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  1. Sandro Saitek

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    Has worked great. Thank you very much <3
  2. Sandro Saitek

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    How can i downgrade my version to 1.86... ?
  3. To pack the files use Mikero Tools ( ProjectPbo ) so that everything works ; )
  4. Sandro Saitek

    Terrain Builder Map Size with Sat

    Thank you, very much <3
  5. Moin dear community, maybe you can help me. I have a terrain made ​​with a size of (5120 x 5120) x 10 = 51200 Now I have the texture of the Map ( satellite ) made ​​in 4 different parts. Each with 12800 x 12800 resolution (it´s a .bmp data). Now when I load the parts into the Terrain Builder and coordinate adaptive, it fits with the Highfield together not quite. How do I adjust the positions of a right? With a jpg, png file I do not want to do that and I did it try with a resolution of 5120 x 5120. But if you zoom in, it's pixelated. Here are some screens : http://imgur.com/a/F0wpi Thanks for the help ♥ so that you save my day
  6. Sandro Saitek

    PBOproject crash?

    Good day, currently there is no real fix . It was designed by Tom Published a binarized file was intended to solve . http://tom4897.info/?attachment_id=3078 Unfortunately it does not work with me anymore . Bohemia has published today a development version where it should Shooting Up. Unfortunately, it does not go well . I do not know whether it is because of Bohemia or Mikero . Sincerely Sandro Saitek
  7. Sandro Saitek

    Binarise crashes after 1.58 update

    This morning , the patch installed . Has great works . But since tonight there are problems again : / I can file Binarize but when I'm in the game is my Map Showing not . Am I doing this with the Addon Builder it comes around again .
  8. Sandro Saitek

    Binarise crashes after 1.58 update

    Big thanks to Tom. ♥
  9. Sandro Saitek

    TOH with Arma 3 | Terrain Builder | Texture Bug

    #push I do once push :) . Hope you can understand my problem and thereby help . Sry for my bad english
  10. Good day, I've several files from the homepage downloaded : https://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/licensed-data-packages I've installed it in TB ( Terrain Builder ) . Unfortunately I get no textures pure. If I resize the objects and few meters with the camera go away , then you can see the textures : / Did the config.cpp repeatedly Checks whether any comma errors are there or anything which false information . Unfortunately, everything is correctly . If I normal replacements files in Arma 3 , but you can not see certain building others , only when I 'm right at the building , then it is without Texture loading the outlines . I have a few pictures taken: http://imgur.com/a/IN4F9 thanks for helping <3
  11. Sandro Saitek

    AppleGate Community Project WIP

    Good morning Falcos, link down? <3
  12. Many thanks for the quick response. I now again downloaded and installed the entire E76 objects. Did it again tries Sorry, there was still not. I then the path but checked everything there is also correct. Now I've made 2 Pictures:
  13. Good day, I wanted to pack in a Jackson County pbo but unfortunately I always get this error message. And unfortunately, do not know how I can fix it. .txt scanning for jobs to do.... Processing Lakeside_County scanning wrp for binarised p3d's e76_objects\signs\windings.p3d needs to be in temp as binarised. Pack your models, or copy over a binarised p3d preprocessing files produced an error I pack the file with pbo Project Thank you MfG Sandro Saitek