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  1. Apologies for the 10 month necro but i feel this deserves some recognition - this works brilliantly and in my opinion is much more versatile than a batch script or some of the .sh scripts I've used. Adding new mods to the list is so much easier for me via your Steam Workshop IDs.txt method, so thanks for the script!
  2. Aldronys

    Helicopter fastrope script

    Yes, correct, kind of...! The way i did it is to make an sqf using Shuko's script (called "shuko_fastrope.sqf" or similar), then use this line within initPlayerLocal.sqf to include it: #include "shuko_fastrope.sqf"; This keeps the event scripts tidy then.
  3. Aldronys

    Helicopter fastrope script

    I created an account just to say thanks for the hard work - script is working like a dream in SP and MP! Just needed to be in "initPlayerLocal.sqf" for MP :)