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  1. t.a.6

    Floodlight please help

    Already, just maybe someone who will se here know.
  2. Hi, thank you for the mod, we using it and got a few questions: How to give access to it to new unit after "selectplayer" and the "access rights" module do not working (i guies same command will solute both the points), and units under " ["handledamage",{0}]; " are going unconscious after 1 kill shots, how to avoid that? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, thanks for the mod, it's great, but have 1 question: how to make it working for new unit after "selectplayer"?
  4. t.a.6

    Floodlight please help

    The unit do not dying, thanks, but still going unconscious, anyone know how to avoid the MCC's "unconscious"?
  5. t.a.6

    Floodlight please help

    Example: _this addeventhandler ["handledamage",{_this select 0 setdamage 0;}]; , if server are enough busy - 50. cal. shot in head killing the unit (if using MCC each 1 kill shot making the unit unconscious).
  6. t.a.6

    Floodlight please help

    Can't create topic, don't know why, so found the empty one, do anyone know how to handle unit's dammage with getting the damage's information and do not damage the unit? ("handledamage" missing some damages, and together with "allowdamage" do not providing right information).