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  1. 3 minutes ago, EO said:

    Player apparel will also influence the damage inflicted by Zeds, a decent hard hat and vest combo will always trump basic civilian clothing.


    Yeah I've noticed that the vests definitely help a bit.

  2. 36 minutes ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:


    Yes, Haleks has gone over this before, I believe he referenced the Arma damage system, certain parts of the body can only take damage till “100” or whatever then you just die.


    If you’re making your own missions within the Zombie modules you can change their damage outputs, I usually set mine to 15 or so, that way you can take a decent beating before you’re dead. 🙂


    Hmm, well I have mine set to 15 as well, and I still go down way too fast. Also, do you know what the cause of the zombies being unable to kill me during incapacitation might be? It feels so strange seeing me be downed by a couple hits from a zombie, but then I can watch myself get mauled by the same zombie nonstop for minutes but never die lmao

  3. Has anyone else had any problems pertaining to the damage inflicted by zombies? I'm asking because I've noticed a few things related to zombies and how fast they can kill you: you can have like 99 hp but you can still go down in like 10 zombie hits, it just seems inconsistent to me. Another thing I've noticed is that zombies can't kill you if you're incapacitated (I use Arma 3's default revive system whereas you can be incapacitated but not killed if you're not wounded by a lethal shot). I actually just recently had to completely disable runners since they kill you way too quickly, and when I had them enabled the only thing (if I didn't have a gun) I could do to defend myself from dying extremely quickly was to find a rock and climb on it until the zombies lost interest.


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  4. 10 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

    Hello there ArteyFlow !


    You can turn off the Ravage cleaner and i have also a cleaner script that you can give your desired settings.


    Just check about the loop of the script , because in the example i have set it to  every 1 sec.


    do you know also about the Ravage Club ?



    Thanks for responding my man, however if I turn off the Ravage cleaner, doesn't that mean that corpses and dropped items won't be deleted, therefore causing a cumulative performance drop? I'll take a look at your cleanup script, though. I might even replace Ravage's cleanup system with yours, LOL


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  5. 9 hours ago, Vandeanson said:


    Hi, you also commented on YT right?

    I rarely get to test MP myself and only found out recently that something woth the loadout script doesnt work ob MP. It is either a small mistake or a general missunderstanding on my end. 

    in initplayerlocal.sqf you can try and add


    params ["_player"];


    in the first line, and replace any mention of player with _player.


    do the same in vf_functions.sqf within the code VD_Player_Equipper = {

    params ["_player"];


    (replace all mentions of player with _player)




    if that does not fix it then i might need to add remoteexec code language, but thats new land to me and i am not sure about it yet. if i find a fix, it will be part of the next update.

    EDIT: after reading again through the BI forums entry about remoteexec and the comments there under, I am now pretty sure that my code is not MP compatible and that I need to adapt the code using remoteexec, FYI.


    infection script:

    there should be a line under vd_init.sqf calling it. smth like execvm "../.../VD_infection.sqf" or smth like it. just delete this line.

    EDIT: ups, nvm - the infection script is called from initplayerlocal.sqf via an Eventhandler - you will need to remove the eventhandlers related to the infection scripts.


    I will add an option under VD_Settings.sqf to easily disable the infection script in the next release however.

    May I ask, is there something you do not like about the script, but would use it if it was better, or do you just in general do not want such a feature in your mission? (just FYI to see if improvements can be made).


    hope this helps;)


    cheers vd


    Lmao yeah, I originally commented on Youtube but I figured you wouldn't see it, so I deleted it. About the infection script, I feel that it simply is just too overpowered; the chance of getting infected seems to be a bit too high, I also think the damage ticks are too frequent (you die way too fast). Also, for some reason, the injectors dont seem to cure the infection at all. I tried the "pick up injector" option in the mouse wheel menu, but it didn't do anything. 

  6. 23 hours ago, Vandeanson said:


    Hiho ravagers


    I am pleased to upload V2 of my Dynamic Spawn Script Pack.

    All site spawners have been redone and some new features have beed added.

    Usage is pretty easy, place a few markers and you are good to go.


    The script requires CUP Terrains - Core


    I am pretty sure that I managed to make the scripts both SP and MP compatible, but I would really love some feedback from anyone using the script in MP to see if everything works:)





    Good job on your Dynamic Spawn Scripts, I've been playing my Ravage missions with them and they work nicely. I do have a question regarding them, though: how do you disable playable units from spawning with OP gear (weapons, vests, etc) whenever you spawn/respawn? Also, it seems to not be compatible with the "MP persistency" Ravage setting, because everytime I continue from a mp save, it resets all my player's gear. Do you know how to fix these things?

