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  1. Uncle Swag

    Extract Code Files of Models

    Do you mean, for instance, look at the Model.CFG etc of a P3D? if so, Mikero's Eliteness is a good tool to use, however I think it'd be best to buy his $30 a year subscription to show him some love and get the 10/10 would bang again tools. If you mean see the scripts from, say, an encrypted/obfuscated PBO file, there's plenty of methods (some of which aren't exactly 'moral') - But you can load the file from in game using the scripts :)
  2. You have to make sure the addon containing the class you want to overwrite is loaded first(Use requiredAddons). This is how I rewrite default menus and such.
  3. You put anything ArmA in front of me, and I'll have fun playin it :)
  4. With a good use of event handlers, you could make seperate vest models and add them to your own desires..
  5. Uncle Swag

    Server low fps with a lot of player

    Scripts play a big part in server performance and client FPS, so if your configs look on point I would suggest looking through your scripts and updating the scripts to be optimized for the latest version of ArmA 3. And look into performance pointers available on the internet :)
  6. Uncle Swag

    Microsoft new invention (kinda smart AI)

    wow no shit lol
  7. 10/10 fellers, best RCON 2016
  8. That's embarrassing; I meant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s86F8BFmq3c sorry for going off topic, simply wanted to see what it was all about as all.
  9. Hi, So basically I have also been working on a framework which can be deemed 'modular'. If you would like to czech out how my take on it is, You can do so here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s86F8BFmq3 .
  10. What would you say defines this mission file as "modular", and how would you say it's any more "modular" than a re-structured Altis Life? Pardon my skepticism, I simply fail to see how this is any different than Altis Life's implementation of functions; I say this because both of these examples require cfgFunctions to be edited in the same manner. As previously stated, one could revise the file structure of Altis Life and achieve the same outcome. I ask you do not take this question as "having a go at you", as it is nice to see some people in the life scene still have brains between their ears, but I'm hung on the definition of it being modular.
  11. Are you initialising the dialog ? as in cutRsc[1, "RscDisplayTest"]; _ui = uiNamespace getVariable "whateveruinsvaris"; _myStructText = _ui findDisplay 110; <insert parsetext code here for ctrlsetstructuredtext> ?