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  1. So was this a delayed April Fool's thread... cause we are half a year later... Or was it just that Bohemia did not want us moaning about ARMA assets in DZSA without some form of reciprocity and thought we'd forget about that after a while...?


    Seriously June 7th...  


    Okay, so I feel like an idiot... The DayZ Mod LDP is on Bohemia's LDP site now... someone really could have let us know though...

  2. How about both? But on June 7 we were told we were getting this and Bohemia have said nothing since despite requests for info... I am assuming at this point it is a broken promise, nothing will happen and they hope that people will forget.


    Maybe tomorrow they will announce a Take on Mars LDP... If they do, do not expect to get it...

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  3. Hi @ArkensorYeah, that's what I am seeking clarification on. Rob (Homesick) has said that such clarification will be forthcoming. I hope your interpretation - which is the same as mine - is correct, but I do not want to start releasing ARMA3 mods with DayZ Mod data until I am sure that this is allowed... You might understand my reluctance to do something that may possibly be forbidden, which is exactly why I would like someone from Bohemia to say what you just did 😉

  4. 1 hour ago, krzychuzokecia said:

    There's also one thing which isn't really tied to Contact DLC, but would be excellent to see - that is dividing current Civilian faction into language/ethnic-specific ones. Currently various dynamic mission systems tend to spawn civs using a mixture of all available identities/languages. So you can often bump into Chinese on Altis, and Greeks on Tanoa (and so on). With Contact adding yet another radio protocol we're risking creating a true Babel tower and a wrath of God!


    That's an issue with how a server dev has configured the particular Dynamic Mission Systems configs not an ARMA issue tbh

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  5. 58 minutes ago, Dedmen said:

    While we're talking about that anyway. Most posts say they "will" be available, is there any ETA?

    Seems like the DayZ Modding community is just taking the current ALDPs and running with them anyway, given the recent mod announcements on their Workshop.


    Talking of which, they also seem to assume that DayZ Mod assets are now ADPL-SA given other recent releases...





    That's another reason that I'm still seeking clarification...

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  6. @DedmenThe confusing thing is that there is no LDP with a DML-SA license. The only Bohemia product under DML-SA is the DayZ Mod (from, hotfix onwards). This is why the subject is still confusing when taken with Tom's:



    Then, the main thing for the Arma modding community is that DayZ Mod data can now be used in Arma 3 creations.



    Note that he made that statement in clarification in a post after the one in which he said"



    As written above (and updated in the text), this applies only to the Licensed Data Packages, released by us (Bohemia Interactive). Generally speaking, the game data are in no way impacted by this change, they are under their respective EULA.



    Would be really good to know what content can be used and what can't. For example, I would like to take some DayZ Mod zombie related resources and the FSM for their brains to enhance ARMA3's Epoch Mod, but won't do that unless I know that it is actually permitted, which is why I am seeking clarification. Don't want to get into trouble by misunderstanding what is actually being changed regarding the DML-SA license.

  7. I realize that it's the weekend, but just wanted to put the question more specifically regarding this statement: "All DayZ Mod data, previously released under DML-SA, will be made available under ADPL-SA. Users may opt for one or the other." Does this mean that DayZ Mod (hotfix) is now covered under the ADPL-SA license? Am I correct that if so, it would not apply to subsequent versions released by the community team, or would it (version 1.9.0 is available on Steam, covered by the DML-SA license and noted as developed and published by Bohemia Interactive).


    Just looking for clarification on this point. As noted, it would be huge if we can use DayZ Mod data in ARMA3 (not Standalone obviously, Mod)


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