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  1. LoneConspirator

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Hi everyone I'm having an issue where I can't switch radio channels using my keyboard keypad. I can't change the short range radio channels using the keypad or the long range radio channels using ALT + keypad. I've checked the keybinds in game and they seem correct and I've also checked the keybinds in Teamspeak which are set to default settings except for my mute button. My push to talk button in TS is set to my right ALT button. Has something changed in either TS or TFAR that might have disrupted the proper function of the keypad with the radios. Not having this work correctly makes it a lot more difficult to use coms across multiple channels. Thanks for any help you could provide :)
  2. LoneConspirator

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Hi Guys, I just came across this thread. I wasn't aware that Fallujah was getting a full makeover. I have experience with 3D Studio max and photoshop if you need any help with this project. I'm also familiar with scripting in Arma 3. It's been a long time since I've done anything with map creation in Arma but wouldn't mind delving back into that if that's where you need help. Anyway, if you guys are still looking for people to lend a hand you can reach me at LoneConspirator@hotmail.com
  3. Squad name: North Atlantic Coalition Timezone/location: US/CA/UK/EU Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Mainly COOP Contact email: LoneConspirator@hotmail.com Website address: www.http://northatlanticcoilition.enjin.com Short description: Our group is built around creating video content for YouTube and Twitch using Arma 3 as our main subject. We're looking for other players that would like to join us to create content for their own YouTube and Twitch channels while playing Arma 3 This consists of playing missions using teamwork and communications in a semi-realistic fashion. We're looking to have fun while at the same time creating videos that are interesting to watch. We're looking for like minded people! Language: English