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  1. Hell yea, well honestly, these patrol / insurgency type missions are by and large my favorite types of missions in Arma. At least when I am playing with a loose group of friends. Sure I can have someone be zeus and get similar experience, but I love when its all randomized like this. Its a really great mission that me and my buddies all seriously enjoy. Keep up the hard work.
  2. Gotcha, I will be sure to check those out and work on em. Thank you for the help man!
  3. Fair enough, I get that. It seems to still be enabled yes. Even with the newest version of ACE3 installed. Could you direct me where to disable the vanilla revive system by chance? I really love the mission and playing it with my buds, but we all vastly prefer the ACE medical system.
  4. Hey there, I am asking about the medical system as well. You mentioned I can edit the damage settings in the editor, I have been unable to find what to change. I use the ACE3 Advanced Medical, and do not like the default Arma revive and downing system. Where would I change this setting at in the Eden editor or with just config stuff? Thanks, awesome mission file on my favorite map!
  5. Rvg5

    [COOP] All Out Warfare

    I do not know if anyone can help me with this, but I try to play this mission on the Fallujah map, and due to the low terrain (nothing is about 50M) everything spawns as a diver/boat. I was wondering if there is a fix, or way to fix, this problem.