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  1. I don't think you do. The character moves slow likely on purpose to simulate carrying "heavy" objects. Its not meant to be picking stuff up and running around as far as I know.


    I know the character moves slow on purpose. 


    I want to undo the part of code where it slows down the player movement.

  2. So I suppose there is no clear way then to add items to the build menu in game...


    Open the "classnames.sqf" file located inside "scripts\shared\"


    Lines 22-142 you see categories like "infantry_units, light_vehicles etc".


    Each category has it's own classnames that are getting displayed.


    Let's say i want to add an Officer in category "light_units" i would add this line:


    Notice that when i add a new object in the array you have to use " , " character to seperate it from the previous one.

    The last item in the array doesn't need to end with " , " else it will give you errors and mission won't run.


    So what you need to do is ["unit_classname",green_resource,red_resource,yellow_resource]

    By resource i mean the Population, Ammo, Fuel that the unit will require to be build.


    You can get the unit's classname from inside the Eden Editor by placing the unit/object and hover your mouse over it OR you can right click and copy classname to clipboard.

    That can be used by selecting multiple units/objects to save time.


    If you want to DELETE / REMOVE just don't forget to delete " , " from the last item in the array.


    The units/objects are listed in-game by the order you have them inside the code.


    Hope it helped,


    Bye! :)

  3. Hello i'm trying to make VVS (Virtual Vehicle Spawner) script work with object persistency.


    On the "fn_spawnVehicle.sqf" file inside VVS\functions\

    	File: fn_spawnVehicle.sqf
    	Author: Bryan "Tonic" Boardwine
    	Spawns the selected vehicle, if a vehicle is already on the spawn point
    	then it deletes the vehicle from the spawn point.
    if(lnbCurSelRow 38101 == -1) exitWith {hint "You did not select a vehicle to spawn!"};
    _className = lnbData[38101,[(lnbCurSelRow 38101),0]];
    _displayName = lnbData[38101,[(lnbCurSelRow 38101),1]];
    _position = getMarkerPos VVS_SP;
    _direction = markerDir VVS_SP;
    //Make sure the marker exists in a way.
    if(isNil "_position") exitWith {hint "The spawn point marker doesn't exist?";};
    //Check to make sure the spawn point doesn't have a vehicle on it, if it does then delete it.
    _spCheck = nearestObjects[_position,["landVehicle","Air","Ship"],12] select 0;
    if(!isNil "_spCheck") then {deleteVehicle _spCheck;};
    _cfgInfo = [_className] call VVS_fnc_cfgInfo;
    _vehicle = _className createVehicle _position;
    _vehicle allowDamage false;
    _vehicle setPos _position; //Make sure it gets set onto the position.
    _vehicle setDir _direction; //Set the vehicles direction the same as the marker.
    if((_cfgInfo select 4) == "Autonomous") then
    	createVehicleCrew _vehicle;
    if(VVS_Checkbox) then
    	clearWeaponCargoGlobal _vehicle;
    	clearMagazineCargoGlobal _vehicle;
    	clearItemCargoGlobal _vehicle;
    _vehicle allowDamage true;
    hint format["You have spawned a %1",_displayName];
    closeDialog 0;

    i add at the end:

    btc_log_obj_created = btc_log_obj_created + [_vehicle];

    I get no errors while running the mission.

    Vehicles spawn, but when i save and load they are not getting saved.


    Am i missing something here?

  4. Just started playing this mission with my clan tonight. I loved it so much I'm contemplating running a full time server with this mission running constantly


    anyway we got a side mission to resupply an area, apparently the people were starving. We had no idea what to do. We set up a FOB and militarized the area instead.


    Can anyone enlighten me as to what we are supposed to do in that mission?


    From the object spawning crate, spawn a "Supply Crate" from the "Supply" menu and deliver it to the marked area.

