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  1. 9 minutes ago, Jastreb said:

    I didnt meant to make it look like that but your posts on previous page that strethced even to this one are all about it.


    Hence why I replied. Odd that you have just one vehicle class but not the others. It comes from one single pbo, thats why its strange. Always check in the Eden Editor, and in case you think you found any bugs, theres feedback.


    No problem. Redownloading now, it does seem rather odd but my internet isn't the most reliable, so I imagine it had something to do with that. By the way, I mistakenly assumed this would be the thread to post on for RHS: SAF related stuff, which thread should I be doing that on?

  2. 17 minutes ago, wildcatbridge said:

    as far as i know (and saying my knowledge is limited would be an understatement) The G36 is used by their 63rd Parachute battalion and their counter terrorist group (who's name escapes me). The Zastava M70 is still the most common rifle but i think its planned to be sold at some point when they get a new rifle (probably to a developing African nation) while browsing the web it seems theirs some confusion about the zastava M21 because it wasn't up to the standards they wanted, but they are still issuing them out but in limited numbers, a lack of 5.56 ammo stocks being another reason it could be limited. don't know if that helps you or not, like i said my knowledge is limited and this is all stuff i've gathered from looking round the web when i thought about making some serb missions (gotta be accurate or i get a twitch)


    Thanks, interesting info. Yeah, I'm curious then why the RHS units use G36s, as they're listed as being KOV which is the Serbian Army (Kopnena Vojska), and not any specific unit. The lack of Zastavas befuddles me :eh:

  3. Agree with @road runner 110%, Project OPFOR is the only such mod I would recommend, for the quality and variety of it's content.


    I'd also like to give a +1 to using GREF and SAF, it will only add to the mod and GREF especially has some top-knotch weapons that would be fun to see in the hands of Project OPFOR factions.


    Something else I wanted to mention, an eternal Arma pet peeve of mine is the lack of a true-blue technical that's not the (at least IMO) overly fancy-looking Offroad. Something about Taliban fighters driving the Offroad just feels out of place. Has the Project OPFOR team considered using the Arma 2 Hilux? With a vehicle like that comes any number of possible variants; DShKM, SPG-9, S-5 rocket pod, even ZSU-23-2.


    On a final note I'd like to suggest adding flying flags to a number of vehicles; trucks, tanks, you name it. I know next to nothing about modding but I think this would involve attachTo? Could be made optional as something toggled in the Arsenal. In any case, would be a definite immersion boost. Some reference pics for what I'm referring to...








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  4. 39 minutes ago, michael poole said:

    Ho do you play as the Amercians and fight the Germans 


    In the Eden Editor, one of the tabs at the top is "Attributes". On the "Attributes" dropdown menu click "General". Scroll down and I think it's under "Miscellaneous", you see to icons (a blue square icon for BLUFOR and a red square icon for OPFOR). You can click these to change whether or not they are friendly to INDFOR. Germany is BLUFOR (for some unknown reason) and the US is INDFOR, and by default BLUFOR and INDFOR are friendly, which means you'll need to click the BLUFOR icon and make them hostile to have them fight each other.

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  5. On 1/20/2017 at 11:03 AM, Sharpmaster1379 said:

    Well not a dev, I am just the military adviser who helped to shape the Iranian Armed Forces faction.


    Oh cool :) I downloaded the big update today, only had a little time to look at what it brought, and I don't recall seeing a G3A3 for the Iranians. Could be wrong, my look was cursory. If they don't have it yet, have you guys considered asking Toadie about using his excellent NIArms one? Or even the MP5 as well, as it would be well suited to spec ops and vehicle crews? I noticed RHS: SAF uses Toadie's G36.


    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  6. 2 hours ago, Evil Organ said:




    For some reason I expected to see it after the changelog, didn't bother to look back xD Thanks! I guess just a little confused because AFRF, GREF, and USAF still show "" on Armaholic, yet SAF is uploaded and shows "0.4.2". I guess it's all there.

  7. 8 hours ago, road runner said:

    How do you get the AI to Fast rope when they reach the dedicated waypoint?

    I'm basically trying to have 4 chalks fastrope into an area and have them do a search and destroy 
    I've asked this before but don' think it was ever answered.. if it was apologies.

    I have set up 4 Chinooks, added 1 squad to each Helo, gave the helo a move waypoint, then the allow units to fastrope......but nothing happens, the birds just sit there, and nobody gets out.


    The units also have a allow units to fastrope WP, and that's connected to the same one for the helo, and then I gave them a search and destroy WP in the hope they clear the village....but nothing happens

    Any takers lads?


    The fastroping waypoint is broken, AI don't fastrope :( Helos stop short of the waypoint and just hover.

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  8. I apologize in advance if this is obvious and I'm just being slow, but is their any way to specify what kind of vehicles are used in ambient vehicles? Specifically for TPW AIR, I don't use it because it's immersion breaking to be at a NATO HQ and have a Taru fly over. Really all I'm interested in seeing is civilian air traffic, Caesar BTTs and M-900s. Of course if I were to create a behind enemy lines spec ops scenario, it would be great to be able to specify only the air vehicles of specific factions to fly over, i.e. going in as CTRG having only civlian and CSAT birds overhead. Is that configurable?

  9. Well, I know this topic is 2 years old but I´m searching for this certain mask like one week and only found this one, another on armaholic (no release...)

    and someone on Steam workshop, who mentions the mask in his pack but put a wrong mask into it [such a let down...]

    Are you still planning a release or have a link to it?

    I personally own the mask and really identify myself in games where I can put it on ^^

    (specially since Battlefield 3 RU Engineer times, but got the mask before)

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Greetings from Germany


    Look up the AVON FM12 Respirator mod for a high-quality gas mask.

  10. Just did a test, enabled only this mod, and then went into edit and spawned on top of a few building in Georgetown , still the same problem , this is so fucking weird :/


    The same thing happened to me in Georgetown when using Ravage, I assumed it was an issue between the two mods and stopped using AUR with Ravage. Hmm...