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  1. Okay, so now the respawn bug is happening even with "Select respawn position" turned OFF, which means that I now have to completely disable the multiplayer persistency setting in ALL of my missions. It truly is a game breaking bug. Here are the steps to reproduce the bug:

    1. Launch ArmA 3 with only CBA and Ravage loaded.

    2. On the main menu, click Multiplayer, then server browser, then host server.

    3. Click Altis, then "New - 3d Editor".

    4. Place down a Blufor unit, then place down Ravage mod's "Save System" module.

    5. Double click the "Save System" module and enable "MP Persistency"

    6. Place a marker and put in the "Variable Name": "respawn_west". Copy and paste a few of these markers around the map.

    7. Click attributes, then multiplayer.

    8. Set respawn type to "Respawn on Custom Position". Enable the respawn button.

    9. Click test mission.

    10. Keep hitting "ESC" and clicking "Respawn" until the bug gradually starts to take form. By the 10th respawn, you should be getting teleported and killed immediately upon respawning.


    Edit: The same thing happens if you decide to use the "Description.ext" method instead of the Editor Attributes method, here are some alternate steps if you would like to use this method instead:

    1. Launch ArmA 3 with only CBA and Ravage loaded.

    2. On the main menu, click Multiplayer, then server browser, then host server.

    3. Click Altis, then "New - 3d Editor".

    4. Place down a Blufor unit, then place down Ravage mod's "Save System" module.

    5. Double click the "Save System" module and enable "MP Persistency"

    6. Place a marker and put in the "Variable Name": "respawn_west". Copy and paste a few of these markers around the map.

    7. Save the mission and name it. Alt-tab out of the game, then go to "My Documents/Arma 3/mpmissions/themissionyoujustsaved.altis"

    8. Right-click and click "New", then "Text Document". Name it "description". Open the "description" file, and paste these lines:

      respawn = "BASE";
      respawnButton = 1;
      respawnDelay = 10;

    9. Click File, then Save As. In the "Save as Type" drop-down menu, select "All Files", and rename it to "description.ext".

    10. Go back into ArmA 3 and test the mission as usual.

    11. Keep hitting "ESC" and clicking "Respawn" until the bug gradually starts to take form. By the 10th respawn, you should be getting teleported and killed immediately upon respawning.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Zakuaz said:

    I had world war 3 on a map this morning!

    I have been hunting some bug in game that's bothered me for years now, when I fly a Heli, the game will randomly crash, sometimes 5 minutes in...sometimes 3 hours in.

    So I unloaded all my mods - again- except for CBA, Ravage, TPW Mods, Achilles and the other Eden editor thingy. I set down Ravage AI, Surv, Settings, Zeds, Etc... 4am mission time blah blah and fired it up.


    Well I had forgot I had TPW Skirmish set to "on" with OP, IND and BLUFOR units, multiple squads, hasty troubleshooting pays sometimes.

    I Jump in a Kajman ( had no idea what was about to unfold) and fly myself towards this town and all hell is breaking loose, it was the coolest shit I've ever seen in the game!

    There was tracer fire streaming all over the place and I'm seeing Blufor engage Raiders and some damn CSAT team is getting rushed by zombies.  50 Cal fire from one technical shooting at another technical 500 meters across town, RPG hits a van full of Syndicate... I'm trying to land and get in on this action but the place is lit up, fluid and very kinetic haha.  I died about 3 meters from my Heli... took some heavy AA to the bird on my way down and I think a cook off secondary got me while I was crawling away, fuck you ZEDS!


    I can't wait to get home and try it with some time on my hands to enjoy it!

    I've done this -often- on purpose before but not with the unit numbers set as high for each mod and I also probably had 20+ gear mods on, ranging from RHS to SMA, Friths, Warfare Thai...you name it, I ran it and 10 maps, all CUPs loaded...jesus.... No AI stuff though.

    Game didn't crash but that's not conclusive nor points me to the culprit mod.

    I will say I was surprised at the frame rates, I didn't have the read out on screen but you know when Arma is running good, the animations look so much better, everything does. So yeah, looks like I'm going full vanilla ( well Ravage and TPW stay, I wont play Arma with out em ) if this is the action and performance I can get.

    That's awesome, you could pretend that when that happened, it was during the early days of the apocalypse when the military was still trying to cordon off the infected or something. Honestly, I'm gonna take a look at that "TPW mod" because I want to get in on this action too LUL

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  3. 25 minutes ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:


    Pop open my Ravage mission “The Burning Rain” and use the scripts I use for mine, you’ll also need a looping script for continuous music, I use Phronks music looper, also keep in mind you’ll need to class all the sounds / music in your description.ext file. 




