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  1. They attempted to fix some things and make the game more realistic, like adding zeroing to more rifles and adjusting the firing radius on mounted guns. Being able to tow aircraft and do airborne operations from the C-130 would be realistic, as well as being able to shoot from passenger vehicles that dont have windows.. For example a well known military tactic is to employ snipers from helicopters. It is even an event at the annual warrior competition.
  2. Great ideas! I also had a request or idea that I know is possible with scripting, it would be much more realistic if we could shoot from vehicles.. Something like this video..
  3. Thank you very much for the information, and the link.. I was still using PWS to download a few mods but yeah it seems broken for launching. For me it caused battleeye to not initialize even after changing to steam or other shortcut or launcher. Also for some reason not all my mods were displaying in the menu, ones that were enabled and could not disable LOL. For example when I went to uncheck all of them, CBA showed in the list but not all the ACE mods, disabling CBA but not ACE or ACEX caused game crash issues so it really gave me a headache. I do have one suggestion to the core patch team, I am new so forgive me if it has been suggested many times. I had errors about missing config scripts until Mirek pointed out some mods and even missions like Takistan Life often use some ACR files. Downloading the ACR lite helped, I just think that should be included with combined ops like BAF and PMC lite are added by default or automatically. Thanks again, this community is very helpful..
  4. Were they using a launcher? I had the same problems when launching the game using PlayWith6.. It was like BattleEye tried to update or cant launch from there and also caused an issue where I cannot connect to any server with any method. ANY method LOL. I believe it could be a mod or launcher related problem, perhaps ACE mod? or the PlayWith6 launcher? The reason I think it could be the issue is because deselecting the mods in the menu did nothing and also many were not showing up. I wanted to disable them all and see if any servers showed up with no mods enabled, no luck there but I did find a quicker fix than reinstalling battleeye. If I used a shortcut with a parameter that only launched a single different mod, the other mods appeared in the list and deselecting them now worked. After all that garbage, launching the game from steam allowed battleeye to do an update and launch, and then servers reappeared.
  5. I have to ask again, can anyone explain to me why this multi million dollar company that has over 200 employees and hiring 20+ more is having volunteers do this core patching? "When Arma 2’s development concluded" is a quote from the site, but as others have said with every core change mod developers must repatch their mods/missons? This can be hard or sometimes impossible. Still I think most people are upset about the attitude and lack of respect shown, not the changes which can be reverted. To the person saying go play Dayz SA and go complain in the forum about its development, is that the goal to push anyone that plays those mods into buying that game? That game is still in alpha and very expensive, also most people I have talked to say the mods here are so much better and probably always will be. Do you know how many people bought this game for the mods or custom missions? I found like 5 "realism" servers buried in 1000 dayz/life mod servers, and they were still using mods like ACE.. I am new here and I am a fan of milsims and realism, but if this is the only path for future development the game will slowly die, I hope that is not the goal.
  6. Still very confused honestly, this company with multi millions, 200+ employees, and looking to hire more than 20 new ones, is having volunteers do this? I am really trying to understand it all, they sold over 3 million copies of the dayz stand alone game based on mods from this right? And it still does not have zombies after 2 years right? So this is still probably the most popular game in the portfolio or high on the list, its just not earning much money I assume? The developer on here has this horrible attitude about the mod community and what 90% of the people are playing and they allow this behavior? I am totally new here so the patch and everything related is almost meaningless to me, the attitude shown or lack of respect is what has me appalled. I would never accuse anyone of anything without proof, but yeah maybe the person you thought was crazy is not so crazy LOL.
  7. I think I have it mostly sorted out, I still do get an error when playing about a missing file for the CZ-75 sp01 Shadow. Which sucks because I have a CZ-75 and its my favorite handgun.. :P I see that I have the British addon, and the PMC addon, both are (lite) versions, you are right I must be missing the Czech Republic addon. I see there is a lite version of that also and will try it, Thanks for the help!
  8. The majority of the community is wrong, people playing mods are wrong, Arma 2 should remain only a military simulator. No need to push proposals based on what admittedly 90% of the player base plays? This is all nothing but your opinion, never have I heard such immaturity and hostility coming from a developer. I am a fan of milsims and realism but why on earth would a small minority be more important than the vast majority? Especially considering any major changes could be done with mods? Some of the changes are obviously warranted, but others are clearly ideas or opinions not based on facts. I still feel like I entered the twilight zone..
