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  1. Look at all those flags... :)


    To be honest, I would much, much rather see more factions (Italy, USSR, etc) where all factions have approximately one rifle, one SMG, one LMG (like they do now), and one pistol, rather than having just a couple factions that all have multiple of these weapons types. Bring forth the factions never before seen in the Armaverse!

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  2. Holy Thor!! So I downloaded FoW and gave it a shot with alpha in mind, and I'm blown away! I haven't even looked at the couple of vehicles yet, but the models/textures of the weapons are superb, the recoil is just right, and the sounds are perfect! Very impressed! When I play WW2 in Arma 3, I use a mix of IFA3/CSA38 and now FoW and use the best of all the mods... I will definitely be using the weapons from FoW rather than their counterparts in the other mods ;) Can't wait to see how you guys do more vehicles, whenever that happens.

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  3. Just a quick idea I figured I'd share, what about an Mi-8 variant equipped with barrel bombs? Say, two barrel bombs lying in the cargo bay, and perhaps a "gunner" who sits at the back of the cargo bay (next to where the doors would be so he can look down below the helo - the doors would be removed or open to allow the bombs to drop) who controls/drops them. Given that barrel bombs have been widely used in Middle Eastern conflicts over the past few years I thought they might make an interesting addition, not sure if they've been done before. As far as in-game factions are concerned, I know the Iraqis have used barrel bombs against ISIS.



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  4. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31733its been up for a while


    The only advantage the All-In-One has as far as I know is simplicity. If you are going to run all the NiArms mods anyways, you just get it as one mod instead of 15.

    The flip side is, because of its nature, its usually takes longer for it to get updated, and its not available on Steam Workshops because Collections basically serves the same purpose.




    Thanks, sorry for my klutziness :)


    Figure I may as well use the all-in-one then and keep things simple, I'd been using each individual NIArms previously and given that I use basically all the NIArms I may as well use the all-in-one.

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  5. Hello,Mr.koffeinflummi.

    Would you write how to use this mod with ACE3 on the first posting?


    Are you wondering how to activate ACE3 compatibility with BWMod? If so, open the "optionals" folder in the "@bwa3" folder, and you'll see the two bwa3_comp_ace PBOs. Simply copy them into the "addons" folder.

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