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  1. That might be the case but why add a script to the map and have it present even if people don't want a call to prayer? How about doing about 15 min of searching on google or the BI forums and learn how to do something instead of going into every thread and asking the devs to add more and more to their mod (anniallator)? Devs are not creating these mods solely for you. They make them how they want them or in the best interest of the entire community.

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    My opinion, and suggestion, is that ambient call to prayer be added. Your opinion is that it not be added. Neither opinion reflects the entire community, so do not assume that it does. Nor should you assume that I am going into every thread and asking mod developers to add "more and more" to their mod (I have made the ambient call to prayer suggestion in one other map thread, and the developer of the mod liked the idea). Nor should you assume that I think developers are creating mods solely for me. And yes, of course mod developers want to develop mods in the best interest of the community - and believe it or not, the community conveys their best interests through suggestions. I have made a suggestion, so don't go shooting it down and making me out as some selfish person just because you disagree with me.


    Also, have you ever been to a Muslim country? Because you hear the call to prayer much of every day...

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  2. So I downloaded WithSix because I wanted something I could use to update mods without having to redownload the whole bloody mod. I saw a few tutorial vids on YouTube then get W6 set up, only my W6 interface looks completely different, it's just a small box in the bottom right with a few options, so I can't follow through with what I saw in the tutorials. Is it because I don't have premium, or is this just how the interface looks?



  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I've been waiting for al-Kut, guess I have another great Iraq map to wait for :) Glad to hear how the map's progressing.


    One thing, in the airbase, can the roads/runways et cetera be treated as roads, and not just ground textures? Because in A3 most of the road systems within the main airbases on Altis and on Stratis are just ground textures, meaning the AI can't pathfind them.


    Anyway, keep up the good work! Now all I need to look for is a realistic 2003 Iraqi Army that utilizes RHS.

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  4. So the main reason I got Arma 3 was so that I could simulate the war in Syria and Iraq against ISIS. There were lots of impressive youtube videos of the Iraqi warfare mod. But then I discovered that the author deleted the mod in response to controversy about it. There is another mod called the Iraqi Syrian conflict mod, but I was not impressed with it, as it does not include the Iraqi army or Hezbollah, plus they are speaking Turkish or something as opposed to Arabic. There is another Middle East conflict mod, but apparently that one was removed too.

    Is this mod really no longer available? There is nowhere left where it is available for download? I could have sworn I saw youtube comments which suggest that people are still playing it.

    TBH I don't know, but there are some other insurgent mods out there: Leight's OPFOR Pack (adds lots of insurgents and third world armed forces, including the Syrian Army), CAF Aggressors (adds generic African, eastern European, and Middle Eastern insurgents), and some others.

  5. A proper Iraq map.


    There aren't any good ones at the moment, and the good ones in development (al-Kut) are on hold. We need a proper Iraq map, not necessarily a very populated/urban one, even just a huge open deset area with a large town or something, and perhaps the Persian Gulf to one side. I know the US Navy mod has a private Persian Gulf map... but, well, it's private, for reasons unbeknownst to me.


    Please. We need Iraq.

  6. So I downloaded ALiVE recently, and am consequently new and inexperienced with the mod. I;m mostly getting it for the Insurgency ability, so can a more experienced ALiVE user please explain, or give a link to an explanation, of how to step-by-step set up an ALiVE Insurgency? Among the things I was doing wrong was somehow managing to have too many objectives, like 200 or so; the message I got said 80 was the recommended max for performance reasons, but I'm clueless how to change it. Thanks in advance.

  7. So I'm having some very, very annoying issues on the subject of AI helicopters. For example, I put down a flying helo carrying troops (via moveInCargo script), placed an invisible helipad at the LZ, then set up a transport unload waypoint for the helo at the helipad. Nothing happens, the helo just hovers. I have found this issue when using a few helicopters, most notably the RHS Mi-8, which I can't to do anything. I've attempted many waypoint types, but nothing works. It just doesn't follow the waypoints.


    So... what's the best way to script a helo insertion and subsequent extraction? Please help!


    And as a plus, if anyone knows how set up a script where the player must deploy a smoke grenade for the AI helo to land and conduct the extraction, I'd be grateful.

  8. Congrats, you have miserably failed at not offending. Please feel free to post a list of weapons/optics that you feel are not up to your standards. We will tell you which we intend to **cough** touch up or not.


    Whoops! Sorry for posting feedback.


    I've just heard so much about RHS as a high quality mod, so to finally download it then come across optics like this




    was dampening to first impressions. And just for a head's-up...



  9. I understand that RHS features many A2 ports... but have some of these ports been edited at all? For example, just about every optic available to the United States Armed Forces is of astonishing low quality (I'm referring to the model/textures, not the reticle), and look at best like raw A2 ports. I know some vehicles have been released in a kind of alpha state, but have some weapons as well? Because many weapons aren't visually of great quality either, though kudos to some of those animations.


    And I've heard now and again that whatever someone had posted about is "not a priority", so if I may ask, what are the current priorities? Because it seems to me that some things that really need improving *cough* vehicle interiors *cough* are not priorities. Don't mean any offence or anything, just wondering! Thank you for this mod, its potential is out the roof :) RHS uniforms are better than anything else in A3 by miles!

  10. There are many AI enhancement mods out there, all bringing different features. Perhaps these mods can come together to...


    1) Form a single AI enhancement mod.




    2) Merge with ACE 3.


    Possible? Because it's damned annoying having all these great AI enhancement mods, because some have redundant features that conflict, et cetera.

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  11. @genesis92x, your AI enhancements are amazing! IMO they are necessary for anyone who wants a decent AI. I was wondering... any plans on enhanced AI for AI helicopter pilots? Because the they are bugged beyond belief. They fly at one altitude, landing takes forever, they can't be made to fly slow (e.g. fly slowly over an urban area), et cetera. Would be amazing!


    I'm assuming you want to keep VCOM AI and VCOM AI Driving standalone mods, but have you ever considered merging with ACE3?

  12. *ahem*

    The boat is the 25-meter-long Mark V Special Operations Craft, and here you can find a size comparison against the same modeler's Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) and Nimitz-class aircraft carrier... and if your "maritime boarding" scenario demands an offshore platform instead I'm sure he can accommodate.

    TL;DR: Follow Hatchet_AS here!


    So... is this WIP stuff we can expect to see released at some stage?




    A solid Middle Eastern warfare mod. There are a handful of them already out there (CAF Aggressors, Leight's OPFOR Pack, et cetera), but all are unauthentic/unrealistic or are no longer being updated. Any chance someone(s) can create a fresh, new, Middle Eastern warfare mod? One that's authentic to the equipment, vehicles, and weapons of modern Middle Eastern forces? A mod that's up to RHS standards, using RHS equipment, vehicles, and weapons reskinned as per the force represented? I'm talking about the Afghan National Army, Iraqi Army, Iraqi insurgents, and Taliban. Ideally, the mod would utilize RHS to conform its content, seeing as RHS bears the highest quality modded content and a lot of it; to have a Middle Eastern warfare mod, you really just need reskins of select RHS content, plus new character skins. I have no modding talent whatsoever; if I did this is what I'd be working on, but unfortunately, I don't. At least, not yet... anyway, I'm not telling anyone to go out and make this, I'm just suggesting it... and REALLY, REALLY hoping someone takes to it! I'm happy to give information regarding equipment used by the aforementioned forces if it's needed.

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