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  1. I've got a problem with a dedicated server. Basically every so often the dedicated server (when playing) freezes and you're unable to do anything on their unless moving around (much like when you get a time out message). When this happens nobody is able to gain access to the dedicated server and players who have left the server as the freeze began will remain on there even when they have been gone for several hours. Running these mods: bCombat CBA_A3 ShackTac (All of the HUD mods.) Arma Enhanced Movement. All of these mods are up to date. Server is up to date. This issue has happened only recently (Within the past two weeks.) but now is quite persistent and happens multiple times per week or even per day and is not fixed till a restart is issued by server admins. A copy of the RBT files can be seen HERE. I couldn't find any issues but hopefully someone out their more experienced and clued up than me can do so. I'd really appreciate the help from anyone. Thank you to whomever reads this and/or helps me out.
  2. CBA_A3 currently preventing certain VAS items to load upon "loading" a saved loadout. Is there a fix for this? The problem is on a dedicated server and singleplayer. When this mod is turned off then the issue is fixed so it's definitely CBA_A3.