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  1. @Aniallator


    We have an internal List of things to do and are always working on the List but we do not want to promise things, that we cannot deliver. So the only thing

    i can tell you is, that we have several things in the pipeline. One is the Eagle IV, wich is finished on the outside but lacks an interieur( i´m really short on time).


    We will not consider retexturing Aplions NH90 since just retexturing the heli would not be enough for us. Aplion is not willing to give his model to someone else, so

    you would have to use his mod with a BW retexture that is available for a while now.

    Okay, thanks for your reply! In my opinion, the BWMod has the highest quality vehicle set of any mod (the Tiger interiors are OH MAH GAWD), so I look forward to the Eagle IV! I'm fine using Aplion's NH90 in a Bundeswehr skin, I just seemed to recall his licencing allowing it to be included in other mods... guess not. Thank you again, and take your time!

  2. Two questions.

    1. What's next in store for the mod? Is there a roadmap, or perhaps someone can enlighten me? I just don't know what's in the pipeline right now for the BWMod. Or is there no more new content down the road?

    2. Have you considered retexturing and adding Aplion's NH90?

  3. are anyone making tanks such as:



    BMP-T Terminator (1/2)



    Leopard 1/2 (any variant)?


    hope tanks are not limited to RHS M1 or T72/80/90s

    I believe RHS has a T-14 in the pipeline. Several mods use variants of the Leopard tank, among them the Bundeswehr Mod (the best Leopard IMO, BWMod has probably some of the highest quality vehicles of any mod), FFAA Mod, and Hellenic Armed Forces Mod. Burnes of Burnes' Armories has some Abrams and a Challenger 2. CUP Vehicles has a number of tanks as well. Don't worry, if you're looking for tanks RHS isn't the only option ;)

  4. Oh thank goodness! I made remakes of every infantry unit from BWmod with this gear, just waiting on vests to complete the look! I hope they include full vests as well as the Bundeswehr harness that is sometimes used. :D

    TBH I don't even use German forces stuff right now, because Bundeswehr's 2020 setting is too futuristic for me and Kleiderhammer isn't complete without vests. Judging by the quality of all their other stuff, I think the vests are going to be gorgeous! Kleiderhammer + NIArms G36 + BWMod vehicles/weapons = happy me :)

  5. Hrm that's a dismal view of how to go with mods.  Each mod has something to offer so "going with the best" pretty much eliminates a huge part of mod enjoyment that you will miss out on.  But to each their own.  As I have said before, there is no competition going on here.  I am 100% certain that Sabre's is better than mine, so by your statement, you should use his instead of mine.

    I would not choose one mod over another if it brought unique content to the table, but if two mods are bringing the same product to the game then I go with the better product.

  6. Thanks :)



    1. How many of the updates in the changelog come from just updating the config?

    The update I made to the terrain config is mostly in regards to inheriting the new lighting system, I've done this in a way that will automatically inherit future tweaks without updating the terrain. See here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191021-160-terrain-config-update-example/

    Other changes to the configs involve the buildings in regards to the doors and bugs.

    2. Terrain texture PAAs and RVMATs?


    Once I had inherited the new lighting system and begun testing in-game I could see the new lighting was exposing large rvmat inconsistencies from the Arma 2 days in regards to brightness and contrast on some plants/trees etc which made them pop and distract from the scene. I fixed this by comparing similar assets in Arma 3 and looking at their RVMAT values using the Eliteness tool by Mikero.

    I also tweaked a few paa textures using Photoshop to blend the colours better with the new lighting for example the flower heads on the poppy fields and the wheat.


    3. Updating the clutter assets?


    I simply rearranged/tweaked and swapped out some clutter for each type of ground texture for different types of clutter to give the ground a new feeling and better blend. I haven't added any custom clutter assets.


    4. Doing some photoshop surgery on your Sat image?


    This was difficult because my options were limited as the original satellite image is not the best quality. In Photoshop I used the magic wand tool which allowed me to select all pixels of the same colour in the image (for example anything tinted with bluey-green) to then replace with the best alternative considering its neighbouring pixels. I did this for each pixel until most of the bluey-green was replaced. You can see the result of this method if you zoom all the way in on the in-game map.


