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  1. On 12/01/2017 at 4:33 AM, diehardfc said:

    My community is also having the problem where Remote Control units cannot hear other players and the players cannot hear the Remote Control character. This happened after we upgraded to 0.9.12, so two of us performed a test. We downgraded one client to 0.9.8 and that client used RC. The RC character could hear players, but the player on v.0.9.12 couldn't hear the RC character. Only when we downgraded both of us to 0.9.8 could both player and RC character hear each other.


    I wanted to clarify for Dedmen how the Remote Control function usually works: it doesn't usually involve syncing any units to Zeus or another module. In general, this is how RC occurs in many multiplayer missions:

    1. A curator joins the game as a playable unit with Zeus access.
    2. The curator ascends to/becomes Zeus and navigates to some far off location on the map where other players are. His player character is left behind.
    3. Curator places a unit.
    4. Curator switches to the Modules tab and twirls down the Zeus section.
    5. Curator selects Remote Control and clicks on the unit.
    6. After an onscreen effect, the curator "wakes up" inside the selected unit.

    With past versions of TFAR, the Remote Control character could hear everything around them and be heard by everyone around them, as if they were just another player. Meanwhile, the curator's player character couldn't hear or be heard, and was effectively "offline." Once the RC character died or you were finished, you could select another one, and it would have the same audio properties. This was a tremendous boon for Game Masters.


    Thank you for your continued work on this outstanding mod. It's an amazing addition to any group's collection, and I hope you're able to work up a solution to this particular issue. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

    How to slove this problem ? please?

  2. 1) Ok, so on a radio I can hear two people? And transmit to these two people, not at the same time? 

    2) Can I change radio frequencies easily without opening the radio?


    For 1) & 2) if it's possible, how to do, please ?



    Thx for your answer, it's very complicated for me because all docs are in english, and  i have not very good english... And ACRE it's more completed :D



    Another question: Can not change the channel without opening the radio with the AN / PRC 117 F?