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  1. 5 minutes ago, hcpookie said:

    I let him know.  It will be pulled soon.  People are dumb fucks... "I just wanted to play it easily".  Seems like someone could have spent less time uploading and more time RTFM.  Humans.


    IKR... also just saw someone uploaded ShackTac HUD to SW because they "want to play it easily"... come on people.

  2. So I noticed that for a few armored vehicles the barrel will raise when reloading to allow the reloading to take place, but that this does not occur for the BTR. While the BTR's KPVT could technically be reloaded while i.e. horizontal, it's more difficult and in practice BTR crews bring the KPVT to its highest elevation (60°) to reload it, as the KPVT is just a big belt-fed machine gun and this makes reloading a lot easier.


    For reference:



    I suggest this only because some vehicles already raise their barrels when reloading, so I thought it might not be too much of a hassle to implement (as if anything that is lol)... sorry if this is crossing a line.

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  3. 1 hour ago, marc_book said:

    We separated the ace_comp from the project, so that we can release it depending on ace releases.

    Download: http://bwmod.de/index.php/inhalt/download

    GitHub: https://github.com/BWMod/bwa3_comp_ace (feel free to help us!)


    Ah OK, gotcha. Should I be moving the entire @bwa3_ace folder into my mod folder as another mod, or just copying the bwa3_comp_ace .PBOs from the @bwa3_ace folder into the main BWMod folder?

  4. Can someone help clarify which one of the multiple downloads I should download to get the full up to date IFA3??




    It wouldn't be the terrains or objects ones of course, but then there are three others, one of which is All in One, one of which seems "normal", and one of which is like the normal one except is version 16 hotfix 2... and all the other ones are version 16 hotfix 1... wtfhelp. I just want to download the latest IFA3 lol.

  5. 19 hours ago, Zhivets said:

    While I do agree that bigger updates would be nice, couldn't you just download the Steam version to get the updates?


    I had a spout at one time where I got all the A3 mods I could on Steam, but for whatever reason Steam versions for me always had issues, and some of the mods outright wouldn't work. For that reason I just keep to good ol' Armaholic at this point. @petrtlach Looking forward to it :icon_biggrin:

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