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  1. I haven't looked at it in quite a while. I'll load it up on a clean server and double check asap. Just to help, where you using stock Arma vehicles or a mod? If a mod, which one and if possible which vehicle class/classes was the problem. Oh and was it the super advanced repair system - https://github.com/Bones50/Exilemod-Super-Advanced-Repair-System-SARS Or the advanced repair script - https://github.com/Bones50/ExileMod-Advanced-Repair Thanks!
  2. Hey Desperta, I'll have a look at doing something for this when i get a spare second. My advanced repair scripts do it already in the code, just need to put together a UI for it and cut across the damage check parts of my scripts. Busy at work /life at the moment but should get a chance in the next week or 2.
  3. Bones51

    Vehicle Repair Script

    Ammo Save: https://github.com/Bones50/ammoSave Vehicle Spawner (all vehicles persistent), in case anyone wants it. This is old and i haven't looked at it in ages but should still work: https://github.com/Bones50/Exilemod-Custom-Vehicle-Spawner
  4. No headless here. The civ module only triggers when a player is near, and is a very light module (if you believe BI 🤣) so shouldn't be too hard on performance as long as you don't overdo it. You will need to balance where and how many civ modules/civs you have against player numbers on the server. I deliberately kept the locations small (e.g. only within/around the traders) and with just enough civs to make it seem busy because of that, then used occupation for general roaming AI. I was going to go back and try to get TWS working for general civ population but haven't gotten around to it yet. Will let you know if i have any luck.
  5. I managed to get this working through the Arma 3 ambient civilian module. Build it out in Editor and copy into mission file if i remember correctly. Can be tricky to get it working right (lots of testing), but had some nice guards and ambient civs wandering/patrolling the traders.
  6. Bones51

    Vehicle Repair Script

    As mentioned I made it able to deal with all vehicle type configs so "Should work" everything being normal, unless the mod itself has some problem with its vehicle config setup. Let me know if you run into problems and i'll see what I can do 😊