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  1. I'm especially glad to see some quality animations. I assume it's the VR engine, but generally speaking, any and all animations in Arma 3 are clunky and weird. Despite this there are some A3 animations that are better than others, and yours are definitely some of those :)


    Also just realized you can use C-mags, but naturally they don't actually show as C-mags... so I correct my earlier question by asking if you're considering a physical C-mags + bipod variant.

  2. I have the same issue - unable to lock onto anything using the Javelin - and I suspect it's key binding-related. I'm the kind of person that spends a solid hour going over and changing every key binding to suit me, and I've found that there can be an occasional resulting bug. For example at one point I had sprint bound to something else, but decided I preferred left shift, but changing it back didn't do anything and I was unable to sprint, IIRC I eventually just had to reset everything to default then change everything again.

  3. Whats wrong with BI's M2's, theirs from A2 are perfectly fine, they just need a new texture, modelwise they are in very good shape


    I wouldn't mind having a new model, but yes the model's not the problem, it's the texture that's just crappy. Though ironsights on it aren't great.

  4. Not to break into the apparent taboo of making suggestions, but is it planned to have all variants of the M4/M4A1 (as in those with grippods, those with grenade launchers, etc) with and without the PMAG? As at the moment, some variants have PMAG and STANAG mag versions, but some just have the PMAG (ie M4 with grippod) or just the STANAG mag (ie M203/M302). I just have some instances where I reaaally want to be able to use the M4 grippod with a STANAG.

  5. Thanks for kind words for all of you! Today, I remodeled fuselage in order to add emergency exits (escape hatches). They're gonna be used in wreck model, as a place for starboard GAU15 and in emergency scenarios as well. Fuel valves on sponsons also have been added. Time for model GAU15/A came. Also, Yesterday I have decided to make all of textures by myself since working on something that one is interested in most is the best way to learn :) Thanks a lot for those who came forward to help us on the beauty!




    Do you mean wreck model as in, a wreck model placable in the editor? Just thinking... Sea Knight Down...

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