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  1. On 6/22/2018 at 6:26 PM, Lothear said:

    Hey LP,  great mod. I've been using it for a while now and it makes the ai so much more realistic.

    However, after being stuck on 5.5.2 version for a long time I finally switched to 5.5.3 version and I've noticed one issue,  the mod always resets the group behaviour (from stealth or combat) back to aware within a matter of seconds. I tried toying with the user config but so far no good. I suppose this is just a bug and not an intended behaviour, right?
    Can confirm. I'm having the same issues, regardless of what mods I am using in conjunction with tpwcas. It happens every now and again with the TPW duck from TPW Mods, but its really apparent with just tpwcas




  2. @Psychobastard Would it be possible to add a paramater to the settings file that could change the level of medical knowledge needed to heal based on side?


    I'd like to simulate every US soldier being able to administer simple first aid to downed units, whereas the insurgents I'm facing, I'd like only the medics on their side to be able to pick people up.


    Any assistance would be appreciated!

  3. Hey duda, could you share the code you used to add actions to the waypoint menu? I'd love to try my hand at adding a speed and combat setting to the waypoint menus, instead of the group menu.


    EDIT: I found the code in the github but can't seem to find out how to get the code to fire off upon waypoint completion instead of immediately :(

  4. 1 minute ago, Leopard20 said:


    If by high command support you mean controlling other squads the same way you control yours, then maybe yeah! Otherwise, no! Because that requires creating other mechanics for the mod which I neither have time for nor am interested in.

    Yes sir, that's exactly what I mean. I typically set up missions commanding a platoon with various elements, so being able to command them through your interface would be awesome compared to BIS clunky high command system, though Igitur's High Command Converter mod remedies most of the annoyances/left out features.

  5. On 1/3/2018 at 5:43 PM, Drongo69 said:

    Once my mods and missions are out, I might release a bunch of script sets I use (terrain analysis, spawning AI to fill a town, etc). If there is demand I might release the info-share stuff as a stand-alone.


    Currently on-course for a release this weekend or next.

    I would definitely be interested in the terrain analysis/AI information sharing! I'm glad to see you active again, your mods have always complimented any mission utilizing AI so well!

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  6. 1 hour ago, Mirek said:

    I have a BIG one This time.

    ALIVE Missions cannot be finnished.

    1.st the mission where you have to destroy enemy ammocache, we didnt find any ammo at the marker, so we destroied everything in the base, including buildings, but the mission still didnt got finished.

    2.nd rescue hostage. After transporting the hostage to the return point nothing happends.  

    The ALiVE autogenerated tasks are known to have a bug here and there. All you have to do is manually complete or delete the task through the C2ISTAR tasking menu, and if you want a new one either wait for one to autogenerate or make one generate yourself through the same menu.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, Igitur said:

    Convoy should be easy. It was planned with the formation system but I might take a look sooner :)

    That makes my heart happy :')


    Hey, do you have any suggestions on how to make two groups make to a waypoint, then move in at the same time? The current synchronization system works fantastic, but when it comes to wanting two groups to wait for eachother to get into position, then move in, it can get a bit wonky. One unit will wait until the other is in position, but there are plenty of variables that could disrupt group A's approach, allowing group B to hit their waypoint first and continue while group A is lagging behind. I've tried synching both waypoints to eachother (as in syncing group A's to group B's, then group B's to group A's) but that tends to either cancel out the synchronization all together, work somewhat successfully, or behave as usual i.e. one group hits the waypoint and either waits (if it was the group that's waypoint is synchronized to the other group that hasn't reached their waypoint) or vice versa, or one group gets stuck in place while the other groups move in (tends to happen when trying to plan a larger scale attack with a lot of synchronizing).

  8. 4 hours ago, Igitur said:



    Some issues with the new Regroup/RTF system and dynamic menus.





    Edit : I've checked the pack/unpack functions btw. I cant seem to replicate your issue. You need at least 2 units in your group for those actions but I guess you know that right ? Care to write a step by step description of the issue ? The mods you're using etc.

    The pack/unpack feature works like a charm when used how you just described, what I meant was having one group with multiple statics. For example, a mortar squadron with three mortar teams - 6 static bags in all (gun/bipod combo). They can set them all down, they just can't pick them all back up. It really isn't something that should concern you, as commanding each mortar team individually isn't a problem - plus I believe that only one mortar fires when you have all three unpacked anyway, so having a mortar squadron might be less beneficial than individual teams anyway!


