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  1. I run mcc,ace,cba and a few other mods and they work fine, your survival mode tho, i had to call the function for it via sqf script (i think on a loop?) its a bit off a hack job but it works, currently in work but ill post it once home.Ps. Make sure your ace3 is up to date (prob best downloading off steam if you havent already and make sure its the official one) ................ Also are you using any modules?, i found some of the respawn settings dont work very well together
  2. I was just guessing that it was doing it by calling functions and passing your own array of items etc, unpacking n packing pbo's shouldnt be a problem if it needs to be hard coded, if you can make head or tail of it great !, i dont think itl be much longer for the official documentation in english haha
  3. Awesome!, just need my hands on some documentation now to customise the purchasable items in creation factory!!
  4. so im currently setting up a database using inidbi (yes inidbi2 is out, but iv just got my head around it all and i think inidbi adds multiple database files, where inidbi2 adds only one with multi sections, i prefer multi files, could be wrong?), but anyway, i have pretty much everything running (i think anyway), im using hints for some simple debugging basically i have a load sqf, sends data to server to see if database exists...(execvm load.sqf from initplayerlocal.spf) //send data to server to check for database..... _dataplayrowner = clientOwner; _dataplayrname = profileName; _dataplayruid = getPlayerUID player; un_database_check = [_dataplayrowner,_dataplayrname,_dataplayruid]; publicVariableServer "un_database_check"; server receives the data and checks if database is there....(iniserver.sqf) waitUntil {time > 0}; call compile preProcessFile "\inidbi\init.sqf"; "un_database_check" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_packet","_dataplayrowner","_dataplayrname","_dataplayruid"]; _packet = _this select 1; _dataplayrowner = _packet select 0; _dataplayrname = _packet select 1; _dataplayruid = _packet select 2; _datanamearray = format ["%1_%2_mission_name", _dataplayrname, _dataplayruid]; databasename = _datanamearray; _databasefind = databasename call iniDB_exists; _databasefindarray = format ["%1", _databasefind]; then if the database is there it loads the data from the current selected database and send the data back to the player.....(initserver.sqf) //read data and send to player.............. if (_databasefindarray == "true") then { "Loading Database" remoteExec ["hint"]; _readpos = [databasename, "GLOBAL", "UN_pos", "ARRAY"] call iniDB_read; _readdir = [databasename, "GLOBAL", "UN_dir", "STRING"] call iniDB_read; un_database_load = [_readpos,_readdir]; _dataplayrowner publicVariableClient "un_database_load"; _saying = format ["done, %1 , %2",_readpos,_readdir]; _saying remoteExec ["hint"]; }; and finally the player receives the data and then reacts to it......out of all the stages i can tell they all work as they trigger the hints and my saving works as it saves a database file to my server inidb folder, the only satge that doesnt seem to work is this last one as the "your stats have loaded " hint doesnt fire? (load.sqf) //if database found then load it................ "un_database_load" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_ppacket","_readpos","_readdir"]; _ppacket = _this select 1; _readpos = _packet select 0; _readdir = _packet select 1; player setPosATL _readpos; player setDir _readdir; sleep 1; hint "your stats have loaded "; }; 2 things i think might be wrong 1. clientOwner maybe isnt the correct var for sending punlicvariableclients ? 2. publicvariableeventhandler isnt right client side? or iv just completely missed something..... "i have to state that i know it is reading and writing to the data base (ie it creates database folder and hints what is written in the database folder)" i just cant seem to get whats written in the database folder sent to the player or atleast get the client/player to react to it? thanks in advance, i didnt wanna call out for help but currently iv spent a week trying to fix this and its wrecking my brain now.....stumped :wacko:
  5. oh, that was a total brain fart on my behalf haha, unfortunately the variable 'naming' wasnt the issue (i had the issue before i messed with variable names ie they were all "packet" previously) but i did over look that and thanks for pointing it out..... i have resolved my issue though and i really cant believe it!, it was a simple timing issue. basically i was sending the 'variable' before the the 'eventhandler' was created, i have now moved the eventhandler so it is created before the variable creation and now everything is working perfectly!!!!!!! thank god!!!! ill now finish/tidy it all up a bit and post it here so anyone looking a quick inidbi database setup for their dedi server can have it and setup a persistent data base with ease (even after a server restart player specs will be saved), looking about the forums i know alot of lesser qualified coders were looking something like this as was i before i took on the task myself, didnt think i could do it but i got there in the end!!, thanks anyway man, really appreciate the support from this community at times!!! ps (i knew it was something to do with the eventhandler not firing)
  6. Fair enough, sorry i didnt see anything on the bi forum rules "asking about updates"? Ill be more specific with my question, will there be any inprovements on the survival mode in the next update? Ps. I wasnt asking for the actual update, i was just looking some insight on what to expect. If the response was along the lines off "youll see" id be fine with that. ..................................... on a separate note, iv recently just scripted a persistent database for my server using inidbi, i thought mcc would only work with inidb, but it is currently saving to my database, is there a way to make mcc not save to inidbi (just trying to keep my database files in order without additional clutter as i have no use for this mcc feature) thanks....
  7. After player/players place objects from creation factory, is there a lifetime on those objects ie, do they delete after a certain amount of time? Or can you set an object limit, so once its reached players have to remove items placed or if limit reached when another item is placed the first item placed deletes (just thinking this could save some server fps when loads of players start building), i really should try this out first maybe? (Ie credit system maybe solves all this),is there a system in place where a server admin can go in and either delete all placed objects in a certain radious or just simply delete all objects placed, i know this could be sorted with reg server restarts but i just like the thought of doing this on the fly. Ps awesome work :)
  8. Does "call inidb" work on client if the mod is loaded only on the server so clients dont need to load this mod or do you have to set it up so clients send and recieve data from the server. I want to be able to only have this mod server side, i have inidb1 setup on local hosted server and it works fine but it doesnt work the same on dedicated?
  9. Hey dixon13, you may be my savour after this mod stopped being developed, i dont have a clue on setting up a database, so this would be my perfect solution, currently im saveing game with publicnanespace, but that doesnt work after restart......one thing i may add if entirely possible (considering the time youve probably already spent on this), i have 2 variables i would like to save (ie cash = 100, kills = 2), would you be able to add this or to help me out thanks?, its if not i know youve probably more important things. I wish some could release a video tutorial on how to this, i just cant get my head around it from what ov read
  10. iv been looking about for some help myself and have stumbled apon your question... im probably not great help but i think the direction you need to go is remoteexec
  11. Mr.jizz

