F" in editor anymore. (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:Arma3_CfgVehicles_Land_cargo_house_slum_F.jpg) Сan anyone confirm? It does not matter, but interesting...
  10. arm 3 went into the completion stage and we have many interesting things that were missing in the previous parts of the game, but one of the most recognizable of her things did not appear: the warfare mode. It is very a pity, I hope this gap will be filled before the whole team of developers will move into a new project. (google tr.).
  11. D_Donskoy

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    They are moving! ;)
  12. Maybe you right. Arma 2 - yes and no. In arma 2 then I play all BI mission and scenario I start edit my missions in editor and ACM, WARFARE, CIVILIAN modules was very useful for this. It was endless gameplay! In arma 3 the same, but no warfare, no civilian, no ACM modules. Very sad. Of course I can write it myself - but it will take a very long time and patience. Still hope that BI will make it and this will be a good thing for arma 3.
  13. Still to BI. Still a wish: civilian traffic module, warfare module and ... aaa ACM module and ... aaa dynamic ambient life on all islands (with animals, peoples, traffics, air traffics, water traffic, etc.). Why I still ask this - because all islands is beautiful they are super - 100 km2, but... empty! Thank. O... and this - very cool!!!
  14. Сan we get the same on standard maps of ArmA 3!? Puddles, etc.
  15. To BIS or those who know tried and can answer: Hi ) Is there any possibility to fill a whole island / city on island civilians without placing the new modules at each location? And is it possible to link two new modules of civilian waypoints if one of them is outside the border of the module presence civilians? Thank you.
  16. You are the best, guys! Module / civil system - 10/10. You have returned to me the hope and interesting to the game. Thank you. Missions - 10/10. Music - 10/10. Conclusion - product mast buy. Best mission in ARMA series. P. S. sorry: were is civilian traffic module!?? Still a wish: civilian traffic module, warfare module. Thank you.
  17. D_Donskoy

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    ... No assets. No warfare system. No Civilian system. Classic Arma experience ... ? mmm ... for me classic Arma experience is a warfare mode or CTI mode of the game (the universal mode - I spent not 8 hours, ... 2013 - 2009 and - 2000 ... WOW 13 years of my life!!!)))))))))))))), that was experience!!! Like in SP and MP). Very sad, my hopes gone.
  18. D_Donskoy

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    And again: 1. The civilian population for all islands with traffic, including air traffic. 2. Something like a warfare module (with many options - spawn helicopters, airplanes, artillery support, minefields, etc.) 3. Development and improvement of command modules (commander and subordinate - deploy mortar, demine, mince position, get in, get out of the vehicle, etc.)
  19. Excellent DLC. The game develops exactly as it would be desirable and very competently. Campaign 10/10 - I would like more missions, otherwise everything is very cool. Assets - 10/10 - very cool. Showcase - 10/10 - reminds of the good old days, but much better. Minus - only one, very much hoped that with this addition will come the module of the civilian population and traffic. :) P.S. a wish: module of civil, warfare module (or something better). I very much hope for TAC OPS DLC. Thank you BI - for the good game/
  20. D_Donskoy

    Combat Patrol

    I fully support the statement and I want to add my desire on the topic battalion patrol (google translator) :): 1. Start a mission not near the location of targets, but at its base, with the choice of transport for deployment in the area of targets. 2. Accordingly, the path to the location area of the targets should also not be safe, but with the possibility of 50% / 50% stumble on an ambush and fail the mission without reaching the location of the targets or reach, but not in full force. 3. Civilian traffic and the population among whom the enemies can hide. 4. Mine fields on the roads, in the sea. Anti-aircraft in case the players have chosen the opportunity to reach the target by air. 5. The ability to use support for artillery and air strikes, call reinforcements, etc. etc.. P.S. In the game a lot of things: drones (air and land), underwater transport, aircraft (combat and transport), artillery (light and heavy), there is day and night))), fog and rain))) !!! There are huge spaces that are not used in the game process, why? In general, the scenario is this: We were reborn on the base, got the assignment, equipped ourselves, we chose how we would get to the area of the goal, drove off, along the way, a lot of problems))), we got reconnaissance on the spot, we decided how we would accomplish the tasks, we carry out the plan, a lot of problems))) bang, we have support available! We are supported by us))) fuh ... fulfilled, the problems did not end - evacuation home. Transport is broken or not, if it is broken, then we go there, they will take us from there, support will help us, etc. etc. :))))) And of course all this at will alone or with other players. If you honestly do not understand why not left the opportunity to play in the escape from the islands with AI or alone? The same thing needs to be done and with the patrol in my opinion it will not almost hurt and will not weaken the desire to play with other players. In general, do not be shy BIS in using the possibilities of your game. This is a simulator - let him be it, no one will be upset if it is difficult and realistic - because this game is chosen for this. By the way, if you unite all the modes into one: support by helicopters, the end of the game, patrol, escape, evacuation, it will turn out exactly what I was trying to say. I really hope that everything goes to this. Thank you for attention))) Sorry for broken English (google translator) - everything is clear here :)))