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    NIArms Release Thread

    I'm getting the same thing on Steam "Hidden or no permission"
  2. Happy New Year from Stary Sobor to everyone, especially all on the CUP Dev Team. It's been a great year for the mods!
  3. I did but I now understand why they are not there. Shame but thanks for the workaround @NeoArmageddon There are only a limited subset I need for existing points of interest from my Chernarus map so I will grab the samples and adjust. Thanks again
  4. Hopefully this won't be considered to be breaking the rules on asking about releases in the future, if so I will remove, but I was wondering whether there was a future *intention* to release versions of the winter roads for use in Eden? (Hopefully I did not just miss them when I looked earlier)
  5. Thanks guys, can confirm that loading Maps is the easiest solution at the moment. Also, should have thanked the CUP Team for another fantastic update. Will be setting up a Winter Chernarus server pretty soon (was playing with it in Dev Branch).
  6. Uh... the new winter stuff has created a dependency between Core and Maps... i.e. core depends on maps. This one of my servers is Altis. Previously I had Core for props. Received this fatal error after upload: Adding Maps fixed the issue but really Core should not depend on Maps content
  7. @beno_83auAgreed, but most players have little knowledge of downloading and installing Local Mods and will choose another server instead. In the public (always online) server realm you get players by having players, so you tend to avoid using anything that will discourage players from trying and playing the server in my experience. As I noted, I do not criticize @Aussfor his decision (it is his to make), but just think it's a damned shame for the excellent map that he created. Even though he ended development it is eminently playable and lots of fun, especially on a heavily-militarized survival server (almost perfect for that in fact due to its size and varied terrain)... Me and a few other will continue to have fun with it but there will be very few public servers running it now
  8. I can understand why that would cause him to DCMA the little shit offender but not remove it from Steam altogether (after all, removing it from Steam does nothing to stop that happening again) which just hurts those of us server owners who love and run the map for others (both the A3Launcher application and the ARMA launcher only support Steam mods so public servers who want a server pop will not run those not available there on them tbh). That said, it is his choice but I now choose to only run Oz only on my dev server for a couple of friends rather than on one of my two production servers with public access. It's a shame because it is an awesome map that deserves visibility, but that is the way it is in these times of Steam's supremacy
  9. You can mod Ryan's Zs to have different uniforms but you need a server and client side mod to do so. You would mod the base Ryan's Zs classes in that mod (or add classes derived from the Ryan's Zs base classes) in some way like the below (and then the animations work): class RyanZombieC_man_polo_2_F: RyanZombieC_man_1 { author = "Ryan"; model = "\CUP\Creatures\People\Civil\CUP_Creatures_People_Civil_Chernarus\CUP_Civil_Citizen.p3d"; displayName = "Zombie 3"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\CUP\Creatures\People\Civil\CUP_Creatures_People_Civil_Chernarus\data\citizen_v3_co.paa"}; };
  10. Grahame

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I have ACE on my Epoch server and anti-virus pills and injectors are still working.
  11. Grahame

