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  1. Is there still big PvP server/matches where everyone is not goofing off out there? This is what Im looking for.
  2. I'm thinking about buying this game but I keep hearing people talk about the problems and now I'm not sure. I'll give a little background on my situation to help clarify. I'm an older player, 39, I don't enjoy fps that are all run and gun with no tactics or team work. BFBC2 was my favorite but now battlefield 4 has lost all team work and resembles COD too much these days for my tastes. I've always heard of arma but never had the computer to run it. I have a laptop that says it will run it bit I doubt very good but I'm willing to build a desktop to be able to join this game. But, the more I read about arma the less it sounds like what I'm looking for. I want to be able to play a game with lots of teamwork and goal oriented objectives. Not just lots of kills or stats. The more I study up on arma 3 the more I see stuff about wastelands and life. They sound like random killing and goofing off. Are there servers/games out there that still have decent PvP/TvT matches going on? Is there a lot of team work or has arma turned out like bf4? Thanks