  5. A good start would be from these:


    1) Saves / Loads all objects in map


    2) Liberation - Save Load near an Object
    3) DCG - Save near Object / Location that belong to a Curator (Zeus placed)
    Of course you can dig them up in their projects in github.
    All of the above are saving in player / server profile without a database.
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  6. Hello,


    I started playing this for a while and i would like to leave some ideas.


    I'm playing this using Dynamic Combat Generator (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188156-dynamic-combat-generator/) and it's working very nice.


    Will there ever be a save option to save the progress of cleared areas? Or maybe save Objects that could be spawned with R3F and build FOBs etc.

    If so can it be integrated into DCG's save mechanism that saves in the user profile?


    I read in EOS manual that you can trigger the zones to deactivate, so the above was just a thought :)


    Keep up the good work man!

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  7. Something now seems to be conflicting on the server side. Locally, it works fine with the PUID. When I run the mission on a server, all I get is a ping before and after respawning. Very strange.


    Can you upload your mission to check it out? Have you added any other scripts on the mission? The procedure is very straight forward, you can't go wrong with it..

  8. Hello Sensei,


    I tried DCG and i like it :)


    I'd like to leave some feedback on this since it has great potential.


    Can the support calls, Deploy FOB and other actions be used from radio call like 0-0-8 or something instead of having them in the scroll menu? I think they are too many to have them on the menu.


    Can the action that gives you the ability to talk to a Civilian be active only while you are near one?  Again to save space on action menu.


    Any plans to be able to build more than one FOB?


    Any plans to change what it gets saved inside FOB, so that we can build something with R3F Logistics instead of saving only Curator Objects?


    Maybe have an option for the Zeus Curator costs? Like unlimited or limited (defined in parameters)


    Can Zeus Curator be disabled in the settings? For example playing in MP only admins to have that option or people in a specific role/slot that might be whitelisted with PUID.


    Maybe an option to autosave after x amount of time?


    Sorry for the long post.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for that. After testing on your mission, results are the same. Seems like the issue is related to #adminLogged. Using the PUID in the module works correctly after respawn though.


    I am testing locally, for it to be played on a server. I have tested on the server and results yield the same with #login password on the server for #adminLogged modules. So I guess the only route would to be using PUID. I noticed that you had two individual Zeus modules, not including the one synced to the costs and set attributes etc. Is it possible to have multiple PUID's in one Zeus module, or does each PUID need it's own Zeus module? 


    Yes you can have multiple Zeus modules for each player you want to have the ability to use Zeus as the example i gave you.


    Go with that option since i don't think having multiple PUIDs in the Owner field of Zeus module would work.



  10. The objective is for the #adminLogged module to work server side. I was not syncing the module to all the units, but I will give that a try and report back. Thanks for the help, guys. :)


    Edit: Still no luck. Syncing the #adminLogged Zeus module to units yields the same results. Zeus still only works until respawn, resulting in just being able to ping. Could someone send me their mission that they've got this working on?


    Download this:



    It is on Tanoa (DLC map). If you don't have it upload your mission and i could have a look at it,


    Inside editor find the Game Master module that has in it's Owner field my PUID.

    Either replace it with your PUID or enter the value #adminLogged.


    Tell me if it worked.


    Also take in consideration what people told you in previous comments about LAN and Server.

    In server you have to type #login adminpassword to gain admin rights.

  11. Looks like having two Zeus Game Master modules breaks the functionality after respawning. So, having only one works, I guess...


    Edit: Nvm, seems like the issue is something related within the mission/scripts itself. Can't seem to get an #adminLogged zeus module to work period in this mission


    Are you trying to access #adminLogged Zeus on Commander slot? If you are, i'm sure it conflicts.

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  12. 1. Here's my variant of the curator-patch. (I'm using a curator modules named "zeus" that is set to "adminLogged")

    It gets fullaccess and automatically has all objects and units added as editable.


    2. Here's the file I adjusted to make sure everything in FOB-range is saved (also seems to fix some inaccurate placement after reloading):



    It's rather simple really. I'm just disabling the check for the building list and instead added my own little safteycheck to make sure it doesn't save units as buildings.