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    In case no one answered by PM, then yes, absolutely. You can also choose the speed of the Zs that spawn from those killed. For example on my server, the Zs are slow but those raised when killed are fast (because they are fresher)
  12. The only solution right now is to turn off BattlEye on the server, losing its functionality including anti-cheat (thank God I have infiSTAR), server shutdown and restart (via BEC and FireDaemon) and monitoring and administering your server remotely via RCON... Sucks...
  13. Just to emphasize the other issue perhaps missed... we were told months ago to use port 2306 for BE... that does not work anymore and I had to move it to 2307 for the 2302 server, 2317 for the 2312 server, etc. To quote the SPOTREP: "Tweaked: BattlEye traffic was moved to a separate game port (2306 by default)"... Well, great, mine already was... but now it does not work
  14. Oops... message I responded to was not aimed at me... deleted
  15. I did read the changelog and assumed all would be okay since I had been using 2306 for BattlEye for my server on game port 2302 since they moved the port months ago... but no... neither RCON nor BEC could connect anymore. As recommended by a fellow server owner I moved the port to 2307 and it works perfectly... go figure?!? However, for my second game server on my dedicated hardware, I am SOL... it uses game port 2312 (and now BE port 2317, which allows BEC and RCON to connect to the server)... However, after a few minutes clients are kicked with BE client not responding. Have turned BE off on that server until Bohemia fix... oh well (And yes, 2302-2307 and 2312-2317) have been open ports for months and the servers worked perfectly before the 1.78 upgrade.
  16. Getting a lot of RPT spam re: the removed buildings PBO now. Majority is this: 20:07:02 No roadway in road ca\chernarusredux_buildings\decalsdamagefloor0001_3_xl.p3d 20:07:02 No roadway in road ca\chernarusredux_buildings\decalsdamagefloor0015_7_alphamasked_xl.p3d 20:07:02 No roadway in road ca\chernarusredux_buildings\decalleakingmossy0019_1_alphamasked_xl.p3d 20:07:02 No roadway in road ca\chernarusredux_buildings\decalsdamagefloor0015_1_alphamasked_xl.p3d With other p3ds spamming at times. At server start I also see these warnings: 17:00:41 LODShape::Preload: shape 'ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight01.p3d' not found 17:00:41 Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight01.p3d 17:00:41 LODShape::Preload: shape 'ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight02.p3d' not found 17:00:41 Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight02.p3d 17:00:41 LODShape::Preload: shape 'ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight03.p3d' not found 17:00:41 Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight03.p3d 17:00:41 LODShape::Preload: shape 'ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight04.p3d' not found 17:00:41 Warning Message: Cannot open object ca\chernarusredux_buildings\es_ivy_straight04.p3d Hope this helps, Cheers, Grahame
  17. Echo-ing others, fantastic job folks, will be hosting some events this weekend for my group! We've all been really looking forward to this release!
  18. Steam said the update date of the mod was today... {Edited) Fuck Steam... yep... none of the new PBOs... They updated the update date before actually updating.... And I'm doing updates for three persistent A3/Epoch servers so killing ARMA3 and letting it update is not an option
  19. CUP Vehicles key in the workshop build after update is cup_vehicles-1.9.1.bikey. Others are 1.10.0. Not bothered so long as the server and client match for BattlEye Cheers, Grahame.
  20. That's pretty much the feedback I'm getting from the players on my Epoch server running Chernarus Redux, namely: (1) "Holy cow, this is a really good map!" (2) "Any chance you can make it a bit less foggy?" (3) "It gets pretty dark on here doesn't it" I use a dynamic weather system on Epoch and when I was on earlier it was raining heavily. Thing is that at 2pm game time it was a dark as night... while I have a day/night cycle on the server (as do many others) a lot of players leave the server when it gets dark... Seems like any overcast setting over 40% cuts the light to almost nothing. Again though, absolutely great job so far folks! Really good map!
  21. One request I would have would be not to add anything in the old DayZ Stary, Klen and Bash trader camp zones (just directly in them, not in general in Stary obviously), so that people in ARMA 3 can continue to use them without having to add deletion logic to their mission files.
  22. Got to thank you guys and congratulate you on an excellent mod addition to ARMA. Just finished moving my production Epoch Chernarus server to Chernarus Redux today (with lots of infected)... Big fan!
  23. Grahame

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Consider me utterly unimpressed. While I love ARMA and it will continue to be my go to game, really, Laws of War DLC... did you not do enough of that with the fact that you cannot wear enemy uniforms unless mod owners unlock them??? And this is what you bring out before fixing tanks... or adding melee weapons, you know combat knives and bayonets (or are you waiting for the Unsung folks to do that for you?). Whoopee, we have better mine detection systems (which mods provided anyway) and unexploded cluster munitions and ONE new vehicle with 20 skins... hmm (at least we do get artillery deliverable mines at last - I am certainly planning on breaking some Laws of War but I will not be able to disguise myself as the enemy when doing so...!). IMO this should be the last project from the Dutch office (this was the super secret project that could not be named... LOL) - or maybe get them fixing ARMA bugs that have existed since the launch in 2013 (and I say that as someone who runs three ARMA3 servers!!!)?
  24. Grahame

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Thought you might like this cinematic video:
  25. Grahame

    Tanoa Trains

    Another awesome mod to add to the list of awesome mods brought to us by Duda... and all server side which helps a lot!