  9. I hope you did not take offense or think I doubt you personally, I can see you joined the forum like a week ago and just had to wonder if there is more to it than that. Everything you have said is fine I do not disagree, but you MUST back up everything with evidence and facts. I truly appreciate the fact that people are wanting to improve this game, as long as it is done right and does what is best for the whole player base. From it seems most of the people are playing a dayz/life mod, and the dayz stand alone still does not have zombies after 2 years of development so the community is actually growing, I just bought the game recently. I did read the whole thread and I can see that you have basically just offered advice on subjects that you know about, but if becoming an advisor for the devs is that simple you must see where there could be concerns. I have a large library of field and tech manuals on paper and PDF, they can mostly be found online or at the local library. Here is a couple links to army manuals for example.. http://www.apd.army.mil/ProductMap.asp http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/
  10. I am still very confused, this company with its multi millions is asking or relying on or allowing obviously not well vetted community members to patch a game that is over 5 years old? Why do they not have an analyst on the payroll? Why are they not perfecting this game as far as optimization, bugs, or actual realism that has been mentioned and not mod breaking ideas that are far from reality? The attitude shown here is crazy, especially about the chopper. Only until repeated photos are posted showing what is more realistic are the concerns considered valid. It is nothing more than someones "idea" about what is more realistic. Instead of forum members pointing out why things are not accurate, any change towards so called realism MUST have facts to back it up, there should be no question or doubt. The speed of most vehicles off road is STUPID and unrealistic, and pedal bikes go too fast as the previous poster said. Being able to sometimes jump off a roof with no issue, yet a closing door or stairs on occasion will break legs is also far from reality. I am very new to this game but the optimization seems rough, almost like it needs to be ported over to 64bit.
  11. What trade laws could you possibly violate? Outside of NBC weapons or top speed of the newest fighters you are safe.. All of the manuals can be found online and are public record. I have every U.S. Army manual going back to 1988 in PDF format, you can find everything at the library along with like Janes and other analyst publications or the manufacturers specifications and manuals. Even quite sensitive things usually still have patents, which are also public information. Let me get this straight, a person that joined this forum a week ago and claims to be a Marine (no offense I believe nothing without proof) is now advising developers on the games official patch? Please tell me there is more to it than that? Everything that has been said here sounds to me like it should be a mod being developed, and if that proves to be good then implemented to an official patch, or at least alot of beta testing before throwing it into a game that relies mostly on custom mods. I am totally new to this game and glad to see it being updated but everything seems quite unorganized or unofficial and that scares me. My question is why can this all not be done with a mod, then if it works well or proves to be popular make it an official patch? Again I am a total newb so please forgive my newb questions/concerns.
  12. I am totally new here but.... The dev is asking someone here in the forum about the specifications on weapons or equipment? This is a very scary situation to be honest, every single piece of equipment on planet earth has a manual with the exact specifications. Have I entered the Twilight Zone? Please read the damn manual and do not rely on a forum post.
  13. I am a newb obviously and truly need some help or advice. I purchased ARMA 2: Combined Operations bundle ($5 great deal) and I installed ARMA 2 and opened the game to create any needed files. Then installed Operation Arrowhead and did the same, also the DAYZ mod from Steam. After multiple attempts and failures to join multiplayer servers I thought perhaps they are using the beta patch that is listed? So I also downloaded that through Steam, still not much luck in joining a server. So I browsed the forum here and most suggested to use the DAYZ Launcher to download mods. I downloaded the launcher, the Epoch, and Overwatch mods, because I can see most are using those. I had some luck joining a few servers, but I constantly get errors. Every server I have joined I get script or certificate errors, and most kick me. Is that beta patch I downloaded causing errors? Am I still missing some vital mod that is required to join most servers? I have installed 2 games, 3 mods, a beta patch, Steam, and the DAYZ launcher. Why is this not streamlined better or explained more clearly, someone said I needed the ACE mod, another told me everyone gets errors? I also really would like to know what is the best method to actually launch the game, through Steam, OA, DAYZ, Vanilla Arma 2, or the DAYZ launcher?
  14. Yeah, it runs but not the best.. I am still happy it can actually run though. I get 10-30 fps running 720p depending on the server and how much action is going on.. I am very limited upgrading this PC with a dedicated GPU, it has low power and low profile slots, perhaps I will try running the game from a flash drive and see if that helps.
  15. I have Dual Core Intel g850 2.9 ghz Intel HD 2000 GPU 4gb ram Can I run the game?