    Need help with a XP system...

    updated it a bit more, should work better. if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; while {true} do { { if (!(_x getVariable ["isTreated", false])) then { _x setVariable ["side", side _x]; _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_killed", "_killer"]; _sideKilled = _killed getVariable "side"; _sideKiller = playerSide; if ((_sideKilled == _sidekiller) && (alive player)) then { player globalChat "Friendly Fire!"; killcount = 0 }; if ((_sideKilled == _sidekiller) && (!alive player)) then { player globalChat "R.I.P"; killcount = 0; }else{ killcount = killcount + 1; }; }]; _x setVariable ["isTreated", true]; }; } forEach allUnits; };
  12. Mr.jizz

    Need help with a XP system...

    im using this, youll have to change it bit to be used for pvp, ie killing people on th same team..... init.sqf killcounter = 0 and the main script... killcounter.sqf if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; while {true} do { { if (!(_x getVariable ["isTreated", false])) then { _x setVariable ["side", side _x]; _x addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_killed", "_killer"]; _sideKilled = _killed getVariable "side"; _sideKiller = playerSide; if (_sideKilled == _sidekiller) then { player globalChat "Friendly Fire!"; killcount = 0; } else { killcount = killcount + 1; }; }]; _x setVariable ["isTreated", true]; }; } forEach allUnits; };
  13. so iv adapted this script to use as a predator style lazer pointer, it all works great as 'player' but when i change it to run on an 'AI' nothing shows up, so what im guess is, do i need to do something to make it multiplayer friendly?.... heres my script (checked with 'nvg' and the ai has the irlaser turned on etc, still drawline3d doesn't show).... testman1 enableIRLasers true; testman1 setBehaviour "COMBAT"; ["babe_laser", "onEachFrame", { if (testman1 isIRLaserOn currentWeapon testman1) then { _lasercolourr = [1,0,0,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB _lasercolourrr = [1,0,0,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB _lasercolourg = [0,1,0,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB _lasercolourb = [0,0,1,1.5-sunOrmoon]; // first 3 numbers are RGB _range = 250; // laser range _maxsize = 0.015; _rwrist = (testman1 selectionPosition "rwrist"); _start = testman1 modeltoworld [_rwrist select 0, (_rwrist select 1) + 0, (_rwrist select 2) + 0.1]; _lstart = atltoasl(testman1 modeltoworld _rwrist); _lend = (testman1 weaponDirection currentWeapon testman1) vectorMultiply _range; _end = asltoatl(_lend vectoradd _lstart); _int = lineIntersectsSurfaces [atltoasl _start, atltoasl _end, testman1, objNull, true, 1, "GEOM", "NONE"]; _endL = _end; _size = _maxsize; _offsetend1 = _endL vectorAdd [0,0,0.5]; _offsetend2 = _endL vectorAdd [1,-1,-1]; _offsetend3 = _endL vectorAdd [-1,1,-1]; if (count _int > 0) then { _end = (_int select 0) select 0; _endL = asltoagl _end; _length = _lstart vectorDistance _end; if (_length >= _range) then { _size = 0 } else { _size = _maxsize*_range/(_length); }; if (_length < 1) then { _size = 0; }; } else { _size = 0 }; drawLine3D [_start, _endL, _lasercolourrr]; // comment this out to remove the line drawIcon3D ["\a3\data_f\car_light_flare2.paa", _lasercolourr, _offsetend1 ,_size, _size, random 360, "", 0, 1, "PuristaMedium"]; drawIcon3D ["\a3\data_f\car_light_flare2.paa", _lasercolourr, _offsetend2 ,_size, _size, random 360, "", 0, 1, "PuristaMedium"]; drawIcon3D ["\a3\data_f\car_light_flare2.paa", _lasercolourr, _offsetend3 ,_size, _size, random 360, "", 0, 1, "PuristaMedium"]; }; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;
  14. here you go, my mission file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bfbw21z93bicrgx/AACo8mT2tnIf0dqVdn0H8pu7a?dl=0 update, so i took some of your advice and moved this around... this should be at top of init enableSaving [FALSE,FALSE]; and waitUntil {time > 0}; isn't doing anything to code above.. now it actually loaded me into the game, gonna test some stuff first and try and log back in later and ill report back to you, but iv a feeling i may need to tidy some parts up in my init.sqf etc, so would still be great for you to have a look at my mission folder :)
  15. so my mission keeps freezing on load screen (with sound), (dedi server) and im about 90% sure (well i assume, as im kinda novice) its to do with my scripts/ how they are executed here is my init.sqf.... cash = 100; killcount = 0; if (isDedicated) then { execVM "randommissionArray.sqf"; }; if (hasInterface) then { execVM "whitelist.sqf"; execVM "killcounter.sqf"; execVM "respawnloadout.sqf"; execVM "HUD_display.sqf"; }; enableSaving [FALSE,FALSE]; waitUntil {time > 0}; execVM "statSave\saveFuncs.sqf"; waitUntil {!isNil "saveFuncsLoaded"}; if(isServer) then { _serverHasID = profileNameSpace getVariable ["ss_ServerID",nil]; if(isNil "_serverHasID") then { _serverID = str(round((random(100000)) + random 10000)); profileNameSpace setVariable ["SS_ServerID",_serverID]; }; serverID = profileNameSpace getVariable "ss_ServerID"; publicVariable "serverID"; }; waitUntil {!isNil "serverID"}; if (!isDedicated) then { execVM "statSave\loadAccount.sqf"; execVM "statSave\saveLoop.sqf"; }; so could some one maybe point out my flaws here?, as i know there has to be some?....if you need more info i can post my mission file for you to have a look at....
