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  1. Hi, I have done some testing of firewills F-16 and fir aws system, my main use is laser designating different bombs. In single player everything works fine with every bomb laser capable (lgb, ljdam, sdb2..). This both with external laser source, and self lase from BIS system targeting pod. In multiplayer there is an issue though, only vanilla lgb works with laser from any source, firewills bombs fly away and miss designated targets by a kilometer+.. Need this to work since the main reason for using this mod is to be effective air support for my friends on the ground, with bombs both gps and laser capable, with sizes according to mission requirement. Anyone else have this problem? Has it worked before? Is there a fix for it? May fir aws be updated in the future to fix this?
  2. this is still an issue, i use pw6 to make mod collections easily available to my friends, and i really want this one in hour collection..
  3. Schku2

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    How can I change enemy difficulty and precision in this mission? I use TADST server tool but changing it there doesn't seem to work..