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  1. Hi! Can anyone knows how can i add a class vehicle to a button? Ex: Car button, when i will click only Car vehicles shows (like the filter list, but on a button). I want to create for each class an button: Car_Button = "Car", Air_Button = "Air" ... Like in this screenshot: https://r26.imgup.net/test3352.jpg player addAction[""Virtual Vehicle Spawner"",VVS_fnc_openVVS,["",""Car""]]; this is working, but i want the button command for that (not to add an action menu) i tried some [] call commands but i dont know what to call ... for the Car for ex...
  2. When i execute it, i get: picture picturething not found and all my icons are black! Any suggestions?! Thanks! P.S.: The VVS is working, but i've got that error and black icons (not white)!