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  1. Hey Jerrydrake, Sure thing, just let us know what your username is so that we can add you tomorrow :)
  2. Nice. :D The group idea sounds great and you can count me in. I already added you and we can discuss about it whenever you are available.
  3. Hi SaOk, Just a big thank you for making this mission. Being a singleplayer-only fan, It has offered me countless hours of fun. It is sad to see you go after offering so much to this community. :( Since you withdrawn your prohibition of future development, it would be nice if someone could carry on this masterpiece and add to it. Personally, I would love to do that but I have little to no experience in scripting and my attempts to learn have hit a brick wall due to having so little time to spend on it. It would be fantastic news, not just for me but for everyone who loves WLA if any of you talented folks in scripting could carry on from where SaOk left. Personally, I would like to contribute in such an effort by offering to polish all of the dialogs in-game with proper grammar/syntax since they are still WIP. If anyone is interested you can add me in steam (y0urkill3r) and we can make this happen. Cheers!
  4. y0urkill3r

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hi zbug, many thanks for taking the time to make such a fantastic mission! I have some questions for you, or anyone who can answer. First of all, I am a dedicated singleplayer arma type of player. Not interested in MP whatsoever. With that in mind, is the mission playable with me and AI only? or is it going to be one huge headache which is not worth the effort? Im asking this because so far, I love it, but I find it extremely difficult to create, control and manage the AI in terms of high command. I use mods to create HC units which is a quite cumbersome way to do so and on top of that, when I exit and load the mission, they are not even accesible forcing me to interact with them via the zeus interface reassigning them to me and here we go the same thing all over again. So far, I tried loading the missions as singleplayer and multiplayer (through LAN). Singleplayer is messy and disfunctional. MP works ok though I miss the pause and time acceleration. Two simple functions that I almost can't live without :( After that short intro, here are my main questions: -Is there going to be a proper High command interface with which you can easily make HC squads etc? -apart from a High command implementation, do you have additional plans for SP guys like me? -May be a silly question but, how do I reset the mission? Meaning that everytime I load it, it starts right where I stopped and having messed some things up, I want to restart to 0. If any of the above has already been answered, I'm sorry in advance, but I'm new to these forums and I probably didn't search well enough :( Thanks for your time!