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    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Thanks Applejakerie, I'm using your Tanoa version and the above solution worked for my extra Zeus module. I don't have it synced to anything. I'm just using my PUID as owner.
  2. Dexious

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hello guys, Thanks for awsome mission. I got a question, i added one more Zeus module without syncing it to anything and when i try to place units/objects i'm getting the error that i can't place anything. Are Zeus modules somehow getting modified of their permisions via a script?
  3. Yea i noticed there is like 1-2 seconds delay till it takes effect (change ownership) while looking at the RPT monitor. Edit: I changed the above line and now the error is fixed.
  4. Thanks Davidoss! This seems to do the trick. Even though i'm getting this error Script command setOwner cannot be used for object 'B_soldier_exp_F'. Use setGroupOwner instead. It runs both in MP and while i host it with TADST. Thanks again for spending some time in this request.
  5. Davidoss i'm sorry i don't get it. Still getting error. Here is what i did: 1) Placed both fnc_add_codeLine.sqf, fnc_handle_AIS.sqf in root directory of my mission. 2) My description.ext looks like this: class CfgFunctions { #include "ais_injury\cfgFunctionsAIS.hpp" class myTag { class myCategory { class fnc_add_codeLine {}; }; }; class myTag2 { class myCategory2 { class fnc_handle_AIS {}; }; }; }; 3) In the module code box i added _this call fnc_add_codeLine I also tried to alter the names of the .sqf files like "fn_xxx" and place just "xxx" in CfgFunctions class and other tries i can't remember. I know i do something wrong but i don't know much. That's what i understood from the links you gave me.
  6. Davidoss do you mind guiding me a bit because i seem lost? I do create those 2 .sqf files. Do i have to put them on the root directory of my mission? Maybe inside another folder? For now i have created them and left them in the root directory of the mission, i placed the call (_this call fnc_add_codeLine) inside the Spyder module but i'm getting an error. Thanks for your time.
  7. Thanks for this awsome revive system. One problem i'm facing is that i'm trying to get it to work with Spyder Addon Recruit module. There is a code box where i can type what to execute upon recruiting a unit (i can refer to it as _this) so i type down: [_this] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (TCB_AIS_PATH+"init_ais.sqf"); It works if i host it through MP but it doesn't work if i host the mission with TADST. From the logs i see this error: Error in expression <ais_exit"; if (isDedicated && {isPlayer _unit}) exitWith {}; if (!isDedicate> Error position: <_unit}) exitWith {}; if (!isDedicate> Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\ais_injury\init_ais.sqf, line 3 Error in expression <(tcb_ais_bloodParticle) then { execFSM (TCB_AIS_PATH+"fsm\pulse.fsm"); }; if (i> Error position: <TCB_AIS_PATH+"fsm\pulse.fsm"); }; if (i> Error Undefined variable in expression: tcb_ais_path File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\ais_injury\init_ais.sqf, line 141 Error in expression <c_handleDamage2}]; }; [_unit] execFSM (TCB_AIS_PATH+"fsm\ais.fsm"); if (tcb_a> Error position: <TCB_AIS_PATH+"fsm\ais.fsm"); if (tcb_a> Error Undefined variable in expression: tcb_ais_path File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\ais_injury\init_ais.sqf, line 137 Any advice?
  8. Hello i tried all of the above and nothing works for me. The thing is that the command player enableStamina false; works if i use it after the mission loads. I tried placing it in Init.sqf or InitPlayerLocal.sqf but with no success. Any ideas?
  9. Hello Arthyc! First of all great map port! Could you please define the mapSize in the CfgWorlds in the next release? Seeing from Chernarus and Chernarus_summer the mapSize should be 15360. I'm working on a mission where i need the mapSize to deal with random spawns etc. Thanks!