    Here's how to repro if you care to try:


    Create one group with a squad leader, three gunners, and three bipods/supports.
    Have the squad place down all of their statics, then have them pick them back up.

    You should notice the "original" support bag/bipod carrier will be the one to pick up all three of the support bags, effectively deleting the other two bags. The gunners, however, all pick up their bags.


    Quick question, when pre-defining arrays on mission initialization, do the units in that array start out "in formation" following the highest ranked group, or are they just defined and have to be set to follow the leading group whenever you have them where you want them in relation to said group? EDIT: Okay, so I finally got to test out the update and I see that the units are following the highest in command by default. Would it be possible to make the subgroups follow the unit directly ahead of them in the CoC by default? For example, if you defined the example array you gave, G2 and G3 would follow G1, G5 and G6 would follow G4, G8 and G9 would follow G7, and G4, and G7 would follow G1.


    Also, would you be able to elaborate on the difference between positional and directional?


    And finally, a suggestion ;)

    If you could incorporate some type of convoy script to allow HC groups to move together better as a convoy, that would be amazing - I can already make them somewhat resemble a convoy with the speed settings and whatnot, but there are a lot of inconsistencies and no "convoy" typically ends up well without some type of scripting. I was thinking about trying to incorporate Devas' Convoy script in one of my missions but to allow "dynamic" convoy markers to be placed on top of HC waypoints (via script) and a trigger placed at the waypoint as well to delete the marker after the unit has reached it (as to not clutter the map with random markers), though I'm a VERY inexperienced coder (I use the term coder lightly) so I doubt I'd be able to achieve the result I wanted, so hopefully you can come up with a better idea xD


    and obviously any time of improvements you can make to the suppression system is much needed! Will open up a whole new avenue for AI approaches :)

  9. 3 hours ago, Lý Nhân said:

    I tested it, AI didn't use AT or even GL against infantry units

    Sounds like a problem on your end, the mod definitely works as advertised - test with nothing but VCOM loaded and if you still have problems, verify the integrity of your game cache to make sure you have all vanilla game files, etc, etc. If problems still persist, I don't know man

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  10. I can get the menu to open when calling the BIS_fnc_showRespawnMenu function, but it doesn't do anything and you have to call the function again to close it, plus it won't automatically do it upon death. I'm very confused now. :/


    Here's a picture of the test mission folder next to the description.ext opened:




    and here's a YouTube video of the test mission, though I've discovered why it wasn't working. You must have a respawn delay. Once I added a delay, it worked no problem.



  11. 8 hours ago, cb65 said:

    I have the same as you in my desciption.ext file but I also have this.


    respawnDialog = 1;


    And everything works for my sector control mission.



    I just added that line and still nothing. :L


    I'm literally playing Arma with 0 mods loaded, on a new mission I created on Stratis with nothing but a playable unit, the respawn markers, and a description.ext in the mission file. I have no idea why this isn't working. I'm a moderately-experienced mission maker so I've explored any avenue I can think of. I just updated my game + server yesterday as well so I know an update isn't the issue. I've already added a ticket, but I'm gonna keep attempting to get this thing to work.


    Thank you for trying to help!

  12. Have tested on a blank mission with nothing but markers named "respawn_west_1" and then so on, and the menu does not pop up. I've tried using the description.ext to activate the template, and I tried using the in-game Eden Attributes menu under the Multiplayer section to adjust the respawn settings, which did nothing. It just respawns me on the markers, so it's recognizing them as respawn markers, it just won't open the menu to where I can select where I want to spawn.

  13. I've added the following to my description.ext:


    respawn = 3;
    respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"};
    respawnOnStart = -1;


    All of my markers are named appropriately, (respawn_westFOB) yet whenever I die, I just get teleported to one of my respawn position - the menu itself never pops up. I've also tried setting the respawn settings up in the editor under the Multiplayer Attributes to no avail... I really don't see what I'm doing wrong. I've had this exact same set up work for me before in a different mission. What's changed?

  14. Unfortunately, I believe the "autoload" feature is broken. Whenever I try to take advantage of the feature, it breaks R3F and I'm unable to use it on any object. It works fine otherwise, until I run the code:


    [medical1,["C_IDAP_CargoNet_01_supplies_F"]] execVM "R3F_LOG\USER_FUNCT\auto_load_in_vehicle.sqf";


    Then logistics break.