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  7. 21 hours ago, EO said:



    Yikes!...that seems like an awful lot of mods guys, is that the norm? I rarely run more than 3 or 4 with Ravage.

    If there's one thing I've learned playing the Arma series.....mo' mods, mo' problems. 

    I haven't really had any other performance issues in ArmA so far though, just this performance problem when running a Ravage scenario for a long period of time. Also, I've already trimmed my mods list as low as it would go lmao.

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  8. 10 hours ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    @EO, @GEORGE FLOROS GR I rarely have difficulty with the mods I use, and haven't had any complaints in "The Burning Rain" on mod errors (19 are required to play it) so all seems well... I'm not saying mods can't cause problems cause they definitely can lol :razz:  and @ArteyFlow I'm not sure what to tell ya man, I personally run my game on an SSD and my game runs quite smoothly, depending on your specs or even the mods you ARE using you may have to experiment with some settings to get it to continue to run smoothly, maybe try different memory allocation.  

    Well, I have been having some stutter problems in some games (mainly games like Insurgency: Sandstorm and Battlefield 1), so maybe the problem is my pc, I'm not entirely sure. I guess I'll just stick to clicking "restart mission" every once in a while for now, because I haven't had any other problems related to the mods I have been using.

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  9. 2 hours ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    If you have the Cleanup system activated you shouldn't be experiencing that big of performance drops, what map are you playing on? Cause I know the Chernarus REDUX map, I've played my scenarios for hours and hours and usually don't get a hit in performance, I really only lose frame rate when entering Cherno or the heavily edited areas but I also only dip to maybe 50FPS so it's not so bad... Also, a big list of mods can cause issues as well, I personally play with a maximum of about 20 or so mods because if you do have a huge list, I'm sure you'll suffer performance errors... Hope this helps man!

    Yeah, I have the cleanup system activated on all of my ravage missions. Also, the performance problem happens on most maps that I play on (including vanilla Chernarus),  but again it doesn't really occur until I play the scenario for 2 or more hours. I have about 25 mods enabled and that's it.

  10.   Is there a way to have tents, vehicles, etc incorporated into the MP persistency system? I'm asking because I still get performance problems when I play on my Ravage mission for over 2 hours or so (this is probably the point where all the dead bodies start to pile up and bog down the mission's performance). The only fix for the problem is to click "restart mission" on the mission select screen, however, as you would expect, after I do this it resets all the vehicles, tents, etc in the mission. 


      Also, I have encountered a behavioral bug related to the zombie's path-finding: if you step into a body of water while being chased by zombies, the zombies just stand still on the edge of the water, allowing you to safely shoot them in the head. I have found myself actually utilizing this bug to my advantage (especially if I have a trail of zombies following me). 


      Last but not least, how do I prevent player bodies from despawning after they die? On a few different occasions, I died and made my way back to where my body was supposed to be, only to find out that it had despawned already, and my loot was therefore gone from existence.



  11. 6 hours ago, haleks said:

    Guys, let's stop this argument here; I think we all agree that using mods comes with its own uncertainty regarding stability - the nature of the mods don't really matter (anything as simple as a config tweak can have unforeseen consequences).

    In the end, everyone has a different modset, and it is impossible to guarantee that it has optimal stability without extensive tests. I don't even know how Ravage alone would run in a hundreds hours long mission (badly I reckon).


    @ArteyFlo: Just gimme a shout when you have the chance to test a minimal modset (CBA + Ravage).


    @haleks Okay, I've tested Ravage whilst only having CBA and Ravage enabled and the bug was nowhere to be found. I understand now that the problem is on my end, and not on Ravage. I have also skimmed my Ravage mod preset down quite a bit (it's now close to 25 mods). In the future I will play with the least amount of mods as possible when playing Ravage so the bug doesn't happen again. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, haleks said:

    Guys, let's stop this argument here; I think we all agree that using mods comes with its own uncertainty regarding stability - the nature of the mods don't really matter (anything as simple as a config tweak can have unforeseen consequences).

    In the end, everyone has a different modset, and it is impossible to guarantee that it has optimal stability without extensive tests. I don't even know how Ravage alone would run in a hundreds hours long mission (badly I reckon).


    @ArteyFlo: Just gimme a shout when you have the chance to test a minimal modset (CBA + Ravage).


