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  1. Hi All,

    I uninstalled Play withSix and reinstalled it and it started working again, YAY! I could even create new collections and manage my mods.

    However, I have just updated the Play withSix program since I received a notification that a new version was available.

    And now the Play withSix program just hangs on the "6 symbol" loading screen.

    I will try uninstalling the program again. It seems the latest version is not working (for me at least).

    And before you say it, yes I do have  the sync withSix updater. It currently crashes on startup.



  2. Hi All,


    I am using latest TFR @task_force_radio-0.9.12 and latest TeamSpeak 3 client [Stable] on Windows (downloaded 64-bit client). 


    However, when I double click on Task Force Radio (TeamSpeak Add-On) it seems to install.


    But when I check TeamSpeak Plugins, the Task Force Arrowhead Radio plugin by [TF]NKey,

    Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible: 20 (current:21) message is displayed.


    Can anyone provide detailed installation instructions. The instructions on http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ no longer seem to be current. For instance, there is no ARMA 3 folder in @task_force_radio-0.9.12.


    Can anyone also shed any light on installing @task_force_radio-0.9.12 onto a dedicated server?


    I have tried downloading from Armaholic, http://radio.task-force.ru/en/ and from Playwithsix.  


    Is a new version of TFR in the works?



  3. Hi,

    All good.


    I did some testing of CUP helo flight models and found some of them do support the advanced flight model,
    particularly the USMC UH-1Y Venom (CUP_B_UH1Y_GUNSHIP_USMC, CUP_B_UH1Y_MEV_USMC, and the MH-60S Seahawk).
    Though I noticed that they may not have full animations of the controls, as with the BI models, textures  (stick, pedals, etc) There may be others...

    There were several that just blew up (in several different ways).
    From memory, they included the Super Stallion and the UK gunship AH1 and a few of the planes. I'm not sure why...

    I also really liked the US Army versions of the MH-6 and AH6 little birds (CUP_B_MH6J_USA and CUP_B_AH6J_several versions),
    because you could push them far faster than the standard ones. Good fun.



  4. Hey Shrike,

    Still no answer to your question, but I did notice that "vanilla" helicopters, such as MH-6, Ghosthawk, etc can have advanced flight model running. Also that HAFM EC635 Eurocopter (great mod!) can also have advanced flight model working, however CUP helicopters such as USMC and US Army helicopters remain basic flight model even when advanced flight model is forced. They were also unstable on the server. (i.e. sometimes just exploding for no particular reason) Interesting no?



  5. Hi All,

    I found why the advanced Flight model was not working in multiplayer.

    I had only added "forceRotorLibSimulation = 1;" to the description.ext on the SP saved mission file. I added it to the MP saved mission file description.ext then exported it to MP, then up on the server, and it works fine!

    Newbie mistake.



  6. On ‎13‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 8:26 PM, belbo said:

    Settings that we use are:

    ace_medical_bleedingCoefficient = 0.7; (otherwise your medics have to become fuel trucks)
    ace_medical_playerDamageThreshold = 2.0; (so you don't have to use PAK everytime a player was hit)
    ace_medical_AIDamageThreshold = 0.9; (especially with 5.56 weapons it's better to weaken the ai's ability to absorb damage - it may still take you up to 5 shots to drop a target even without heavy armour)


    Hi All,

    Hey belbo, that is a great idea, thanks! 


  7. Greetings All,

    Hi Shrike88,
    I cannot answer your question, but I have also noticed that the advanced flight model (forceRotorLibSimulation) cannot force the advanced flight simulation.
    I have been revisiting AW Invade & Annex by Rarek and Quicksilver while setting up a server for a friend.
    I added the forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; to the description.ext in Misc functions but while testing the server,
    I discovered that the advanced flight model cannot be forced using a second profile (for which advanced flight model is not active in the game configuration).

    Thus I now understand that the advanced flight model can be selected in the configure controls,
    but not forced on a server by the forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; configuration in description.ext


    Is this correct?


    Does anyone have an answer to the above questions?


  8. Hello and Season's Greetings,


    Thanks Sonsalt for your rapid reply to my query.

    I will investigate this further with a computer technician and will let you know how it goes.


    Just a secondary question.

    Will PWS continue to update mods when they are updated by the fantastic modder community?



  9. Hi All,

    I have been using PlayWithSIx - the mod manager for over 18 months with very few issues.

    I have been using PWS to start ARMA 3 and to manage the mods, including choosing versions and downloads.



    However PWS has stopped working on New Year's Eve 2017 and is still not loading.


    Have their servers gone down?
    Does anyone know what has happened to it?


    Incidentally, their website has not been working for me for months.



  10. Greetings All,


    Has anyone tried using AGM (for AI medical responder behaviour) with ACE3 (particularly Advanced Medical)?

    If so, what pbo's are required from AGM?


    We are using ACE 3 advanced medical in small teams and currently micromanaging in Zeus for casualties.

    I.e. Zeus remote controls an AI medic and responds to player casualties. 


    It works but it kinda spoils the immersion.




  11. Hi All, Since the latest ARMA 3 large update, I have been getting a message in the Server PROFILE.

    View file arma3server_2016-06-15_17-23-02.rpt


    Line 74: 17:24:33 Warning Message: Addon 'mas_rus_spet_veh' requires addon 'mas_vehicleweapons_Core'


    I was hoping the mod updates might fix it but it didn't.



    I was getting the same error popup in the editor but the mod update did fix that one. The server does not finish loading due to this error.


    Should I redo the entire mission file? Is there another mod that I need to download to fix it.


    Someone please help. Thanks



    Edit: The issue was fixed. There were PBO files missing from the upload to the server.

  12. Hi All,

    I am building a modded server featuring Alive and ACE3.

    Using Massi mods Nato & Russian SF Vehicles and Weapons and particularly Chernarus Conflict.

    Can any please explain to me how to get Massi's Chernarus factions working in the Alive framework? 

    I think the problem I am having is with the faction names for independents and opfors.