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  1. It is so good to have the Russian spetznas finally added in the official base game as I am really tired of having to load huge size of mods to play with Russian special forces. Just a little further request: Is it possible to add several typical weapons and vehicles for Russian spetznas faction, like ak74, svd, bmp, mi24, or something like that. Just one type for each, not too much variants are required.
  2. Regarding Russian radio protocol, it seems to have conflicts with other mods having Russian voice, such as RHS and Russian 2035. Russian voices in these two mods were replaced with English while only Russian spetznas from contact dlc works normally.
  3. Frank. G

    Russian Alpha Group

    Fantastic mod! Appreciated! Would it has a steamworkshop version?
  4. This is the most beautiful map I have ever met. The biggest fun for me is just to jump in a helo and fly around with music. Looking forward to your next update! Brilliant!
  5. Thanks mate! Maybe I should try other mission generators. BTW, as for your previous Poll regarding NIA & SMA, I am on the side of keeping them both. Even not updated for a long time, SMA is still one of the highest quality mods ever, and I believe it is still alive in many armers' arsenal.
  6. Thanks for your brilliant works! I have subscribed almost all your SF and overhauled mod (NIA & SMA version, Which have much smaller install size and have my favorite SCAR and G36). Just report an issue of taliban and Middle East SF mod as opfor when I played Dynamic Recon Missions and MCC-generated missions. These two factions cannot be initiated correctly when starting scenarios. Sometimes weapon loadouts are missing and all these opfor soldiers are unarmed. In most cases there are no spawned opfor soldiers at all, especially in ‘clear the area’ type mission. Could you please help with this. Thanks.
  7. Frank. G

    Community Factions Project

    This is an awesome contribution!!! Although RHS is beautiful, it’s too performance intensive, and furthermore, once the enemy is 100m away, that ‘beautiful’ is not necessary honestly. Your great work is a perfect case of balance actually. I have totally converted to CUP because of CFP. Looking forward to your next mod CFP Ultimate!!
  8. Hi, I saw you have uploaded your great work in steam. Do it include "laxemann's enhanced soundscape" or it need to be download separately? BTW, can I use it as the final complementary to JSRS3? or it is better to use dynasound + ES without JSRS?