    Okay, I'm still just unable to see how any of the map mods I have enabled could be causing problems, but I could be wrong. It was not my intention to start an argument on this forum, I just wanted to find out the source of my issue. Yes, maybe I should have tried Ravage with no mods first, as that would have been the smart thing to do, but I made an assumption based on my previous experiences that it was Ravage's fault. That's what led me back here. If the problem lies on my end, and not on Ravage, then I apologize. I am testing out Ravage right now with a minimal mod set, I will tell you how it goes.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    I have never encountered it in game. I was familiar with the issue for a long time now. I only know about it, because over the last year or so I've had a couple of people on my steam workshop submission pages suggest they have had respawn issues into the ocean. In every case they told me they were running an excessive amount of mods. I have spent hours upon hours trying to research this same issue. I've tried everything I can and can't reproduce the problem with the minimum required mods on my missions. This is the exact opposite testing process than what the user above is suggesting. He's starting with 55 mods and trimming down from there. lol

    If I can't make the problem happen with the required mods, then it must be additional mods causing the problems. I spent some time trying to look the problem up and have found the same reported problem on Epoch, Wasteland and Exile servers as well, going back as far as 2015. How do we articulate to someone that there is such a thing as too many mods?

    As I think back to all the games I have modded or tried to mod in my life... Left For Dead 2, Skyrim. No games are stable once you reach a certain threshold for mods. For example, if I ran 7 or 8 Left for Dead mods, my game always crashed at some point. It would never stay stable. This is true for basically every game out there. I suppose we all hold Arma to a higher standard for some reason. I mean... Arma 3 is a five year old game at this point. It's not like it's a newly polished game.


    You failed to mention anywhere in your post that like 20 of the mods I have enabled are just maps. I'm not surprised, but still. Also, just for the record, if you looked through the mod list I have again, most of those (or at least a good handful) are supported by Ravage, so that's one of the reasons I am playing Ravage while having them enabled. I'm not going to lie however, there's definitely still mods that I should remove from my Ravage mod preset (which I'm still skimming down, btw).

  14. 18 hours ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    You are not willing to properly organize your mods out of inconvenience of having to restart the game. That means you are likely using the same character and bouncing around to multiple saves on multiple maps. This is not behavior that I would associate with long term stability. If you want stability, you have to be patient and organize things better. Be more specific for what mods you want to use for which missions. Come up with a specific list and use presets.

    I suggested the presets, because I assume you want variety for different types of missions but it sounds like you are just enabling everything all of the time. There is nothing at all wrong with using mods to add variety. Just vanilla Arma does not run very well for most PC gamers without significant tweaking of settings. I can't imagine what your frames are like trying to run that many mods. I can just imagine you walking through Georgetown on Tanoa with 55 mods enabled. 5FPS? I guess performance is something that I think about a lot as a mission maker, so I'm constantly focusing on quality of overall experience compared to performance issues. Performance is one of many reasons I play PC and not console, though.

    Who do you know who runs more than 55 mods on a persistent mission or server and has no stability issues? I want to meet this guy/girl. No one with Arma knowledge or experience expects long term stability in any mission with that many mods running. I have been testing Ravage and making missions for three years now. I've hosted probably hundreds of sessions with friends. I'm currently running a Ravage server with a friend of mine that has been live for two months now. No one runs servers with that many mods for a reason. Most of the time, servers run between 10-15 mods. You might find a server that uses 20 if they are really pushing it. It's just not rational to do so. It's one thing to host a session, it's another to expect long term stability. Every time a mod updates you would need to update your mission file and everyone else would need to update their mods. The chances of something not going wrong is almost impossible. I say this as a guy who has hosted games and had similar problems with a 15 mod list and one friend who didn't have something updated properly. That's the danger of modding. You lose stability. Arma even TELLS you this every time you connect to a game. That's what that box says in the top right corner.

    No, I do not see why you are blaming Ravage. I've never seen the ocean death bug before. But then again... I tend to keep my mod list between 10-15. I already pointed out that every single mod you add which adds to the pool of gear, weapons, clothing, items will have an effect on MP persistency. Especially if multiple friends are playing. Every single item that a player is carrying will save to a database for the next time you re-connect. If someone signs on the next time and a single mod is not updated or somehow the wrong mod is enabled by mistake, something can break.

    The respawn in the ocean bug is something that has been reported by various modding communities. It's not exclusive to Ravage and most likely is caused by conflicting mods or respawn points.





