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  1. Bump for my long wall of text up there which everyone's ignoring..
  2. Hello! I have a huge issue. Sometimes all of the sudden my teamspeak freezes, can't hear or make myself heard anymore, can't click on anything, can't swap channels, it's just frozen and then it disconnect from the server. Sometimes it reconnects but most of the time it gets an 'Invalid parameter size' red text in chat and I have to reconnect manually. Once I reconnect manually, it gets stuck for a while and after 100 clicks on the TFR channel I end up moving there, but sometimes the users can't hear me anymore, and I have to close Ts and start it up again to make it work, just to have it crash again 2-5-10 minutes later. When does it happen? The timing doesn't really make any sense. I can have no issues for half an hour and then bang I hear nothing for 10 seconds and I have to tab out to realize it crashed. I reconnect and then 3-5 minutes later it happens again, or it keeps working for 20+ minutes. I'm running windows 10. Have an Asus Orion PRO usb headset with a usb sound card or whatever it's called, plugged into the front usb panel. It can work for a few hours just to have it completly mess up later on, it makes no sense. NOTE! Arma doesn't crash, only TS3, and TS doesn't crash unless I'm using TFAR and I'm in the TFAR channel. I can use TS with no issues as long as TFAR isn't involved. Also, it seems that I'm the only one with this issue. I have the latest versions of TS and TFR Running as admin I'm not using any other plugins. I tried reinstalling TS and TFR I tried starting up TS without TFR and then once I'm on the server turn it on, didn't work. If I go into arma - configure - profile there is no space in my name I set TS's priority to high in process lasso I tried reinstalling TS on a different drive Tried setting up my phonetic name, everywhere, even in identity Tried deleting everything related to arma and TS, and fresh install on a new drive, worked for 3 hours and after that it started freezing again randomly. -Tried setting new rules in the firewall for TS, disabled antivirus This is how the TS3 client log looks like: And this is how some arma3 rpt files look like Nothing worked. Please help.