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    usually don't need that anyway.

    Needed few times `|, like now - need to get trigger executing before the condition fields|`, or few times needed script executing before the init fields (better than name units and write scripts for them).

    (floor random 3)==0

    No need to wrap an "if" around that btw.

    ) yep


    - Place your first unit
    - set its probability to 0.25
    - give it a name "mysoldier"
    - Place the other units
    - set their condition of presence: "alive mysoldier"

    Yeap. just thought it possible to synchronize them some how.

    (oh and what if unit with condition will 'be executed' before ) )

  2. Thanks but when 'init fields' executing related to each other

    Also, condition of presence is only checked at the beginning, so you cant use it as a substitite for a spawn-script.

    Point is what they are checked before scripts executing so wanted to make trigger with condition for creating units.


    if(floor random 3==0)then{true}else{false};

    (trigger's condition field)


    and still:

    "Acceptable by editor way to set "presents probability" for 'few' entities for if they'll be created then all."

  3. Somewhere already is, but +1:

    Big deficiency of "arsenal" is unability to see | add all items in | to "containers", hope it will be fixed.


    Hope after "Apex" B.I. will look in ai commanding.

    Basically whats missing:

    1|'never fire',

    1|'fly height',

    1|'"loiter" (flying)',


    'unit|s to new | other group',

    'unit | group to your group',

    |1 for groups too|,

    Waypoint's types.

    Commanding system (Example (kind of): GAIA).


    Stopping game with moving it to eden (getting in the editor game stopped at the moment).


    Improve UAVs's cameras stabilizing, remove shaking, moving with UAV's movements.

  4. Suggestions:

    "Mount" command isn't perfect, if would be some additional menu to choise vehicle in some enough radius or current radius would be 3 | 4.5 times bigger and group would get in closest vehicle would be much more useful (and i couldn't order blufor group enter empty |'scat's' sochor|).

    Would be nice to have ability to create new group with selected units in squad's interface.

  5. What is it ARP2? you can add items to MCC yourself that is the idea behind MCC.

    Mod with objects like M.R.E. s, watter, .. .

    ) , would like, not patient to learning modding and object''s creation.

    The point about adding vehoicle's "black box" item for rolleplaying.


    shay_gman, on 04 Mar 2016 - 10:55, said:



    What artillery vehicle are you using?

    Standard "2S9 Sochor".

    But i rechecked, don't looks like it happening anymore, possible it was civilian's waypoints, and who are liked and repeated the post i guies have problem with that what artillery doesn't providing support (didn't tryed with mortars, but at my system that one does).