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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Why do we still only have the choice between laser or flashlight in the arsenal when we pick one of the combos? Also, pressing LCtrl + L only swaps whatever I had there for BIS' laser and gives me the option to pick IR laser or visible laser, not the flashlight.
  2. GardenPT

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not sure if it has been suggested already or if you're working on it, but could you please make use of this (which is already implemented in CBA) in your mod? We would finally be able to use those flashlight and laser combos properly :)
  3. I'm sorry if I'm giving you information you already have, but we use TFAR on pretty much every mission we do in my community and we've been having issues since the 64 bit update. Sometimes one of us stops receiving any communication from a random player for a while (both local and radio). After that while, everything goes back to normal. This is not caused by signal interference, it happens even if we're in clear sight of each other and close (200m). I also have an issue myself (only me that I know of) ever since I started using TFAR, in which I hear others with a low volume through local voice, even though their radio voice has a good volume. I have to get on their face to hear what they're saying clearly. I've lowered the volume of Arma 3 in the Windows volume mixer and increased TeamSpeak, but it still doesn't help. I look at videos from my teammates and they can hear everyone clearly.
  4. GardenPT

    Refined Vehicles

    I've been testing some of the vehicles. Here's my feedback. First off, I have absolutely no ideia about how modding is done, so I don't even know if you have control over these things. I know the quad bike is a very unstable vehicle in real life (which is portrated very well the way you made it), but for the game's purpose, it can't be made to roll over when you tap the steering. Maybe you could make it understeer or oversteer, and after a while without correction, roll-over. I think the Hatchback (Sport) is pretty much spot on, as well as the Offroad. The BMW X6 is a modern car and as such would have ABS. The front tires are locking when braking. It also probably has some kind of stability control (don't quote me on it), which would make it less oversteering than it currently is. Great job on the Kart, it handles much better now. Well done on increasing the braking distance. I just think you overdid it a little bit. In my opinion it would be better if you reduced it just that tiny bit. I loved how you made the handbrake have a bigger braking distance than the regular foot brake. If it were me, I would make it even worse, and unstabilize all the cars a lot more :lol: I've tested it with ACE3 and it seems that ACE3 has messed with the steering sensitivity and maybe the vehicle's physics a bit... All I'm certain of is it feels very different. It would be so awesome if they would use your mod in the same package! One can only dream... Thank you so much for this. I'll try to spread it around my community as much as I can B)
  5. GardenPT

    Refined Vehicles

    Oh my goodness... Thank you so much for this... Splendid work... I can finally properly drive the Kart and slide around with the Sport Hatchback (a.k.a. Honda Civic Type-R :lol: ). The only thing missing is manual transmission... If only Bohemia gave two ***** about that... Do you think you could integrate it with ACE3 and maybe add a "mechanic" system sort of like the medic system that it has? Now THAT would be grand...