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  1. Ah, thx for the answer! 🙂


    18 days ago? Oh sorry I must have looked at the wrong place. Where can I find the last commits? I looked at this page here: https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/compare/1.0-PreRelease...0bb41e261caefa3206b49ea1673cc7793e364f26


    Yeah, you're right. TFAR is nearly perfect 😄 It was more a question if you have further plans and ideas (new features, improvements etc.) with TFAR like e.g. mobile antennas that can be build up or smth like that. Or maybe a (hand) gesture when someone is yelling or an indicator when someone is whispering to me. Stuff like that 😄

  2. TFAR still works pretty well and we really love it but is it correct that the last commit on github was the 03 Oct 2019? Does the mod have a future or are you busy with other topics Dedmen?


    Anyway, thank you so much for your fantastic mod. We use it since the first day and it worked every time really good!


    We see that there are coming a lot of new changes in ACRE and we wonder if there will be any innovations with TFAR?!

  3. Hey Guys. Is there already a fix to download?


    I have one more question. I've placed some AI "MG3 AI Lafette" or the AI GMW but they don't shoot at enemy's. Seems that they also have no ammo or so? Any idea?


    I gave them full ammo and skills etc. and also when I give them the order to attack they don't shoot. 😕

  4. Hey guys,


    I have a short question. Do we have to enable this mod


    a) only on dedicated server

    b) on dedicated server and also on all connected headless clients

    c) all clients and server


    We are using our dedicated server with two headless clients and I want to know if they also need to start this mod. Thx 🙂

  5. Thank you very much LSValmont. 🙂


    Is that possible to initialize all BLUEFOR units? Means all helicopters, vehicles, persons etc. from this faction within this forEach? Because we have a lot of missions and units and it would be such a big effort to find any name etc. I'm searching for a generic way which works in each init.sqf without finding/typing all unit names.

  6. Awesome mod 🙂 I have a short question:


    Can I disable this mod for specific factions or groups? We have some BLUEFOR Guards in our base and they should hold the position (disableAI Move). But when shorts are fired they start running and leaving there positions.


    It would be cool to disable the mod for own units like BLUEFOR.

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  7. Hey Belbo. It's a shame that you don't want to continue developing this awesome mod 😞 Our clan really loves your mod and I think it is the base for other mods like KAT, isn't it?


    I hope you find your way back to Arma. You are very valuable to the community. 🙂

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  8. On 29.9.2018 at 12:14 AM, Reddiem said:


    Hey there, tis is because you have to turn on the light. Actually the "cool bright light-effects" is nothing more than a rotating front light on the roof ^^

    Sorry but this doesn't work. I have placed an empty Wolf and turned on the Light and Beacons with a trigger. Both turns on but without the nice effect. When I'm moving into this car I have the option to turn on the Rundumleuchte although it's already on.


    Any other idea?