    5. Tree shaders?


    I simply double checked all RVMATs were using appropriate values and not the old Arma 2 values to blend harmoniously with the scene/terrain surroundings. These are the key values (p_fiberplant_ep1.rvmat):

    ambient[] = {0.01,0.58,0.2,0.2};
    diffuse[] = {0.3,0.3,0.3,1.0};
    forcedDiffuse[] = {0.75,0.15,0.3,0.55};
    emmisive[] = {2.6,2.3,2.0,0.2};
    specular[] = {0.01,0.01,0.01,0.2};
    specularPower = 1;
    PixelShaderID = "TreeAdv";
    VertexShaderID = "TreeAdv";
    You can see what i'm using with the Eliteness tool by Mikero


    6. Other maintenance in this update?


    Lots of code changes and bug fixes in the configs, model configs and p3d parameters in OB for the buildings and other objects. I'm using Jbad but i've modified, updated and fixed parts for Kunduz like the door system, destruction etc. These changes are very important for other mods and missions. eg. ACE3, campaigns etc.


    Thanks for reporting. Fixed and update coming.



    First the Jbad mod by Milkman and Smokedog would need to be merged into CUP with my changes to the mod also. Kunduz as a part of CUP will give other afghan maps greater variety, better buildings and more plant life but also provide Kunduz with long term support and compatibility to any future engine changes like we've seen with the new lighting system in 1.60. Without CUP/group support where everyone can contribute to the source code of mods then I would say the terrain graveyard/abandonment will only grow.



    Yes I think that would be awesome, I just need to find the right way to do that with the new water shading system that has been implemented. But i'll definitely do this soon.

    Thank you for continuing to work on this map! It's always a shame to see great mods forgotten by their developers.

  7. Hello everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. Today I am going to be showing some progress on our M1 helmet.


    The M1 helmet comes in two main configurations so far: with strap up and with strap down. In addition, the M1s will be available in a “mid-war†scheme (brown-dominant olive drab paint with OD #3 suspension) and a “late-war†scheme (greener paint with OD #7 suspension—appropriate for Spring 1945 and Korea). To answer questions early: we plan to do unit-specific versions, netting, appropriate covers, and airborne versions over time. :D




    PS: if you were curious why were quiet for a little while, it was due the release of RHS: Escalation 0.4.1! If you are interested, you can grab it here: http://www.rhsmods.org/downloads

    A suggestion, if you haven't thought of it already: do an unclipped strap version, so the straps are hanging down.

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  8. I'm not sure if this was brought up before, but full-on fortifications would be to die for, and the Royal Marines are kind of a must. By fortifications, I mean anything from a full-fledged fort to a smaller fort or battery; they're one of those things you could slap onto the coast of Altis and BAM, you have a ship versus battery cannon duel followed by an assault on the battery with the ship's marines.

    I've seen many colonial forts (British, Dutch, French, etc) all over the world, so let me know if you need any inspiration and I'd be more than happy to share some pics.

    And a question: how are you going to handle musket reloading animations?

  9. Well, since I haven't downloaded and played with Sabre's I can't really say what is different. 


    Besides, it isn't a competition!  ;)


    Edit to add... I built this with a specific goal in mind and that is for MP play for the OPFOR to have a valid resupply plane appropriate for the missions.  A C-130 sized plane like the An-12 fits this perfectly, unlike the HUGE cargo planes like the An-225... and the few things right now like the An-2 just don't work too well for MP OPFOR resupply

    Okay, thanks for the reply :) I'm just one of those damned perfectionists, so if there are two mods that accomplish the same thing I evaluate them both then go with the better one.

    I agree, in the fixed-wing transport department OPFOR is a no-show, and BLUFOR is totally spoiled. The An-2 makes no sense to me as a modern military transport, so I don't use it. Now excuse me while I parachute a VDV platoon from an An-12 ;)

  10. Where can I find French vehicles like VBL, AMX-10RC, VBCI, VAB, AMX Leclerc... ? Or is there anyone currently working on them ? I really think there should be addon for these vehicles :)

    Yes! Are there actually any French ground vehicle mods?

    I would love to see some British naval assets introduced such as the HMS Bulwark or HMS Queen Elizabeth.


    This area seems to lack content so it would be nice to see

    I believe Burnes is working on HMS Bulwark.