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  1. Hello, thx for you're jobs !


    I have some problems with cache system and drone: When the drones are away from the player it become uncontrollable.


    And I would also like to know how to modify the number of ennemy and vehicles present according to the number of players.


    Thx and sorry for my bad english ...




  2. Hello,


      I have a problem with you're mod on OPEX mission i can placed units, vehicle,... but I can't teleport, change weather every modules don't work...


    Can you help for solve this please ?


    PS:Sorry for my bad english



  3. Hello everybody,


    My probleme is this: When I started the mission I can use Zeus, but when I respawn zeus no work ....


    Ater searches, the problem comes from this part of script that is in the init.sqf



            if (!isDedicated) then
                    private ["_playerID"];
                    _playerID = format ["player_%1", round (random 1000)];
                    player setVehicleVarName _playerID;
                    missionNamespace setVariable [_playerID, player];
                    publicVariable _playerID;
                    waitUntil {vehicleVarName player == _playerID};



  4. Hello everybody,


    Today I need your help for installing TFAR on OPEX MP missions :




    I want to add TFAR with serious mod and i add these lines to init.sqf :


    tf_radio_channel_name = "example";
     tf_radio_channel_password = "123";


    Everything work, but when I open the map, i will be disconnected from TFAR channel ...


    Someone can help me please ?


    PS: Sorry for my bad english


  5. Hello, thx for the script and need you're help for use R3F Logistic on USS Nimitz ou Atlas LHD can you help me ?


    Bonjour, et merci pour votre script ! Auriez vous une solution pour utiliser votre script sur l'USS Nimitz ou l'Atlas LHD car lorsqu'une caisse usine est disposée sur un des bateaux il me dit qu'il ne peut le faire spawn surement car il ne reconait pas le bateau. Je pensait à faire spawn les divers vehicules sur des markers bien definis sauriez vous m'aider ?


    D'avance merci !!

  6. Hello everyone, I have a question  how to prevent players from connecting to the channel if the "TFAR" is disabled, sorry for my bad English and thx for answer !


    Other question how to create zeus game logic with multiple UID for not having the bug with remote controle of IA ? I try with game master module activated by UID not synced with units, and this no work...