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  1. Hi everyone, especially Bohemia Interactive staff: I am new to modding though I am fluent in c and c++. I watched your youtube video on how to mod and successfully unpacked, packed, added addon and stuff like that... what I would like to do is 1) create new vehicles that use parts from the old ones -> not necessarily any big changes in models... but with the option of creating a new skeleton or something and make a working vehicle. For the beginning, that mainly applies to unmanned missions. I can't figure out how to do this. 2) modify existing vehicles, for example change their speed. When I tried increasing the speed for the small rover the joints / wheels fell apart. But I couldn't find the function in the code which is responsible for that. I also don't quite get the skeleton file on the small rover, "techsmallrb.cfg". Which number stands for which value, and what do they do exactly? The file is in \scripts\entities\configs\vehicles\rover\skeletons. I would really, really appreciate the help! :) Best regards, Aliin