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  1. I like the idea of A3's zoom function, but it zooms too much for me. Can someone please, please make a mod that either allows you to adjust the zoom level (from next to nothing to the current vanilla level) or just reduce the zoom the level that most FPS games have it when you "hold your breath", i.e. Insurgency or Squad.


    Also great would be a way to limit the zoom function to when sighting and not when just looking around, so zoom only occurs when you ADS.


    Pleasepleaseplease, I need this...

  2. Hey I love your work guys! you have the best mod for arma 3


    may i leave some suggestions:


    names have links for images of the vehicles just in case, don´t know how to assign spoiler to make it easier :(


    - a m113 with the m61 Vulcan for AA, USA lacks some good AA capabilty, MIM-72 Chaparral or AN/TWQ-1 Avenger would be good options too

    - 2k22 Tunguska AA for the AFRF

    - the IAV Stryker family for the USA (arma 2 had them if you want to port them), ICV, MGS, MC (120mm variant) and ATGM are the most relevant for me

    - a c-130 equivalent for AFRF, maybe the Il-76 (not recommended pu the closest to the C-130 I know) or the Mil Mi-26 helicopter (closer to the chinook but still it can carry a LOT)

    - Mi-28 attack helicopter

    - Armata Universal Combat platform platform, the t-14 MBT, T.15 IFV, 2S35 SPG and BM-2 rocket artillery :D  (idk what is your time limit, but since the ta-50 is in, i may as well suggest it)

    - BMPT Terminator and BMPT-72 Terminator 2

    -When GREF is mostly done, maybe a RHS European Forces would be great!


    Hope you understand I'm not requesting or obligating you to do it, I'm just leaving a list of things that would upgrade the RHS experience


    Wish you the best!


    I believe the Il-76, Mi-48, and T-14 are already in the works :)

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  3. We recently found that AI mods that affect AI behaviour can cause our zombies to e.g. crouch. Our zombies don't have a crouching animation (it's impossible for them to crouch!) causing them to seize up whenever they're told to crouch, resulting in them standing still, creepily watching you.

    This bug has been fixed only two days ago, zombies are unable to glitch into crouch anymore.


    Regarding zombie prone, I haven't seen a zombie go prone yet but I reckon it's another AI mod causing it, we may add a similar check to (optionally) prevent zombies from going prone, since our zombies do keep the a3 prone animation.


    Kind regards,



    *facepalm* of course, it's the AI enhancement mods! ACE and VCOM are the ones I use, and I used bCombat up until very recently. Don't know why that didn't occur to me... or, for that matter, why I even run AI enhancement mods when using Z&D... duly noted!


    Only thing I wish for now is a way to alter non-zombie AI behavior... perhaps this could be a separate mod? I don't mean to pressure you sorry, I'd just love to be able to play Z&D with an AI fireteam. Thank you again for this wonderful mod :) Would it be possible to have zombies bash/scratch against vehicles even when the ability to throw vehicles is disabled? From what I've noticed, ATM they kind of circle the vehicle.

  4. Hey @giallustio!


    Not sure if you plan to develop this mod any further, but I have on request, that the Afghan Militia be given RHS' militia weaponry, like the AKM/AKMS, Zastava rifles, SVD, etc, etc. Having them use modern Russian weaponry is kind of immersion breaking, and it's a pain to go through and give them proper weaponry manually.

  5. The fastrope waypoint isn't working for me. I have the latest version of ACE (3.6.2) and I've tried it running only ACE and CBA; I place a fastrope-capable helo, put some troops in it, and give it a fastrope waypoint. The helo flies toward the waypoint but stops short about 50 meters away, and just hovers there. So... it pretty much defeats the point of having fastrope capability for me. Help!


    Also, and I'm sure you guys are aware, but the FRIES on the Hellcat is glitched; the righthand FRIES unit appears on the lefthand side of the fuselage and the lefthand FRIES unit appears just further left of that, as though they're both attached to some invisible helo that's next to Hellcat.


    FFAAMOD, on 28 Apr 2016 - 08:32, said:snapback.png


    AS A TEMPORARY WORKAROUND TO 3D MISSION EDITIOR, you can spawn the B.A.M into 3D Editor by manually changing the classname in mission.sqm. How? Well, good editors don't need explanations but It's pretty simple.

    Create an empty unit (no matter what is it) with desired heading and position. Save as user mission. Open mission.sqf and change the entity to "ffaa_ar_bam" (type="ffaa_ar_bam"  ;). Open 3D Editor and your mission. B.A.M will be ready to be edited in 3D Mission Editor.

    Note: B.A.M is a complex object, this means it's not a simple object and If you try to move to other position/heading then It will literally be splitted in 3 parts (don't be afraid, just reload your own mission)



    This also works Atlas LHD, you do not need CUP files.  Sorry for jumping off topic for a sec.



    Haha no problem, I appreciate the info :) Thanks, I'll give this a shot!

  7. Aniallator, if you are playing on vanilla (no ACE medical), you can script in no-friendly-fire, so at least your AI do not mow you down in the crossfire. :P Also, FHQ CombatMode mod is a very small addon that lets you use a key command to toggle combat mode on/off, so that when the zombies get too close, you can tell a team to disable combat mode, give them a waypoint, and let them bound back to a safer point. It's a little clunky, but I've managed to handle 2 fireteams bounding in retreat this way. I imagine you could also script in something like a mission addAction or radio commands to disable combatmode AND make a team fall back with a waypoint setPos to your cursorTarget, with a condition on the waypoint to reenable combat mode when they complete the waypoint.

    Alright thanks, I'll give that a try :) I'm finding that Tanoa is the ultimate zombie map! Nothing like running through the jungle with zombies coming out of nowhere.