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    Educated and worked in the IT industry for many, many years. Freelancing for the last 10 years.

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    United Kingdom
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    Loooooooong time programmer: C, C++, C# mostly.

    Active volunteer developer on getMaNGOS and OpenHoldem open source projects.
    A recent member of 2 ARMA 3 (Altis Life) server projects (I'll be getting into the scripting and model making with them).

    Addicted to: running, swimming, and gym training.

    I love Sci/Fi, Fantasy, and Horror (of the Vampire Diaries/The Originals variety).
  1. Chucksta

    Config troubles

    What's the error ? Dropbox has a code listing, and I cannot see the error stated in the above text :unsure: I could be blind, or having just woken up my senses could be fuddled :wacko: :blink: :D
  2. I don't know the answer to this, but big thanks for the early morning laugh, it's going very well with my coffee :D The WTF image with the SIGH image, would make a good poster :D Perhaps add a few images, in a horizontal line above the WTF image, of the kamikaze plane stalking you :)
  3. Try forwarding the port steam uses, 2303 by default, I believe. If the port isn't already forwarded, of course :) ("port forwarding" is done on the router, for anyone reading this who does not know - just google it) I've only just woken up, and that's all that's popping into my noggin at the moment! Coffffffeeeeeee neeeeeeded :D
  4. Chucksta


    That link only takes you to the upload site, not the pbo file for download :( :) As a guess, might it be encrypted? Excuse my noobness, as I am new to the Arma 3 world, just-in-case what I said is rubbish :D
  5. Chucksta

    Elite: Dangerous

    I love this game, and played most of its predecessors, right back to the first version on a BBC model B in the college classrooms. One of the guys brought in his copy and got it loaded up on our machines. Damn, that was fun. As soon as I left the college that day, I headed into town, and bought it for my CBM64 :) I killed many a day after that, playing in the Elite universe :D