    EDIT: (You should find it somewhere in steamapps under Workshop, or even possibly your A3 missions, just extract the .pbo and go to town. 🙂 )


    Thanks my dude, I'll take a look and see if I can get something working!

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  4. On 5/20/2019 at 11:27 AM, haleks said:

    Hello everyone!


    I wanted to update you on the latest events : I talked with @MuRaZorWitchKING over the week-end, and he is going to send me his spare GC.

    It's the best solution for now, as my current financial situation makes it difficult for me to buy what is basically the most expensive piece of hardware in a computer. Regarding the donations I've received so far, I intend to use them to upgrade other bits and pieces on my rig : improving my "working" environment should allow me to work a bit faster and more comfortably.

    (That includes buying a headset with a microphone so I can - finally - play a bit online with you guys.)

    A huge "thank you" to @MuRaZorWitchKING, @whiteface73, @Zakuaz and @tourist for their contributions - and of course to everyone supporting me on Patreon! You guys have been helping me more than you can imagine.


    Speaking of Patreon, I'm probably going to make some changes : I will drop the tiers, and let anyone pledge the amount they choose. All early-access and conceptual items will be available to everybody, no matter how much they pledged. I'll most likely do that before next month. I also would like to remind everyone that items uploaded on Patreon aren't in any way exclusive : those are merely previews of WIP stuff and will always be released publicly later on (unless a project is deemed too ambitious or not feasable), so keep that in mind before subscribing.


    Thanks again Ravagers, it is trully an honor to have seen such a community forming around what began as an obscure singleplayer mod!


    I'm glad that you're able to get back on your feet again 👌

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  5. Anyone have experience with ambient music scripts? I'm asking because I'm trying to add custom songs to my Ravage missions, but only the initial track plays, after that it's silence. Any help is 100% appreciated. Here's what's in my "init.sqf" file:


    _randomFirstTrack = _musicPool call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; // select the initial track
    playMusic _randomFirstTrack;//play the initial track, required for the eventHandler to work
    addEventHandler ["MusicStop" //add an eventHandler which starts a new track when the music stops
    _randomTrack = _musicPool call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;
    0 fadeMusic 0; //set volume to 0 to smoothly fade in afterwards
    playMusic _randomTrack; //play a random selected track
    10 fadeMusic 1; //Turn up the music volume smoothly

  6. 23 minutes ago, haleks said:

    @whiteface73 Thank you so much Oliver!

    It's staying in the GC pool for now. 😉


    I'm feeling a bit more relaxed, seeing how people on this thread are ready to help is incredible and a huge boost to morale.

    This generosity alone makes more than worthwhile all the years I've put into Ravage, thanks everyone!

    I'm happy for you that you finally get to take your *very hard earned* break now, and I'm in the same boat as everyone else, if you need me to donate to help you out I'd be willing to. Rest up, my friend. 👍

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  7. 23 minutes ago, haleks said:

    @sentinel329, @ArteyFlow


    To be honest, I didn't have much time to study how the AI performs on the long run lately; but sentinel329 is probably right. This new "natural selection" is going to need further adjustments I reckon.

    Right now the AI is too dumb/fearless, it's going to need some sort of fear simulation, or at least be better at weighting its options in presence of infected, and possibly flee instead of engaging.

    A fear simulation system for the AI would certainly make the AI more realistic... however would there be a chance for that to be a toggable option? I'm asking because I prefer the way the AI are now, with their literal balls of steel whilst firing at the undead and all 👍

  8. 6 hours ago, sentinel329 said:
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    I would wager this is a manifestation of the way the new audio detection works for zeds. Based on my experience, BLUFOR survivors (the solos and trader groups both) tend to be armed with better weapons such as assault rifles, and therefore engage zeds at greater ranges. I can't count the number of times I've heard distant gunfire, gone to check it out, and discovered a survivor blasting away at seemingly nothing. I'm guessing the survivor combat behavior may not have been adjusted yet to the new audio detection, they are still engaging at long ranges, and therefore are pretty much doomed to become instant zombie chow because of all the noise they make. This also applies to the vehicle patrols, who seem to have the added handicap of not being able to run over zeds because of the wonky AI driving, making them susceptible to being swarmed by zeds as they pass through a town. Renegades, on the other hand, tend to be more lightly armed and less inclined to engage zeds at range, the better to remain undetected and more likely to surprise the player.


    Again, these are just my observations/interpretations of what's going on "under the hood". I'm sure M. Haleks has more insightful (and accurate) commentary to add on this.

