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  1. class Player_or__not_l { itemno = 0; priority = 12.000000; to="End"; precondition = /*%FSM<CONDPRECONDITION""">*/""/*%FSM</CONDPRECONDITION""">*/; condition=/*%FSM<CONDITION""">*/"{!local _this || {isPlayer _this} || {!alive _this}"/*%FSM</CONDITION""">*/; action=/*%FSM<ACTION""">*/""/*%FSM</ACTION""">*/; }; The part of condition, looks like an error, {!local _this || {isPlayer _this} || {!alive _this}, lost a '}' ?
  2. db2

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Hi man, first, Thanks a lot for this amazing work, A3-aa is one of my most favorite user mission, hope you and this great job will be better and better. Well, I just report two bugs(if they are bugs :P ): When I restart mission and load pre-session settings, a strange thing happened: I, Petros, and the flag, ammobox, map board are all be transfer to the bottom left of the map in the sea... May be this bug is the reason of the previous one. It often happened when I moved hq to another place, and when I far away from hq and return to hq, Petros is missing...