  16. Thanks for getting back, as i say im pretty novice with all this as this is my first big attempt at running a dedicated server (only ever used small scripts sp etc) so sorry if my up take is a little slow at points, but i much appreciate your help as its a major part of my progression/learning. - Once i get home from work i will upload my file via dropbox. - i do not use these numbers in my code, i use notepad++ (easy to find lines). -i only picked up about using tag's later on, so i will start to change everything (my lack of knowledge). -i think i did jump in to quick and in a way cant completely cover my tracks, but i have singled out 'execvm scripts' to find the issues, but with my lack of knowledge im never 100% how to fix some issues i just bash at it until it works, but sometimes this causes other things to not work, --iv been at this for a few weeks now, trying to fix my issues. --i initially debugged all my scripts so they actually worked. --sometimes with my "fix's" i have got everything to work properly, just to log off server, come back to 1hour + later and get stuck on load screen. So believe me when i say iv tried what i can of my knowledge to get this working, it could be something really simple that iv just over looked or just haven't knew or understood?... I believe i could test these scripts on my dedi without any mods activated, but the server runs fine with these mods and i have got it working with scripts until re-join, so from what i know, as iv said im guessing its something stupidly wrong with my scripts or at least how im executing them (ie client/server etc) Again mega thanks for getting back, i will upload my file a bit later :)
  17. ok first of im not sure if this is the correct forum to post this?....but anyway, basically, im haveing a few issues as when i have a few scripts running on my dedi server sometimes it freezes on load screen (but i can hear sounds and seem to be able to walk around), it mostly does it when i try to rejoin the server as first time it loads straight in, i can can upload my mission file here if someone would be willing to have a look, i am a bit of a newbie when it comes to scripting, but it all works fine on lan server and iv researched this like hell and anything i have tried doesnt help. ps iv been through all the trouble shooting for being stuck on load screen, its defo something to do with my scripts, im 90% sure its how im executing them, so would really need someone to take a look, sure let me know!!! :)
  18. Just a thought, if someone that isnt haveing this issue could look up your server via in game server list and see if they are getting a red dot beside cba, if they dont it could rule out the server having the wrong/bad keys etc (as not everyone is haveing this issue), then in theory it may be just client side, so your launcher/game is picking up other keys or something....just thought it could rule half the headache out? But i may be completly wrong Or maybe those dots are just unreliable....
  19. i use mcc for its survive mod (and general admin tools), but iv had a problem running survive mod on my dedi server, if i enable it with a module, it doesnt activate the hunger/thirst when in the server, so as a work around i get the server to execute a script with this in it, seems to work, but would be great if it where fixed/ working properly.... script: while {alive Player} do { MCC_surviveMod = true; _null = ["MCC_surviveMod",true] call MCC_fnc_surviveInit; };
  20. just turned BE signature check off (ie verifysignatures = 0) and was able to join the server no problems, i definitely think theres something wrong witht hose keys?
  21. im haveing the same issue as Tuskegree_99th, CBA shows up red in the mod list and either i get kicked or when i get to the load character stage it freezes on load screen..... i got into the game once after verifying arma3 via steam, deleting all traces of cba on my machine and dedicated server and re-uploaded them using steam versions, deleted my mpmission cache, restarted my computer and done an automatic repair of files on my dedi server, but after logging off and then coming back to my machine to join the server again same problems happen, i then restart the server and try all the steps as before but this time it is not working, all this only started happening after arma and cba update, haven't changed anything else.....i would tag my rpt file but my server providers seemed to have removed the option to view them?, ill have to email them. but yah basically, server and my machine exactly the same version/mod files, exactly the same keys (ie zipped and uploaded cba folder from my machine to the server), but cba comes up red in mod list and i get kicked.... on a side note i did go ahead and check the mod keys and it verified them as 'no errors', so seems the keys are good, i really dont know whats going on here?
  22. Mr.jizz