    I think in one of the updates, Haleks changed the firing mode of the AI so the Blufor survivor problem you were experiencing should be history by now... but I do agree on your points. The problem could just be me, I'm not entirely sure yet.

  9. I've noticed some strange behavior in Ravage lately, mostly regarding the AI and zombies. I am encountering an over-abundance of Renegades almost, just earlier I was playing and found like 3 Renegades all within very close proximity of each other (they weren't part of the same group). Blufor Survivors seem to be extremely rare, I almost never find them nowadays, as opposed to back in 2016 when I could find them every other playthrough. It's almost like Renegades have higher spawn priority than the other AI or something. I also almost never find Car Patrols anymore, especially the Independent Truck Patrols that I used to commonly find/see, they're nowhere to be found. Also, zombies seem to only spawn in cities and towns now, I only find one, two, maybe three, tops, out in the wilderness. I have my AI population multiplier set to 2, and the spawn distances are 400 and 1000. My Zombie count is set to 30 per player, safe distance is 75 meters and the other one is 250 meters. Is anyone else noticing this strange behavior or is it just me? 


    On a different note, thanks again for the update, Haleks! The new and improved gear pool module is one of the things the mod needed the most, and I can't thank you enough for revamping it.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, haleks said:


    I will fix that with the next update; but you should add a delay to that code : the gearpool module doesn't kick-in immediatly.

    this spawn {
    	sleep 1;
    	[_this] call rvg_fnc_equip;

    This should also prevent CTDs.

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and add the delay to my missions 👍

  11. If you set the "ArmA 3" setting in the Gear Pool module to Equipment Only and have a player or AI have "0 = [this] call rvg_fnc_equip; " in their init field, the game will CTD. I just got it to occur multiple times under the same circumstances.

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  12. 1 hour ago, haleks said:

    Hey Ravagers,

    Ravage has been updated!

    This update brings some preliminary improvements to the gearpool module and fixes some long-time issues regarding interactions between the gearpool and loot modules.

    Here's the complete changelog :

    Important note for mission designers :

    Those changes won't break previously released missions, but might impact the intended design as some underlying mechanics have been updated to offer more possibilities. As a result, missions in wich vanilla weapons are supposed to be excluded will need to be updated with the new parameters. Friendly reminder : you can quick-test the effects of the gearpool module in editor mode with the rvg_fnc_equip function.

    [player] call rvg_fnc_equip

    About GM :

    The only thing left to achieve total support for GM is creating & adding data for the furnitures system. This is a huge task, given the number and complexity of GM structures, so it will take time. I'm working on a standalone script that will partially address this situation until the furnitures system is updated - more news on that soon!

    As always, have fun fellas, and thanks to the contributors & supporters who are helping me keeping Ravage alive!

    You're the man, Haleks!

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  13. Just now, EO said:

    As i mentioned earlier, "I get there in the end"...

    From this...

      Reveal hidden contents


    To this...

      Reveal hidden contents



    The first pic kind of looks like something from "The Thing" LUL

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  14. 6 minutes ago, haleks said:


    Some quick news about the gearpool module :

    The plan remains unchanged, but I'm going to do this progressively across several updates. I've started working on the upgrades; that area of the code is among the oldest and is rather messy - it is quite the headache tweaking it without breaking the dynamic interactions with the loot module.


    What's done for now :

    - The setting for vanilla content works in the same way as supported mods (on, off, weapons only or gear only). This is a quick QoL improvement until I begin work on deeper changes to the module.

    - Enabling weapons from supported mods no longer auto-disables vanilla weapons : mission designers can use the new setting to exclude or combine them with mods.

    - Fixed sync between gearpool and loot modules: data generated by the gearpool module is correctly applied to the loot system - no more vanilla items if the mission designer don't want them.

    - That also means the gear used by the AI will be consistent with what can be found as loot (that wasn't always the case).

    - Added module support for GM CDLC.

    - Made sure it doesn't break previous missions.


    I'll see if I can squizz more custom list overrides like for weapons, and I'll probably update in a few days.


    EDIT : Here's the changelog for now :


    That all sounds amazing, I'm now extremely hyped to see those gearpool changes 👍

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  15. 7 hours ago, whiteface73 said:

    If I remember correctly, using the custom vehicles will exclude every other vehicles. OK, I could add them too.

    There is a vehicle option in the Ambient AI Module? Didn‘t notice...I think life is gonna get interesting in my sandbox 😁

    I'm gonna take a look too myself into adding custom vehicles... I think life is going to get very interesting indeed...

