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  1. 10 hours ago, Hythloday_ said:

    Hey I noticed this got pulled from Steam Workshop, what's going on?

    12 minutes ago, Hammer 1_2 said:

    We use quite a few of the optics in our kits, and now we cant load missions, as content has been deleted ( Content being RKSL Attachments)   I hope its just a steam glitch



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  2. Maybe I can help you with my own, very basic, code I've ones written for a retexture mod (it's using the vanilla 3d model, but selfmade textures): https://pastebin.com/X3TtP1nB .

    I remember I was also having problems getting my retexture mods working with Zeus at the beginning (I got it working one day). If I remember correctly it was important to name the vehicle in the "cfgPatches" under "units", and then also use that specified name in "cfgVehicles" when you create a new code for your vehicle. But unfortunatly I can't remeber it to well, might have been something completly diffrent, but I hope the code I've posted might help you!

  3. First of all good work and it's great that we have someone like you that provides us with some Bundeswehr vehicles!

    But are you thinking of releasing this on Steam Workshop? It would be alot more usefull that just putting it on Armaholic (nothing against it the old way of installing mods), especially if you keep updating your work.


    Also it'd be great to have the GTK Boxer; Wiesel in it's variants (like MK20, TOW, Ozelot...); Panzerhaubitze 2000; Marder and some utility vehicles like "MAN gl" or the "Mulit". Some of these vehicles where, if I remember correctly, in the Arma 2 variant of the BWMod, so it would be cool if you would be able to cooperate with them for the sake of providing the Arma community with some more Bundeswehr content!

  4. So for the past 3 days I am trying to upload/publish a mod to the Steam Workshop. I select the mod folder, who should be correctly set up, and shortly after i've clicked the 'Publish' button and the uploading window appears i gives me an error message:

    "Steam Client failed to process the operation:

    Steam error code: 9

    Steam error message: FileNotFound - file was not found"

    What does this mean and how do i fix it ?




    As all they are is just a re-texture (i.e. you're not changing any other attributes), would it not be better to simply add them as a possible customisation option for the existing quads rather than as new stand-alone vehicles? Less clutter in the editor AND Zeus that way.



    I completely missed uk_apollo's reply that linked to the same page  :rolleyes:

    Anyway, try adding the following to each class:

    		scope = 2;
    		scopeCurator = 2;

    Thank you so mutch. Adding scopeCurator = 2; fixed the problem of the vehicle not showing up in zeus

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