    Let me know if theres anything wrong with it. I just rewrote that in the original file because I have some more changes in mine that are not fully tested/functional.


    Tajin thanks for the Save Manager contribution. I tried it and so far i didn't notice anything wrong.


    Did the new save manager file delete anything already saved for you..I'd like to try it but I don't want to delete any progress made already.


    It didn't delete anything for me. It shouldn't delete anything anyway :)

  13. I could use some help on Zeus.

    I want to enable it for my mission (playing solo), would there be any way to enable it through the 3D editor, and such?

    Primarily it's to edit load outs of teammates

    Also, having trouble disabling the stamina through the parameters menu, any way I could fix that?


    Ok here it goes:


    For Zeus: 

    1. Open the mission and add one Game Master module.

    2. In the Variable Name name it whatever (e.x Zeus1)

    3. In the Owner either type your PUID or just #adminLogged if you want anyone who logins with admin right to use it.

    4. On the Commander module add in the Variable Name something (e.x z_commander) 

    5. Go to scripts\server\game\zeus_synchro.sqf file

    6. Edit line 39 "z_gm = x;" to "z_gm = z_commader;" [use the name you placed in Commander module Variable Name field]

    7. Near the end change "foreach allCurators;" to "foreach [z_commander];"

    8. Done.


    With the above only Commander has limited actions in Zeus mode. If you add any other Zeus modules they have full access.


    For Loadouts i use the Loadouts Transfer script from here:


    You can download the script version from here:

    https://github.com/stcrowe/LoadoutTransfer[Click the button to Download]


    1. After downloading place file "LT" in mission directory.

    2. Inside "description.ext" place 

    #include "LT\LTmenu.hpp"
    class CfgFunctions
          #include "LT\cfgfunctions.hpp"

    3. Go to "scripts\client\actions\action_manager.sqf" file.

    4. Add the line "_idact_LT = -1;" above "_idact_build = -1;"

    5. Above "sleep 1;" type

    if ( (_fobdistance < _distredeploy || count _neararsenal != 0 || count _nearspawn != 0 || (player distance lhd) < 200) && alive player && vehicle player == player ) then {
    		if (_idact_LT == -1) then {
    			_idact_LT = [player] call LT_fnc_addAction;
    	} else {
    		if ( _idact_LT != -1 ) then {
    			player removeAction _idact_LT;
    			_idact_LT = -1;

    6. Done.


    Now whenever you near FOB/Respawn Point etc you'll have a menu where you can transfer loadout to units with 2 clicks [Whatever Loadout you have saved in the Arsenal]


    If you want to configure it's functionality read this documentation.


    You can also use Tajin's version above if it suits you.


    Lastly for stamina do what Applejakerie wrote above. Although a minor correction the file you need to edit is located here: "ui\mission_params.hpp".

    Don't look for an "sqf" file.


    Hope it helped you.


    P.S In order to be able to see/edit all units that spawn etc with Zeus you need to add another script. If you need it post here.

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  14. Check my signature for a Tanoan version with Apex units and vehicles. 

    I'll be releasing a tonne of content soon alongside another author, hopefully this'll have everything you guys ever want/need. 


    @Midnight, could you post the relevant section of your classnames.sqf/classnames_extension.sqf here as spoilers, or as pastebin links.


    Nice to hear that you are going to release another one!

    By the way i have added some extras in my Tanoa version like Ambient Combat AI (It really gave us a challenge + epic base defence combats) and the ability to transfer loadout to AI.

    If you are interested to add something like that you can have a look on my Github (Tanoa version only at the moment) or you can PM me :)

  15. Hello Crowe,


    Congratulations on the new release!


    I would like some help with the script version.


    I have a block of code that adds some Actions to players while near certain objects and then remove that actions when they get far away from that objects. See below.