    You need to stop treating me as if I am completely new to the ArmA series. I have been playing ArmA since 2012, it is not like I am pulling everything I am saying out of my ass.  Yes, mods make you lose stability, yes 55 is a lot (to some people), but like nearly half of those are just maps. Not overhaul mods or other buggy trash mods, but maps. How can enabled maps possibly break my game or in general cause problems? As for the other mods, yeah they can cause problems and could theoretically break the game, if they're not used properly. I think we can all agree on that. But for the map mods, they're just maps, they're not doing anything, unless I launch a mission on the said map. Making a preset for every single map you have downloaded is a complete waste of time, from my perspective. Also, do not get me wrong, I don't claim to know everything about the ArmA series and I am not trying to sound like it, but I'm telling you that you're not seeing this from my perspective at all.


    Also, we both know how well ArmA 3 is optimized (sarcasm). I am pretty sure that if I were to get 5 fps in Georgetown, that 90% of the reason would be the trash optimization that ArmA 3 is known for (all ArmA games in general, if we want to expand the subject). Some people are literally playing with Gtx 1080 ti's, i7 7700k's, etc and still get bad performance in ArmA. That's just how it is. I mentioned the 10 fps problem because I assumed it was due to all the AI and zombies that were spawning.


    I have already told you like twice now. The reason I am blaming Ravage (more specifically, the MP persistency setting in Ravage) is because I have no other problems elsewhere. I am assuming it's that setting causing my issue but I can't be sure. It's only an assumption that I am making, based on the evidence I have. It could very well be some mods I have enabled conflicting or what not. That's what I will try and find out. But in the meantime, just try and see this from my perspective.



  15. 3 hours ago, EO said:

    I'm not so sure that can be achieved via a LAN server with additional players joining. I'm assuming your hosting a local/listen server on your own PC.

    I've played Cosmic's Escape mission on a rented dedicated server a few times (MP Persistence enabled) and never had the "ocean death bug" you refer too.  


    Doing this, ^^  before singling out Ravage for the bugs you've encountered would have been the more sensible approach.   


    Again, I wouldn't expect long term stability on any kind of Arma mission over a LAN network, there is simply too much going on under the hood to expect high (or at the very least stable) fps.

    Not all missions are designed to run in all environments.


    I guess we'll see then.

  16. 13 hours ago, tortuosit said:

    I agree, mods should be used in a "do not use unnecessary ones" fashion. Personally, I use a cmd template with variables (don't use the Launcher), have tons of cmd scripts and this is the way I start ArmA. And with those, I only load the necesary stuff. E.g., it makes no sense to play the campaign and load 100s of terrains. Or using mods affecting AI behaviour in the campaign.

    I.e., I have e.g. a starter script called "ArmA Vanilla.cmd", "ArmA Ravage.cmd", "ArmA Campaign.cmd". Another good effect is, this way you don't run into dependency problems because you play saved SP missions with the correct mod set.


    EDIT. Here's how I do it. a) Define variables, b) start most performance energy profile, c) start arma d) energy profile back to normal



      Reveal hidden contents


    set ArmAPath=C:\Disk\SSD1TB\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3
    SET mods=%mods%@ravage;@Max_Zombies;@jsrs-soundmod;@l_es;@bzly_UIcorrections;@ares_mod_achilles_expansion
    SET mods=%mods%;@l_suppress;@l_immerse;@l_align;@unit_sfx;@em;@Discipline;@magRepack;@va
    SET mods=%mods%;@ctab;@dbo_push_bikes;@EEA3I;@3den_enhanced;@shacktac_user_interface;@friths_ruin
    SET mods=%mods%;@Sullen_Skies;@tort_escape;@tort_playmusic;@tpw_mods;@mcc_sandbox_a3
    SET mods=%mods%;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3;@rhs_gref
    SET mods=%mods%;@cup_units;@cup_weapons
    SET mods=%mods%;@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps;@esseker
    SET mods=@CBA_A3;@BaBe_midTex;@eo_weedkiller;@recolor;@CHVD;%mods%
    powercfg -setactive 8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c
    start /b /wait "" "%ArmAPath%\arma3_x64.exe" -nosplash -filePatching -noLogs -showScriptErrors -enableHT "-mod=%mods%" -name=TortuositSP
    REM start /b "" "%ArmAPath%\arma3battleye.exe" 2 1 0 -nosplash -skipIntro -enableHT -maxMem=6144 -nologs -exThreads=7 "-mod=" -name=Tortuosit
    powercfg -setactive 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e




    Yes, but when it gets to the point where you're literally restarting the game every single time you want to play on a different map, then it just becomes pointless, imo. I do agree with your "do not use unnecessary mods" statement, that's why I use presets (I even have one specifically made for Ravage that disables a handful of the mods). 

