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    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I really hope that Arma 4 will be in the modern setting. No more futuristic crap, sorry for being rude. I'd like to see AKs vs M16s/M4s, T72s vs Abrams, you know what I mean. The real weapons and vehicles, not those futuristic mutants. As for the WW2, I think it's better to implement all the features of the modern military, as it was already mentioned, since it's easier to disable them later in WW2 and other old stuff. I also would like to see an improvement in bullet physics, just like it is implemented in the VTN mod, where the bullets penetrate doors, thin metal, utility poles, bodies, etc and their trajectory and speed alter significantly when they go through those obstacles. Not like the vanilla where a 5.56 cannot penetrate a street sign. Other things to improve are indoor movement, vehicle physics, vehicle damage model and visuals. Also, it would be great to see the bullet hit effects like falling, like it's implemented in GTA4, when you shoot someone running he will fall in most cases. One of the major things to improve is the AI, especially it's ability to see through the tall grass and bushes. That really kills the immersion and makes good stealth scenarios impossible. Also it's weird when you silentry take one guy in a squad and others don't see and hear it, they still know that one of them is down.
  2. Arthur-A

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I've played it two times. First time I've found VTN AK-103 (not a weak weapon, by all means) in one of the buildings. It took like 10 rounds to kill an AAF soldier, whilst in the editor it is 2, maximum 3 bullets, sometimes even one. Second time I've encountered two soldiers, killed one draining the whole magazine of my smg, took his weapon and drained half of the magazine to kill the other guy. It's kinda strange.
  3. Arthur-A

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Awesome mission idea! However, I've noticed a strange thing while playing it. It takes half a magazine to put someone down even at a nearly point blank distance. Does it somehow alter the damage system? I've tried it with VTN + RHS + CBA, but in the editor everything is fine. Haven't tried it without the mods though. But after VTN the vanilla is lame for me.
  4. It happens even when I create a quick scenario in the editor and then during the playthrough I save the game - it crashes. I do switch between the mods sometimes but I don't try to load any save that was made using other mods. And again, it happens even in the editor.
  5. Hmmm... I've got an error message upon crash: "Cannot load blah-blah-blah savegame file". No other mods are included other than a VTN. Do you have any idea on why the game crashes? I would really appreciate that.
  6. Hey guys, has anybody tried this mod in Singleplayer? It crashes after I load a savegame.
  7. You don't seem to understand the point. With zoom player has at least something to counter AI's super detection ability. Anyways, there's no need to continue on that. If you stick to your guns, well, I can live with that :) Cause as I've mentioned before, here's working fix that makes this mod less "veteranish" :biggrin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xoervufibeay0e9/vtn%20zoom%20fix.7z?dl=0 Feel free to use everybody :D
  8. Well, there's still a bunch of weird things you can do in Arma, which you cannot do in real life:) It's a game after all. With no zoom you're almost blind against enemy AI which detects you from a long distance, through the grass and trees and able to engage you effectively no matter whether it uses optics or not. That's kinda unfair, don't you think? Well for multiplayer maybe disabling zoom makes some sense, at least everybody is in equal conditions, but not in a singleplayer mode. You guys did a great job with your mod. I like the way it changes game mechanics, especially the shooting part, when bullet hits body. It leaves a very realistic feel of making a shot and weapon's firepower. Kinda thing ACE guys did in Arma 1/2, but not in Arma 3 version of ACE. I know that your mod is intended primarily for multiplayer use but I still enjoy it in a singleplayer since I'm not an MP guy. Anyways, here's my zoom fix based on TECAK's work. This one should work just fine, no issues with displaying weapons. Just include @zoom folder as an addon :D : https://www.dropbox.com/s/xoervufibeay0e9/vtn%20zoom%20fix.7z?dl=0 P.S.: Does everybody have an issue with displaying some PSO scopes in build 1445 or it's just me?