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  1. I am working on 2 campaigns right now friend, 1 is involving deltahawk's units and it is set in 1993 in Somalia if you can guess what even it is  ;) and also with RHS escalation in a invasion of Chernarus campaign but trust me it wouldn't be like the Arma 2 campaign. I just hope RHS had some LAVs for the marines but this isn't the place to talk about it  :P


    There will be a handful of Operation Gothic Serpent missions coming out, it'll be fun to play them all and compare :) Just out of curiosity, what map are you using for yours? If it's not confidential?

  2. He called you out correctly! I've seen at least 10 other threads that you do this and then you continue to ask for more and more. How about STOP like you've been asked to by numerous developers (respectfully, yet you continue to disregard these people's wishes) and learn how to do something on your own if you want all these assets in the game.

    OR pay them a wage.

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    I don't know where you're getting all this crap, but to clarify, I've never been called out by a developer for a suggestion I submitted, and I've only ever made suggestions in about five threads... two maybe three of those times I've been called out by people such as yourself because you thought my suggestion redundant or unnecessary or didn't like it for whatever reason. If my suggestion is any of those things to you... maybe just ignore it?! Suggestions don't go anywhere if no one replies. Is there some kind of taboo on suggestions in the A3 forum that I'm not aware of? This argument is ridiculous and petty.


    Now, FYI to devs, the M9 Beretta doesn't appear as an item in the editor, and the M18 green smoke is now "RGO Grenade". I have submitted tickets to feedback. Not sure if this is a bug, but the USAF Pilot and Jet Pilot are still equipped with M1911A1s.

  3. Hey Variable,


    best option is now to use our updater. This one will only download the files which were changed. Unfortunately I currently cannot give you a list of changed pbos.


    When I updated USAF from v3.9 to v4.0 I used the updater, and the whole download size was around the size of the whole USAF mod, over two gigs. Is that normal?

  4. Just to be clear, when I say it won't require CUP with PWS, I mean I'm not going to force you to download it.  You'll still need CUP to use the editor units.  This will probably change in the future when I release the uniforms and gear separately.


    Haha don't worry, I understand :) Merry Christmas!

  5. No he was here. He is one of the guys who like "add this ,change that,when you'll add ",who feel entitled no one knows why.

    And this I not the only topic where he behaves like that.


    Speak for yourself @zio sam, I said no such thing. The Blackhawk suggestion has been I believe my only suggestion on the RHS thread, my only other post here was when I had initially downloaded RHS, and my surprise at the low quality of some vehicles interiors as I didn't realize they had been ported over in a very WIP state to be improved later, and about the lack of reflection on ACOG lenses, which was implemented in v4.0.


    Chill out, there was just some heated debate about the subject of "suggestions" a couple days ago, you just were in the wrong place at the wrong time :) .


    Got it :)


     never seen a US Army Blackhawk mount a 240B. Chairborn ported some Blackhawks, i believe there's a unarmed version in his pack 


    Okay, thanks for the clarification. What other weapons do Blackhawks mount in door positions?

  6. It's yet another "request" for something that, if it's actually merits inclusion, will no doubt be added at some point. The reason you're "requesting" it, is because you personally want it right now. And this isn't the only thread I've seen you made such "requests" in.


    You doubt unarmed and M240 variants of the UH-60M Blackhawk merit inclusion? Do not presume to know why I made the suggestion, because you don't. Your rudeness is unnecessary and unwelcome, as is your attempt to blame/humiliate me on a personal level by saying "this isn't the only thread I've seen you made such "requests" in." I merely submitted a suggestion because I hadn't seen it submitted before. Please indicate where this exact suggestion has been made to the RHS developers.

  7. They're in the 3CB hangar under-going reassembly and conversion work as we speak. If only the instruction sheets made any sense. 

    A few months (or less, or more) is a likely time frame.

    Hey, slow and steady :) Better another high quality vehicle than a poor quality quick release that'll only result in complaint. Looking forward to seeing them in a few months!

  8. could be something worth looking into i belive we need to do some more work on the current wreck model befor a editor placed version would look good enough to be worth it but i will put it on list :)

    also i loved using the  Boeing/SOAR MH-47E by konyo  wreck in that was great for mission makeing and just random things so this could add a bit for us

    Awesome to hear, hope to see an editor wreck model at some point :) Keep up the good work! Littlebird Down FTW!

  9. I have a suggestion for the MELB team... that is, implement a Littlebird wreck model we can use in the editor. Using the Blackfoot wreck just gets a bit tedious... so please, please, please? Usable wreck models are really lacking in A3. There are untold Littlebird Down scenarios to be created! At least, consider it. IMHO would be cooler than an UAV Littlebird.

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  10. I don't have plans for a playwithsix release right now but that's something I'll look into early January.

    Phew, for a sec there I thought you meant you weren't going to release on WithSix! Guess I'll be getting this mod in January. I use WithSix with every mod I can because it makes keeping mods up-to-date SO much easier. Hope you release WithSix version soooooooon :)

    And yes, any chance we can see some teaser? Three Desert camo teasers please ;)

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