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  1. Squad Name: 3rd Battalion, H Company Timezone/location: NA/EU (Campaign ops: Sunday 8pm GMT, 9pm CET, 3pm EST | Public Events: Friday 10pm GMT, 11pm CET, 5pm EST) Game mode preference: CO-OP Contact email: N/A Website Address: http://hcoy.shivtr.com/ Short Description: Part of the fictional Caribbean country of Lagoria, giving us the freedom to changes eras between 2 campaigns at will. Operating along side a British unit and an American unit Language: English
  2. 9th Cavalry Regiment | ArmA 3 Realism - Recruiting! • Who are we? 9th Cavalry Regiment are a developing ArmA 3 community who follow the layout and style of a Vietnam war. 9th Cavalry Regiment are using a varying set of mods to enhance our experience and create a realistic environment. Our community is made up of like-minded individuals, who wish to play ArmA 3 together in a well-structured and professional environment. • What do we do? We stick as closely, as is realistically possible in ArmA 3, to the 9th Cavalry Regiment in our layout, procedure and play-style. This includes our training, operations and administration. Our goal is to provide members with a well-structured, professional and enjoyable experience which they will want to return to each time. • When do we play? Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesday at 7pm GMT are "main op" days when we have platoon training and/or campaign missions. Friday 7 or 7:30pm GMT is Clan Meeting where any problems with unit will be addressed, followed up by a small op . Every other day there are small ops if there are enough people online (You don't have to attend those, but if you are have free time, hop on TS, people are usually there just waiting to jump into the jungle) Mods: ACE Task Force Unsung Air Cav CUP Terrains CORE RDS Civ Pack Huey CBA N'Ziwasogo Total size: 13GB (most of size is do to AirCav and CUP core) Age limit: 16+, for you who are younger (15 or 14), there is a 1 week trail, to see if you are mature enough. Currently looking for: Standard rifleman AT Specialists/Assistants Logistics Crew (RTO, M113 driver) Team Leaders Huey Pilot So if you are interested add me on steam: stalkerSRB or hop on our TS: or visit our site: http://www.9thcavalryregiment.com/ (site is currently down for maintenance)
  3. Squad Name: 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit Timezone/location: GMT/GMT+1 Gamemode Peference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op, sandbox MilSim Contact email: admin@22ndmeu.co.uk Website Address: http://22ndmeu.co.uk/ Short Description: 22nd MEU is a ArmA 3 MilSim Community based in UK. We play as part of the 22nd MEU, mainly 1st Battalion, 6th Marines in a fictional country of Takistan with the goal of destroying the Taliban settled in that area. Language: English
  4. D. Braum

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I would like to say that Arma3 Units is amazing. I love how easy is to access and register your unit. Hopefully this will help my regiment get a few more guys interested in fighting in the Vietnam War. Also can't wait for the Community Hub to open, hopefully that will make requiring ever easier