  17. 14 hours ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    The more mods you run, the more information that has to be processed when your mission starts. Just curious. Why are you running multiple maps at once? That just makes no sense to me. I know for a fact that I've had people comment that they couldn't connect to a session because they were running multiple maps at a time, and they troubleshooted the issue and pinned it down to that one issue. Not saying that's your solution, but it might be something to think about. You know you can use your Arma launcher and do pre sets for different missions, right? For example, if you are playing on Esseker you can have a set list of mods that you use for Esseker and can save the list in your launcher.

    A better question... I just counted the mods. There are 55 listed. Either I'm a psychic or it's a pure coincidence that you are running that many mods. This is a legit question. Why would you expect long term stability running that many mods? Why would you expect things to all work properly with that many mods? If you have to run 55 mods to enjoy the experience... you should ask yourself if Arma is the right game for you. You're probably just not getting what you want out of the game. I suppose it's one thing to just play a session with that many mods. It's an entirely different thing to expect long term stability. Another thing... I find it fascinating that you assume to know the core of the problem and blame Ravage, rather than looking at excessive list of potential game breaking mods you are running.

    This actually illustrates perfectly my frustrations with the Arma community as a mission maker. I'm wondering if this is the same guy who was complaining on one of my workshop pages suggesting that "I'm no help at all" when I point out that 55 mods might be too much. Just running one mod can break features, after all. Are you that same guy, by the way... or is this conversation a coincidence?

    There is one thing you are failing to recognize. MP Persistency saves gear, items, clothing, weapons that players carry on them. If you are running 30 different mods alone that change the loot pools for Arma, it can probably break persistency. Perhaps the database that is created for the can't handle the amount of information or data you are trying to get it to save. I'm not sure why. These are things you should consider. You fail to recognize that you are the reason things are breaking, not the other way around. I've never had this issue. But then again... I've never needed 55 mods to enjoy Arma. I'm a 10-15 man myself. I typically only run about 6 or 7 most of the time.


    I am running multiple maps at once so that I don't have to restart ArmA every single time I want to play on a different map. I already know that you can use presets, I use them all the time. For me personally, making 20 different presets just so I don't have all the maps enabled at once doesn't make sense to me. The reason I have so many mods is because vanilla ArmA 3 is very lacking in terms of actual content. Let me explain before you respond with something along the lines of: "Well there's like 8 dlc, so you're obviously wrong". When I first bought ArmA 3 in October or so of 2015, there were only like 20-30 guns in the game. Only like 20 different vehicles. Only 2-3 maps. There was hardly anything. ArmA 3 is one of those games where you need mods to fill in the lack of content that the developers plagued the game with in the first place. Compare this to ArmA 2 OA, where there's an abundance of actual things in the game. I know ArmA 3 now has multiple campaigns, DLC, etc but it's still one of those games, at least to me, where you really just need mods for a genuinely good experience.


    I still believe long term stability is attainable, even with 55 mods (which btw, isn't that many compared to how many some other people use). I am aware that some mods (especially overhaul mods like RHS) could definitely conflict with other mods. I am willing to take the risk, just so I can have a better experience in the game. Also, can you please list exactly which mods of mine are "potentially game breaking"? I have literally come across no other problems that could be potentially related to the mods I have enabled, just the MP persistency issue in Ravage. The "ocean death bug", or so I call it, only occurs when I have the setting enabled, so do you see why I am blaming Ravage?


    I am not the same dude that you are talking about. I don't know who you are talking about and I don't care lol. I'll tell you what, though. Later today I will test Ravage mod, in a multiplayer lan mission, while only having CBA and Ravage enabled. I will make sure to enable the MP persistency setting. If the problem still occurs, I don't want anyone to blame the mods I am running again. Does this sound fair?



  18. 2 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:


    For sure , you don't need to have enable at the same time all this mods.

    There are a lot of times that addons and scripts interfere with each others , especially with so many.


    Did you tried your mission to see if it's working without addons? or just with the certain used for your mission ?


    A good healthy portion of the mods in the list I included are maps. Most of the others are things like CUP, RHS, etc that add guns, uniforms and maps. Only a small handful of the mods (like maybe Chemical Warfare) could possibly interfere with Ravage's scripts and what not. Therefore, I don't bother with disabling any of my mods while playing Ravage. I could still try Ravage later today with maybe just Cup and Rhs enabled, but I'm like 90% certain the MP Persistency problem will still persist (pun intended).

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