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  16. 35 minutes ago, kodabar said:


    That's actually a very good question. I've noticed that a lot of Ravage missions use one particular thumbnail image which was taken from one of my videos, which I, in turn, took from Haleks. So clearly people are having difficulty with this. There's a hidden page on the wiki that explains what font is used, where to find it and the image Ravage uses for the logo as well as the original image from which it's derived. I haven't made it visible yet because I still need a higher resolution image, but you can access it here in the meantime:

    Thank you very much, I'll take a look!

  17. This is going to sound like a seriously dumb question, but where can I find a good quality picture containing the Ravage logo? I was looking to add scenario pictures to all my Ravage missions to add a coat of polish, but I'm not sure where to find a high quality Ravage picture.

  18. @haleks Here's another small list of the vehicles I've tested with that had errors in your Ravage test mission:


    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vmlauncher_AT5_single_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_AT5_single_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_AT5_single_veh","CUP_M_9M113_AT5_Spandrel_AT","CUP_8Rnd_AT5_BMP2_M",193: cup_9m113_at5.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_AT13LauncherSingle_W","CUP_AT13LauncherSingle_W","CUP_AT13LauncherSingle_W","CUP_M_9K115_2_AT13_Saxhorn_2_AT","CUP_6Rnd_AT13_M",275: cup_9m113_at5.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vacannon_Yakb_veh","CUP_Vacannon_Yakb_veh","manual","CUP_B_127x108_AP_Green_Tracer","CUP_1470Rnd_TE1_127x108_YakB_AP_M",315: tracer_green.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vmlauncher_RBS70_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_RBS70_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_RBS70_veh","CUP_M_RBS70_AA","CUP_1Rnd_RBS70_M",371: cup_stinger_rocket.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vacannon_M230_veh","CUP_Vacannon_M230_veh","burst_5","CUP_B_30x113mm_M789_HEDP_Red_Tracer","CUP_1200Rnd_TE1_Red_Tracer_30x113mm_M789_HEDP_M",372: tracer_red.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vmlauncher_AGM114K_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_AGM114K_veh","Direct","CUP_M_AGM_114L_Hellfire_II_AT","CUP_PylonPod_4Rnd_AGM114L_Hellfire_II_M",396: cup_agm_114k_hellfire_ii_fly.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM9L_veh_1Rnd","CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM9L_veh_1Rnd","CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM9L_veh_1Rnd","CUP_M_AIM_9L_Sidewinder_AA","CUP_PylonPod_1Rnd_AIM_9L_Sidewinder_M",398: cup_aim9x_sidewinder_fly.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM120_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM120_veh","CUP_Vmlauncher_AIM120_veh","M_Zephyr","CUP_PylonPod_1Rnd_AIM_120_AMRAAM_M",462: missile_aa_02_fly_f.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"CUP_Vblauncher_GBU12_veh","CUP_Vblauncher_GBU12_veh","CUP_Vblauncher_GBU12_veh","CUP_Bo_GBU12_LGB","CUP_PylonPod_1Rnd_GBU12_M",64: cup_gbu_12_fly.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_yakB","rhs_weap_yakB","manual","rhs_ammo_127x108mm_1SLT","rhs_mag_127x108mm_1slt_1470",181: empty.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_2K8_launcher","rhs_weap_2K8_launcher","rhs_weap_2K8_launcher","rhs_ammo_9m17p","rhs_mag_9M17p_Mi24_2x",184: rhs_m_9m17_fly.p3d,<NULL-object>]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_zt3_Launcher","rhs_weap_zt3_Launcher","rhs_weap_zt3_Launcher","rhs_ammo_zt3","rhs_mag_zt3_4",200: rhs_m_zt3_fly.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_9K114_launcher","rhs_weap_9K114_launcher","rhs_weap_9K114_launcher","rhs_ammo_9m114m","rhs_mag_9M114M_Mi24_2x",218: missile_at_03_fly_f.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_SidewinderLauncher","rhs_weap_SidewinderLauncher","rhs_weap_SidewinderLauncher","rhs_ammo_Sidewinder_AA","rhs_mag_Sidewinder",222: missile_aa_08_fly_f.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]
    [B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow),"rhs_weap_mk82","rhs_weap_mk82","rhs_weap_mk82","rhs_ammo_mk82","rhs_mag_mk82",142: bomb_02_f.p3d,B Alpha 1-1:1 (ArteyFlow)]

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  19. 13 minutes ago, Donnie_Plays said:

    I'm not sure where things are currently, but setting anything to "Limited" seems to break spawning. At least in the past.

    I experience the same exact problem whether or not "Allow ArmA 3 content" is set to "Full" or "Limited", I just mentioned that I changed it to limited because I thought it would stop the vanilla ArmA 3 weapons from appearing everywhere, but it didn't do anything.