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  1. Z&D doesn't really affect human AI much at all (that's what you got AI mods for). The only thing we do is make them flee (allowFleeing) when they are hit by a zombie. I don't think we'll be messing with human AI at all to avoid conflicting with AI mods such as ASR_AI, bCombat, etc.


    Okay. It's too bad, it makes the mod pretty unplayable with the AI  :unsure:

  2. I have two (I think) important suggestions for Zombies & Demons, concerning the human (non-zombie) AI; firstly that they prioritize headshots, and secondly that the attempt to keep a minimum distance between themselves and any zombies. Because at the moment, they'll empty entire magazines without getting a headshot and thus not killing the zombie, and they'll let zombies walk right up to them and devour them without moving back. Please consider!


    EDIT: I think there also needs to be an option (all of this would be cusotmizable in modules, of course) to set maximum engagement ranges for humans, so for example you could set it to 100 meters and they won't engage any zombies beyond that point.

  3. 1. The flyInHeight script measures altitude above ground level; as a result, aircraft are constantly flying up and down when using this script on hilly/mountainous maps like Tanoa. I'm wondering if it's possible to have the flyInHeight script measure altitude above sea level instead? This would, of course, eliminate the issue and force aircraft to fly without constantly changing altitude for once.

    2. The Arma 3 campaign – and several community scenarios, that I've noticed – use a script or something (I don't know what, but I assume it's a script) to make helicopters land quickly and smoothly. Examples are in the beginning of the campaign, when an MH-9 lands near Kerry, or in the Marksmen DLC showcase, when the PO-30 lands on two occasions to infil/exfil you, a Viper team sniper. How do I make helicopters land like this in a scenario I'm making?

    Skip to 12:40 for an example of the helicopter landing I'm talking about.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. This mod has been in development since 2007, it has been ported twice, from Arma 1 to Arma 2 and now to Arma 3. Mods take a long time to make and it comes out of personal time from the developers.

    You can't demand a release from a developer who spends their own time to create something, especially when in the end, it will be free to download.

    Demand release? Buddy, you need to reread my post, I just wanted to clarify that the mod hadn't in fact been released yet, as I'm simply surprised that an A3 mod that's been in the works since the A3 alpha has yet to make a public appearance. Relax. I understand what a mod is.

    As for the mod, really glad it'll portray the early war period, as that period is completely left out in games and mods! Hopefully we can all play on this before long :)

  5. Arma 4 is still some years away, but that means that development of Arma 4 could begin at literally any time, if it hasn't begun already. Thus, I put forward to the community this question: do you want to see the next Arma game continue to use the Real Virtuality engine? Or do you want to see BIS make a change that has yet to happen in fifteen years, and move to a new, better engine?

    Personally (warning, rant): I am sick and tired of the RV engine, and all the shit it entails. You heard about the upcoming vehicle-in-vehicle transport feature, I assume? Guess what, we won't be able to actually drive vehicles up a ramp into another vehicle, thanks to, hey-ho, engine limits. However, the limits are only half of what I hate; in fact, what I hate most about the RV engine is the horrendously poor quality of its animations. Arma 3, literally, has the worst animations of a top dollar game and a standard of its genre. Then, of course, you have the lack of detail that's gone into weapons and vehicles. Arma 3 is the definition of quantity over quality, and even then they fail in proper quantity.

    What really pisses me off, though, is that BIS markets Arma 3 like its animations, visuals, and so on are of Battlefield quality. Hearing Jay Crowe talk about Arma 3 like it's this super smooth, super refined platform when in fact it's a clunky clusterfuck saved only - ONLY - by the modding community and all those mods that bring high quality content and features. Imagine, for a moment, Arma 3 without mods. Yeah. I just watched the Apex trailer (I am buying Apex, by the way), and surprise surprise, BIS makes out Arma 3 as it's not; having gorgeous visuals and 100 FPS, flawless texture and model quality, and best of all, seamlessly smooth and real-looking animations. COME ON! You can fool those who've never played, but you can't fool us! Case in point, I love Arma, but I've been ready for a new engine for a very long time, and Arma 4 seems like the perfect platform for BIS to engine change. I don't care if we have to wait another five years, I want to see a new engine in a new Arma game.