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    Windows 10 compatibility with OFP/ArmA:CWA

    I have 1.96 and 1.99 installed for using a few different mods that were compatible with each. Windows 10 has completely broken OFP 1.96 for me. The Windows taskbar is visible, Alt-tabbing and changing resolutions crashes the game. In "Cold War Assault" 1.99 there is an annoying black bar on the top with two white spots on each side. Changing resolutions doesn't fix it. Quite a shame.
  2. gza036

    Black bar at top of the screen

    pfft, I just noticed the same problem, black bar with little white spots on each corner. Changing resolutions doesn't fix it.
  3. gza036


    huuuuh? I'd give them animations... but models, textures and sounds....? That's crazy. Why does everyone use JSRS, dynasound..... Will be interesting to see.
  4. gza036


    RHS m4's and AK's vs BIS...?
  5. I was messing around with this + the new Unsung mod release. Noticed it doesn't work with a lot of the US units. (no blood) Wonder why that would be?
  6. This has just become outstanding... absolute must have! Getting it to work in multiplayer must be a huge pain
  7. woah, yeah that looks sick. I need that! keep going :)
  8. I really loved what I saw in the video on Armaholic. So I tried it out but the blood looks almost black now, and the bouncing gibs leave kind of a strange star pattern away from the body
  9. Not really a "fix", pilots communicate bearing in degrees
  10. I figured out what was causing it... It's playing sounds in jsrs_movement.pbo, in the "noises\Hits" folder. Some of those make a sound of a bullet too, while in the vanilla game they don't Hmmm, Where in COSLX could I change exactly which sounds play?
  11. gza036

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Right, but players need missions, and missions need mission designers with scripts. How else are you supposed to control what loadout AI planes have....................? Not to mention you're completely eliminating the ability to start missions in-flight. Sometimes this is needed. Kind of a big detail.
  12. It's amusing to test the max G that different vanilla and addon aircraft can achieve... (or when crashing and it spikes to 100) I don't suggest getting into a turning fight with the Su-35 which can pull 17 :lol: yes, post-processing effects are needed, but I don't know how to properly implement them.
  13. Creating an air combat scenario with some added features. GLOC (G-force induced loss of consciousness) has been simulated in ACE3, but I'd like to incorporate it into my mission for non-ACE users and add some extra stuff. Namely, "hick" maneuver sound effects that I want to play while under heavy G load. <<<I think I can figure that part out For measuring G's. I've adapted some of ACE's code, credit goes to KoffeinFlummi and esteldunedain. This displays G's in-game: Please help me create the tunnel vision black-out effect. I've studied the biki, searched, and tried to implement ppeffectcreate/enable/adjust/commit... But can't figure out how to do it properly. here is a relevant part of the original ACE script if that helps:
  14. gza036

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Right, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful. I mean, there's a fully functional AC-130, it's incredible. On the other hand, the only f-16 you can spawn has a SEAD loadout, and the only thing preventing that is a .txt file explaining how. lol Maybe it's in the works.
  15. Hey I still like to use this mod and also trying out your COWarMod There seems to be a conflict with COSLX and JSRS1.5 It seems that when a wounded guy is bleeding, whenever his health decreases a bullet impact sound plays along with him screaming. I thought people were shooting at me until I figured out it was just an errant sound playing. Any idea how I could fix this? I tried opening up SLX_shout.pbo and SLX_wounds.pbo and messing around with a few things to narrow it down, but couldn't figure it out.
  16. gza036

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Well, that's one plane... Not releasing a comprehensive list of all the weapon names etc really limits an addon's usefulness for making missions unfortunately.
  17. Oh I know, I am constantly referencing the biki... seems things are just a lot more complicated now. For the better I'm sure
  18. Still my favorite jet addons, looking forward to it Firewill! Little taste of Falcon BMS in arma
  19. gza036

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    That's awesome, great job. Surely there is an init code for spawning with custom loadouts.....
  20. Searched readme pdf and thread, I see it's been asked before but don't see an answer... What is the init code for changing skins and loadout?
  21. gza036

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Was there any documentation that is supposed to be included in this? How to spawn with custom loadout, what are the weapon names.... Checked the mod folder, the front page of the thread, searched the thread... Also I thought that the jets from the other mods were able to refuel... Refueling works for the USAF mod planes, but anytime I try with Firewill's or the JS f/a18 "I get permission denied, asset is in use" So, how to make that work?
  22. Yes, all custom loadouts called from the init field are broken for me. Tested with no other mods running. this setvariable ["F16_Loadout","sead"]; FIR_Fnc_F16_setloadout also broken [this,"aim9x","aim120","agm88","gbu38x2","ecmpod","htspod","mk82gpx3","agm65dx3","aim120","aim9x"] call FIR_Fnc_F16_SetLoadout;
  23. gza036

    Legen Of Madness Open Beta Release

    cool thanks. Wish I understood some spanish... and no briefing. What generally are you supposed to do in this SP mission?
  24. I used to mess around with Operation Flashpoint scripts, after a while I could usually open up the .sqs files and figure out what was going on... ?!(alive _man): goto "dead" #dead it was pretty easy to follow where loops were going Coming back to arma 3 and opening some .sqf files, lol I am lost
  25. Okay after trying this out, no doubt it is a must-have from now on. Costs 1fps!!! I'd like to try the advanced DOF version as well. Is there a way to change the f-10 key binding? Since that is used for squad control Also, I have Nvidia and can't find anything resembling "Full RGB mode" in the color settings of Nvidia Control Panel. So, not sure if I'm missing out on something? It looks pretty damn good in-game to me...