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  1. Worthy Platoon

    What can I do to be better

    Ultimately it depends on your play style. But the basics are: Infantry Combat: Try to find solid cover as soon as possible when in conflict. If you cannot find solid cover, try to conceal yourself and go prone, makes you a harder target to hit. Always be alert, anything can happen in a split second. Watch your corners when clearing buildings/moving around buildings, sometimes there will be somebody hiding around the corner. Always keep an eye out for things that look out of place, ex. open doors. When there are open doors, usually means someone went through there at some point. Most doors in the game are closed and can only be opened when infantry move through it. (Rabbits and Snakes can do the same so it is possible that an animal opened it as well; keep that in mind.) Always try to place your weapon on an object, this will improve your aim, especially after sprinting when you're fatigued. (I believe the key to rest your weapon is C). Don't expose yourself too much though. If you can, try to suppress the enemy, their aim is reduced so if you have a machine gun, you can use it to suppress them. Light Vehicle Combat: When faced with an armed technical, FIND COVER ASAP. Lob grenades at said vehicle or shoot its tires if you can. Heck, use an Anti-Tank Launcher loaded with a High Explosive round, this is usually an Anti-infantry/light vehicle round. If you don't have any of the said equipment, pop a smoke grenade to obscure visual on the vehicle so you can make a hasty getaway. If you are in a lightly armoured vehicle, be careful, enemy infantry can maneuver around faster in close quarters than you can so keep your distance. Heavy Armour: If in an armoured vehicle, keep your distance from the enemy, they can still outmaneuver you, especially in close quarters like a town. So try to keep a fair distance apart (50-100 meters minimum distance) and have some cover in case if you take heavy fire. If you find a hostile armour (tank) without any Anti-Tank launchers... take cover and/or run. There is little you can do without explosives powerful enough to punch through armour. (AT launchers, mines, etc.) Grenades could damage the tracks but it has to be well placed in order to inflict any noticeable damage. Equipment: Try to keep your load as light as possible (but enough equipment for combat), you will get fatigued quickly if you do carry a lot of equipment, especially if you are on foot and hiking over mountains, and down valleys.
  2. Squad name: Worthy Platoon Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: N/A Website address: http://www.worthyplatoon.com Short description: We are an Arma 3 co-op community that plays weekend sessions as well as various midweek activities. We are an Arma 3 co-op community that plays weekly sessions on Saturday at 1800 GMT. We have a strongly committed core group of players and are always welcoming others who may be looking to join us. More information can be found on our website. Language: English