    Scorch's Inventory Items

    ok, not that this has been touched in a while, so im heavily doubting i will get a response, but meh.... so im trying to use this on my dedi server, but i keep getting kicked if i have verifysignatures turned on, so im guessing there's something wrong with the Key maybe? also, if possible ita be cool if you could add cannabis leaves along with the joint so you could do harvesting as well ;) and finally, would it not be possible to match most of the items with ground objects already in the game?, ie canned_food sc_item with baked beans tin (ground object) for example or can you only do it with objects that can already be placed in your inventory?......but maybe you could do a place weapon holder type thing with the molle pack but have it spawn invisible and attach/ spawn each object that corresponds to each item with it?, obviously you can t do it for everything but worth t for some stuff IMO....
  23. Mr.jizz

    updated fixed gcam

    Is there anyone out there that would be able to fix this mod (ie the stutter when following vechiles), this mod seems to be of interest to the cinematic people of Arma, it would be even more popular if it actually worked (the mod actually works great but with the stutter issue it is almost unusable/ pointless)....I was even considering something like they done with the 'arma not war'....where Id hold an event on my website where people could donate some cash and the cash would go to who ever fix's this mod....I know there's people out there offering to pay for this mod, Id just need to generate some interest and get the right people noticing it....it just annoys me so much, there's so much Id love to do with this mod myself, with out it, it would be neat impossible to get some of those shots!