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  1. As much as I love Tanoa, BI had a pretty half-assed effort on many of the "new" units. For example, all the NATO Altis vehicles that were made available to NATO Pacific forces (and not all of them were, for unbeknownst reasons) remain in the arid tan color of the NATO Altis forces, rather then the green/olive seen on the NATO Pacific LSV. For modders seeking to correct this, I would use the NATO LSV as an example of how to implement new Pacific textures on NATO vehicles, as unlike all the other vehicles it has arid tan and Pacific paint schemes. Curiously, the CSAT Pacific forces have been given fully retextured CSAT Altis units to fit the new terrain, so I don't know what BI was doing when they forgot NATO.


    Also worth mentioning is that several NATO/CSAT Altis vehicles have outright not been made available to NATO/CSAT Pacific forces (both fixed-wing aircraft, Mi-48, etc), and vice versa (Blackfish, etc). I would love to see this remedied and the appropriate aird tan or Pacific paint scheme given to the correct vehicle (i.e. Pacific scheme for Mi-48).


    I hope this is considered... modders have always been good about picking up where BI left off.


    I would love a gulf war aircraft mod of all sorts, heres the list i would like to see:

    Hawker Siddely Buccaneer

    Handley Page Victor

    SEPECAT Jaguar





    Feel free to add more planes.


    The USAF mod has an F-111. As for the F-14 and F-15, Firewill has standalone mods for each of those (both exceptionally high quality). He has an F-16 mod as well. Unsure about the other aircraft you mentioned.


    The USAF mod also has loads more aircraft applicable to the Gulf War that you may be interested, so I'd look into it anyway.

  3. Try out Project OPFOR, its a Mod that depends on RHS and adds lots of new smaller faction, if I'm not mistaken it has what you are looking for.


    Thanks, I'll give it a shot!



    You can always just use the Loadout Editor to change other GREF units to your liking. Personally I like the less convoluted faction approach, because lots of disorganized faction directories in the editor looks really, really bad, especially when RHS is used in conjunction with other mods.


    Nah, I don't want to have to go through and manually edit all the units... done that before and it's just a hassle  :wacko:

  4. I haven't played the mod yet, but I'm downloading as I type. I just wanted to mention that if you haven't done it already, you should give RHS: USAF's M1117 Guardian to the Afghan National Army as their primary APC, as per real life, where it's the backbone of the ANA's mechanized force. Even better, you could have an Afghan flag flying from it.

  5. Probably a little late to be asking this, but what happened to the Eastern Militia faction? It was great as a generic faction to put up against the Russians, and now GREF limits me to the woodland camo-sporting vanilla tactical vest-wearing Nationalist Militia, which is really subpar in comparison. Will the Eastern Militia make a return, or was there a plan to properly replace them or something?

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  6. It's unfortunate, but yes, you can only respawn when playing solo. I've also found some of the missions (>>SPOILER<< namely the one where you're required to seize that entire island from CSAT and Syndikat forces >>SPOILER<<) are very much tailored towards 3-4 people playing rather than one, and that regardless of difficulty setting having one person makes it rather hard. But hey, they're still enjoyable missions! I just wish BI had included a few missions that delved into a wider NATO/CSAT conflict on the islands, i.e. so we could see proper use of all the new CSAT/NATO textures/assets, like gunship Blackfish support or something.

  7. Well where are you looking? Because I just did as I described originally in about 2min and found it. Maybe you're not looking in the correct spot? I was able to drop the rear ramp on all 3 models with

    this animateDoor ['Door_1_source', 1];
    which I grabbed straight from the config viewer. I even saved it for you so you can just copy and paste it yourself over to your mission: link. Make a folder with the extension of .VR in your mission editing folder where all your other missions are kept, paste in my linked mission.sqm, and you can open it in the editor. I only uploaded the mission.sqm so I didn't have to zip it for simplicity sake.

    The steps I took:

    • Place down empty Blackfish
    • Right click on blackfish
    • Click find in config viewer
    • Double click highlighted unit class name
    • Scroll to User Actions and double click (it's only available in the infantry transport model but the code works for all 3 models)
    • Click appropriate animation (ramp open)
    • Click line with statement, ctrl-c to copy
    • Exit config viewer
    • Paste statement into unit's init field, delete the extra quotation marks and the statement= part
    • Preview mission to confirm it works



    Ah, I think I see where I fudged up... my apologies, I don't use the config viewer often; I right clicked the Blackfish, opened it in the config viewer, and starting searching directly from there for user actions rather than double clicking the highlighted unit class name. I believe that's where I went wrong. Really appreciate your help, hopefully I can self-manage this in the future :)

  8. Lol... this literally gets covered every two pages...

    Look at the edge of the building/roof/ledge you want to drop off of.

    Generally looking down at your feet...

    Press the EM button you set and you will get the controlled drop with animation.

    It's been in there since the feature complete release... gets missed a lot.


    Yeah sorry, I don't follow the EM thread too closely... will give this a try when I play next :)

  9. it's not a bug. it's intended. scripted fall reaction based on falling height.


    that being said. next update will have an option to turn that off too inside the module. just busy with some other stuff currently.


    cooperation is possible one way by using someone's back to climb higher. for the time being this is all that there will be.


    as i said nuuuuuumerous times before. the mod is considered feature complete and is in maintainance only mode. anything new will be a bonus.


    I thought you were working on a way to allow units to lower themselves from walls/roofs/buildings/heights?

  10. They used to be under user actions, but I suppose I should have added the disclaimer that the last time I went looking for a door to animate on a vehicle was back in 1.58, so things may have changed around a bit in recent updates.


    Yeah, couldn't find it  :mellow: I appreciate you trying to help though! And if anyone else knows the script or the action for the ramp I'd be grateful.

  11. Thanks, I will look into that one! I did some experimenting and setting a VTOL's speed to slow seems to put them in the vectored or non-vectored (whichever one it is, I forget) state, though if anyone knows anything more solid, I'd be happy to hear it. I'm going to try (using 3den Enhanced) to limit the VTOL's speed to like 100 km/h and see what effect that has.

  12. I posted this in the Configs & Scripting subforum, didn't get a reply; thought I might try posting in the more viewed Quesions & Answers subforum. I've also added an additional question. If anyone has an answer, possible answer, or explanation for any of these, please don't hesitate to throw it out there.


    1. The flyInHeight script measures altitude above ground level; as a result, aircraft are constantly flying up and down when using this script on hilly/mountainous maps like Tanoa. I'm wondering if it's possible to have the flyInHeight script measure altitude above sea level instead? This would, of course, eliminate the issue and force aircraft to fly without constantly changing altitude for once.

    2. The Arma 3 campaign – and several community scenarios, that I've noticed – use a script or something (I don't know what, but I assume it's a script) to make helicopters land quickly and smoothly. Examples are in the beginning of the campaign, when an MH-9 lands near Kerry, or in the Marksmen DLC showcase, when the PO-30 lands on two occasions to infil/exfil you, a Viper team sniper. How do I make helicopters land like this in a scenario I'm making?


    Skip to 12:40 for an example of the helicopter landing I'm talking about.


    3. Is there a way I can set a VTOL vehicle to vector or not vector? It's extremely annoying to spawn a Blackfish/Xi'an in the air and have them blasting at full speed with rotors at full tilt, when I'd like to have them perform hovering helicopter-like movement. There must be a way to enable/disable vectoring for a vehicle or something, limiting them to one or the other.

    Thanks in advance.