            _idact_arsenal = -1;	
            if ( (_fobdistance < _distredeploy || count _neararsenal != 0 || count _nearspawn != 0 || (player distance lhd) < 200) && alive player && vehicle player == player ) then {
    		if (_idact_arsenal == -1) then {
    			_idact_arsenal = player addAction ["<t color='#FFFF00'>" + localize "STR_ARSENAL_ACTION" + "</t> <img size='2' image='res\ui_arsenal.paa'/>","scripts\client\actions\open_arsenal.sqf","",-980,true,true,"","build_confirmed == 0"];
    	} else {
    		if ( _idact_arsenal != -1 ) then {
    			player removeAction _idact_arsenal;
    			_idact_arsenal = -1;

    How can i make the script version work the same way? Will this work?

            _idact_LT = -1;	
            if ( (_fobdistance < _distredeploy || count _neararsenal != 0 || count _nearspawn != 0 || (player distance lhd) < 200) && alive player && vehicle player == player ) then {
    		if (_idact_LT == -1) then {
    			_idact_LT = [player] call LT_fnc_addAction;
    	} else {
    		if ( _idact_LT != -1 ) then {
    			player removeAction _idact_LT;
    			_idact_LT = -1;

    Edit: The above did work.

  16. Nonono gents.


    1. Use the system, no matter if you have the server persistent, main reason: I update the file and you won't lose your progress.

    2. When the question is asked to a commander on server restart, saying YES will make the server stats load (+ his personal stats). Else, it will load personal stats.

    3. You may leave the server without problems, engine is waiting for a commander to perform all the major things such as big attacks etc.


    Thanks for clarifying barbolani.


    Also how about the "Autosave" feature?


    Can i replace the server name in the variable you have in the script and use it?


    If he clicks Y then the persistent save will be loaded and all HQ assets will be teleported to the save location.


    Ok so if i saved let's say in position A when i restart the server if i'm not online and someone joins, if he select Y to load the save, he will load the save with position A i saved or something else?


    Also, with regard to persistent servers......Antistasi is a bad design for leaving up all the time.  Imagine this....you conquer and hold a bunch of enemy outposts, save it and log off for the night......over the next 8 hours the enemy AI is carrying out attacks on your territory so when you log back on in the morning it's all been recaptured and, if you're lucky, Petros won't have been found and shot.



    I think you are right about this one.


    However, while you're not there....if some idiot logs in, spends all your money and NATO points and saves it.....there isn't any way to recover to an earlier save.



    Ok so that means that the save is stored in the server. But then again i think they won't be on the "Member List" to be able to be Commanders and use the save function.


    Also while looking at the mission files i see there is an option to Autosave / Autoload the mission but it is used only for the official server.


    I wonder if i could add my server on that variable next to the official one to be able to use that feature.

  18. Hmm. kept trawling though this thread, found this answer in one post on the question regarding "Resume/load previous session".


    "1. Game is asking to load their PERSONAL stats, which is their rank, personal money and some clothing."


    So that means that if i restart the server and someone joins, he will load HIS personal version of the save? Like the HQ position etc? (Assuming he was Commander?)


    Is the save stored in the server or in client profile?


    I mean if random people join the server what version will they be able to LOAD?


    It needs to be clarified i think because i'm kind of confused. 

  19. Hello,


    First of all congratulations on the mission. We recently started playing it and we enjoy it very much!

    As some people asking above about the "Autosave" feature, we are also playing in a dedicated server and it would be nice to have a feature like that. (Maybe use it as a parameter?)


    Also as stated in the above post of Carl Eric, when we use the persitent save, is it saved on the server profile or is it saved on each players profile?


    If i have the server to autostart the mission after a restart will the recent save be loaded or do someone have to join and load it?


    Last note, we are having a problem with the revive feature.

    Sometimes it works but sometimes you instantly die and repawn back at HQ.

    Any idea on what it might be wrong? Do you use any script that if you get shot in the head or something to not be able to be revived?